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Friday, September 4, 2015


Guess what people??!!

Yup. Baby Neufeld #3 is on his/her way! I'm approximately 5 weeks along and due early May.

I'm feeling pretty good, just a little bloated in my favourite jeans. But no morning sickness (yeah!!), only craving Ice Caps from work and still not feeling too tired.

Violet is excited and is already asking for a baby brother. Dominique is too young to understand, but I'm sure that she'll catch on as time progresses.

So excited!!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

An Impending C-Section

Sigh. Where to begin?

I had my pre-natal appointment on Thursday (04/17/14) with my delivery doctor. She checked me over, checked to see if I was dilated (softening but no dilation) and then uttered some words that I didn't want to hear... "I'm not convinced that I'm feeling a head down there."

Not Again.....

She checked my stomach again and wasn't convinced that Baby was head down. Even though so far (until today), she's been convinced that he/she has been head down. And because according to my ultrasound, I'm due on Wednesday, she wanted to get me into a quick ultrasound to see where Baby was and then we'd have to determine from there about what to do. Luckily the hospital was able to get me in within the next half hour, so with Violet in hand, we went over to the hospital. On our way there, I was praying that Baby would be in the proper position and everything would be fine. Rather safe than sorry, right?

They fit me in between patients and did a quick ultrasound. Unfortunately, Baby was sitting on his/her bum, head up near my ribs. And it looked like no chance of Baby turning, as my uterus was pretty tight.

I knew right away what that meant. And I started to cry. I was so hoping to avoid a repeat C-Section and have this baby naturally. So disappointed. Violet was enthralled with the images on the ultrasound, but as soon as the tears started falling, she gave me a couple hugs and kisses, just trying to make Mommy feel better.

The ultrasound tech said that she'd get this info over to my doctor right away as they would want to schedule a C-Section as soon as possible.

I called Keith and left a message for him once we were back in the car (he was at work when I had my appointment, hence why Violet was with me). And when we pulled back into the drive-way, I just sat in the car, hurting from losing my dream again and just bawled. Finally pulled myself together after a couple minutes (Violet was waiting patiently in her car seat), got us both inside, fed and both down for naps.

Keith called me back once he was out of his meetings for the day and I let him know the news. And bawled some more.

When Keith got home, we talked about it some more and he was thinking the same thing that I was. Maybe God has a reason why this one is a C-Section and not natural. I just hurt a lot that I was losing this dream that I've had since finding out that we were pregnant again, as Violet was breeched and a C-Section.

My doctor called on Friday and said that Baby was definitely on his/her bum and that they would most likely schedule a C-Section for this upcoming week. They were just waiting to hear back from the surgeon as to when and then we'd go ahead from there. I asked her if there was a possibility of doing a breech delivery. But because of the previous C-Section, there would be more of a risk to me of the incision tearing. And no doctor in my town does breech deliveries. I'd have to go to the city and she said even then, it would be a slight chance that a doctor would want to do a breech delivery with a previous C-Section. Boo to living in a small town.

Now to wait until Monday and find out when Baby will be making their appearance.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pregnancy #2 Update: 38 weeks

What’s Happening:
2 weeks left to go!
Yes, I’m a bit impatient. This little one has been taking it’s toll on me these last few weeks, so pardon the lack of posting. The Braxton’s have started up in full force, mostly in the evenings, and it’s just making it harder (pun intended) to do things. Never mind that Baby has taken up permanent residency in my pelvis and making me waddle like a penguin right now. Oh, and water retention has set in, although I’m doing my best to combat it by drinking lots of water and staying hydrated. And trying to get as much sleep as possible, but when the bathroom calls your name every 2-3 hours, or your pelvis is hurting like a SOB, you don’t get that much restful sleep. But I still try, hence why I go down for a nap when Violet has her afternoon nap. 
And after seeing my delivery doctor a couple times in the last few weeks, she says that we are still on track for a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean)!! Yes! The only reason that Violet was a C-Section was because she was breeched, and Baby #2 is in the head-down position, right where he/she needs to be, so everything is a go! Because this one is a trial VBAC, they still do have to have a surgeon on stand-by, just in case I have to have a C-Section again, so prayers are much needed/welcomed that it won’t go that route and that I can have this baby the way that God intended.

Still on the fruit craving bandwagon. And chocolate. But more fruit. Violet’s actually been sharing her fruit with me lately, saying “Mommy try,” even though she likes what I gave her. Which is nice that even she’s making sure that Mommy and Baby have enough to eat right now. Speaking of fruit, time to raid the fridge again…..

The nesting has calmed down a bit, finally! The hospital bags are all packed and ready to go, car seat is installed, freezer meals are all made (about 11 in total), and Baby room is almost ready. Still need to do a bit more cleaning/organization in there, which would take me about ½ hour today to do. But I’m still baking/cooking up a storm. In which Violet’s been trying to help with that more lately. I think she just likes the end result of there being fresh-baked good for her to eat.

Hopefully next time I post an update, there will be a Baby included!

38 weeks pregnant.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Pregnancy #2: 32 Weeks

What's Happening:
Right now, I'm getting a bit impatient. I'm already bigger with this kid than I was with Violet at the end of my pregnancy with her. And this one just keeps on growing. Staying on my feet for an entire 8 hour shift at work has me hurting for a good day after that. Never mind that it feels like Baby has dropped a bowling ball in my pelvis, so standing for long periods of time make it worse. Luckily I only work weekends, so I have the rest of the week to relax a bit.
Yes, the feet are swelling. I'm not much of a barefoot person in the house (ahem...thank you Violet for dropping food/crumbs/everything on the ground), but lately I've had to go barefoot as I've got indentations on my feet at the end of the day if I wear socks all day.
Weight gain is still on the right track (only 25 lbs gained so far, with 9 weeks left), and no gestational diabetes! That drink still tastes HORRIBLE! Yuck!

Anything chocolate and fruit. Seriously. Although fruit has been winning lately. Those have been my 2 major cravings the entire pregnancy, right from the get-go. Speaking of which, I think I need to find/buy more fruit. I'm out!

I've definitely hit the nesting stage. Violet was throwing a tantrum one evening and so during her night-snack time while she was being stubborn about having her snack, I decided to do something about all the clutter on my kitchen counter. Well, I went a bit berserk on it and de-cluttered the whole counter, re-organized where things went, threw stuff out and cleaned it all off. A dirty/messy kitchen counter bugs me most days, this particular day just annoyed the ever-living s^%t out of me. Therefore something had to be done about it. And since then? I've kept all the kitchen counters clean. Just can't stand the mess anymore.
I've also been working on keeping the rest of the house clean and de-cluttering. It's amazing how much clutter you accumulate over the years of being married and having kids. It's crazy! I went through all of Violet's clothes, donated clothes that I didn't like to the local Thrift Store (and she still has LOTS!), labelled the bins that are too small with the appropriate sizes and they're ready for when Baby #2 makes his/her appearance. I do have some Boy clothes, so I'll be going through those and re-organizing them as well, to make sure that they are ready for when Baby is born.
Also in the nesting, is lots of BAKING! And I mean lots! We're talking about making at least 1 batch (4-5 dozen) of cookies per week, and somehow I still don't have ANY in the freezer. Seriously. Between Keith and Violet, and whoever else raids my house, I'm lucky if one batch of cookies (which makes 4-5 dozen) lasts a week. Crazy! But at least I know that they're good if they go that fast! I've also attempted making homemade buns, and succeeded! Never mind the usual cooking that I do for supper. But I love it.

31 weeks pregnant

Friday, January 10, 2014

Around Here | 2/52

Pregnancy at 25 weeks 
- Jr (as that's what Baby is nicknamed) is more of an afternoon/evening/night baby for moving around. Mornings he/she is pretty quiet, but once Violet is down for her nap, Jr wakes up and gets to moving.
- Craving lots of peanut butter and jam sandwiches, as well as chocolate and fruit. Also include pizza on the list.
- What not to eat? Eggs and smokies. Both still taste disgusting.
- My stats so far: 10lb gain from the beginning (boo yeah!!!), tummy circumference at 33 inches (feel bigger than I was with Violet at this stage), and fetal heart rate at 145bpm. So far so good!
- Jr. also has lots of fun playing in my pelvis and making sure to cause some pain when I've been doing lots of walking.
- Nesting has kicked in. Seriously. The amount of stuff I get done in a 4 hour period is crazy! Never mind the baking that I'm doing (Tuesday was 4 dozen peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and a dozen banana muffins). Now if the baking would last more than a week (good luck with that!).
- Now that it's after Christmas, we're starting to work on the Baby room. The crib is already in there, but I need to finish cleaning out the closet (it was our storage room before), get everything organized and paint. Although we're still not sure which colour, as we don't know the gender of Jr.

- Colouring as much as she can. And when she wants Mommy or Daddy to colour with her, she brings a crayon over to us and says "Mommy/Daddy hold" and goes back to colouring.
- Knows the color "yeowow" (yellow) and exclaims it when she finds something yellow, mostly because she has my old yellow bear who was named Yellowy. Original, eh?
- Kittens/cats go "yeow." Puppies/dogs say "oooo." Horses go "heeee." Everything else is "roar," proclaimed very loudly for all to hear and be scared of the cute little girl pretending to be scary.
- Eats Green Peppers as if they're candy. Same with onions.
- Is very opinionated on the books I read her. She's not a big fan of little kid books and prefers that I read her what I'm reading. Except for Pinkie Pie's Spooky Dream, Love You Forever, Green Eggs and Ham, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Those are acceptable for me to read to her as kids books.
- Same goes for kids TV shows and movies. Something that's aimed for toddlers? Bleh. My Little Pony, Despicable Me, Kung Fu Panda and How to Train Your Dragon? Perfectly fine.
- When sleeping, can almost always be found on her tummy with her head underneath her blanket and pillow. Or on the floor with all her blankets, stuffed animals and her socks. Same way me and Keith both used to sleep.
- Also likes to unload the entire wagon of Mega Blocks and tells Mommy to "hold" one when she wants me to build something for her. And then likes to take it apart, laughing at me.
- 99% potty trained. Just have to do night training and we'll be all good.

Me & Keith:
- This past September marked 7 years of us being together, and May will mark 6 years married.
- Apparently, Keith is the best tickle monster around, according to Violet as he can make her laugh, giggle and squirm like no one else can. And yes, he pulls the same tickle fights on me. I lose every single time.
- Somehow Keith already has Jr on his side as he told Jr to kick me good during the night. Jr listened to Daddy and was dancing all night long.
- Still own our first house and hopefully by the summer of this year, we'll be able to take over the entire house as the one renter we have left is getting married in June.
- Still keeping up the monthly date nights before Jr gets here. It's nice to go out and spend time together, san kid.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

An Important Update #2

So now that all the family know, might as well let everyone else know too....


We will be welcoming a precious little one to our world in late April 2014.

That's right people..... I'M PREGNANT!!!

I'm about 6 weeks along. We had already guessed about 2 weeks ago that I was pregnant as I just exploded in acne, especially the back of my neck. I never get acne there and certainly not in the magnitude that it was. 

Only recently the queasiness has started up a bit (thankfully nothing big) and that's all. 

So now to start re-arranging the house and think of another girl name (still have our boy name from when Violet was born). 

What I look like at 6 weeks

Yup, that's definitely a positive


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pregnancy Photos

Got a sneak peek of our maternity photos! So excited to see them, especially since Baby will be joining us next week!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

In Which My Birth Plan Gets Thrown Out The Window

Another doctor appointment today and I finally get to see my delivery doctor. Only took forever to see her. Got there a couple minutes before my appointment and was told to leave a sample, yet again. Yuck. The one thing you can count on for pre-natal appointments is leaving a sample. Ick.
After doing blood pressure (107/62) and being weighed (162 lbs), I had to get dressed into the gown thingy so that they could do a GBS swab to check for a certain infection. And then she checked for the baby’s heartbeat and felt as to where the baby was positioned. And that’s where my heart sank a bit. The intern couldn’t find how the baby was positioned. She was feeling down low and thought that she was feeling a bum instead of a head there. So she called in Dr. Trinh to double-check and Dr. Trinh thought the same. So she said to meet her at the hospital around 2 and she’d do a quick ultrasound to definitely see where the baby was.
I was in tears when I left the clinic because if the baby is breeched, that means that we’d probably have to go in for a C-Section because they don’t deliver breeched babies anymore. I called Keith at work and left a message for him to call me when he got on lunch. When he called me, I told him what the doctor thought and he said to calm down, do the ultrasound, and then we’d go from there.
Did some stuff around town and the house and was at the hospital for 2 to see Dr. Trinh and double-check on the baby’s position. Dr. Trinh got me in right away and grabbed the portable ultrasound to check. And it turns out that the baby is breeched indeed. The head is up near my ribs and he/she is sitting on their bum with their legs curled up next to them. Shoot. I asked her what the chances of the baby turning are and she said very slim because this is my first and it looks like my uterus is very tight around the baby, therefore making it a bit hard for the baby to flip.
The doctor said that I have 2 options: to go for a C-Section or to go to Winnipeg to see if they can turn the baby. I told her that I’d talk to Keith and let her know by Monday. I’m not too keen on either option. I’ve heard that turning the baby can hurt you and the baby and have the possibility of killing the baby if the cord wraps around its neck, and I’m not a fan of surgery. I know in this case, it would be necessary because nobody delivers breeched babies anymore, but still.
When I picked up Keith from work, I told him the news and he said that we’ll pray about it and hopefully the baby would turn. But he said it was up to me if I wanted to try to turn the baby. I told him why I wasn’t too keen on it. Sigh.
At least we know this ahead of time instead of going into labour and having to do an emergency C-Section. Guess we’ll see how everything turns out.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Finally got the Baby Room Ready

Finally, at 34 weeks pregnant, the Baby Room is ready!

We finally decided on what colour to do the walls, which is Sunshine Orange. I'm not a big fan of pastel colours and wanted something gender neutral. So orange it was. Although it might get changed in a couple years.

I was lucky enough to have my sister Natalie come down and do all the priming and then my Mom came down and did all the painting.

Once the paint was dry, I got everything moved in and assembled. The futon will stay in there until we can get rid of it as it's broken. I stocked the closet and dresser with all the essentials and have a clothes bin off to the side with both genders of clothes on there. The plan is that once Baby is born, my sister will come down and pull out the appropriate clothing so that it's ready once we get home. 

6 weeks to go!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

At 30 Weeks, I Think My Body is Starting to Hate Me

Why is my body starting to hate me?

Lately, it's just been a lot of pain due to my hips being out of place and then locking up in place while I'm standing at work. My work doesn't have me move around a lot, so then the hips lock up and start causing me a lot of pain and then trying to bend over or get into my car proves to be slightly difficult. Thankfully my chiropractor works his magic on me and can get my joints back into place.

And I think the Braxton Hicks have started. Been feeling my belly get tight and then loosen up and repeat through the entire day. Not that it’s a bad thing, but it’s kind of annoying when I’m trying to work, or sleep for that matter.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hello Pregnancy Emotional Meltdown

I. Am. Hormonal. And. Emotional.

Seriously. Especially last night. And there was a couple things that set me off.

I was supposed to have girl's night at my place, but no one showed up. I knew that Sabrina had a 50/50 chance of showing up, mainly cause she has to be home with the kiddos while her hubby's on the field working. Which is understandable. And even when I talked to her earlier in the day, she wasn't sure if she could make it. No problem. My other girlfriend Lisa, didn't show up though. Which confounded me. I had messaged her earlier in the day and she said that she was coming and usually if she can't make it at the last minute, she lets me know. Not today. I was waiting around the house until 8:00 until I concluded that she wasn't coming. Not something to get really upset about, right?


I also was getting in the mood to do some serious scrapbooking. But had an issue. I have the free digital scrapbooking program from Scrapbook Flair, but it's very limited and doesn't let me do what I want to do or the ideas that I have. Urg. And then I wanted to do some traditional scrapbooking. And realized that all that photo's I wanted to scrapbook weren't printed. Great.

So then start the waterworks. And I really don't know why. OK, so maybe I do a little bit. For once in almost 2 years I've really wanted to scrapbook, but have nothing. Urg. Yeah. Keith tried to console me by snuggling with me on the couch while we watched MythBusters and I was still teary by the end. Really, hormones?

So yeah. Basically was teary in bed until I fell asleep lat night, had a crappy night of sleep which didn't help that my hips were going wonky and causing me pain as well as my lower back. So needless to say, I was still in a crabby mood this morning. Sigh. Thank you pregnancy hormones.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pregnancy #1: 24 Weeks

So far, so good. 

1) Pre-natal appointment went pretty good. Weight gain is still good, blood pressure still good and so is Baby's heartbeat. Can't believe I've only got a couple months left until we meet the little one!

2) Craving fruit, chocolate and slurpees (in reverse order).

3) Had major heartburn for 1 evening. That sucked royally.

4) Starting work on the Baby Room. And found the cutest framed pic of Winnie-the-Pooh and Tigger that has to go in there. Still undecided on wall colours.

5) Bought my first pair of maternity pants from Value Village. Some of my regular jeans are starting to get a bit tight, so it's nice to have a back-up pair for when they don't fit anymore.

6) Did our Baby Registration at Babies 'R' Us. Not expecting to get everything on our list, but we figured, why not?

Hello tiny little bump :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ultrasound and Kicking Daddy

Yesterday was the ultrasound. Picked up Keith from work around noon, and he had brought me another water bottle just in case I needed more to drink. Really? My bladder was already almost ready to burst and he gives me more water!! We were at the hospital for 12:30, registered and waited to be called in. Got called into the Ultrasound room close to 1, but Keith had to stay out in the hallway until the initial ultrasound was done. My bladder was ready to burst as I climbed up on the table and the technician chuckled a little bit. Went through almost half the ultrasound and then he let me go to the bathroom. THANKFULLY!!
Once I got back to the room, he finished up the ultrasound. The technician said he was having a little bit of a hard time getting a good head shot because the head was really down low in the pelvis and being really stubborn about showing his/her head.  Once the technician had gotten all the shots that he needed, then he went out in the hallway to get Keith so that he could see. My back had been killing me like crazy, so while he was out, I sat up and cracked my back to relieve some of the pain, which worked. Keith came into the room with the technician and then proceeded to watch the ultrasound. I was finally able to see what was on the monitor, and it was really cool.

Finally today the little one decided to co-operate. I was getting ready to go to Sabrina's place for Girl's night, when Keith grabbed me, made me snuggle with him on the bed (OK fine, didn't really make me) and said I wasn't going anywhere's until he felt the baby kick.
So we lay on the bed, with his hand right where the baby usually kicks and waited. It took a little bit until I felt the baby give a good kick and asked Keith if he had felt that. He said he think he did, but he wanted another one just to make sure. So another couple minutes passed before I felt another good kick and Keith felt that one as well. That made him a happy man :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

In Which We Find A Heartbeat....and Lots of Movement

So far at 18 weeks, I've had my first prenatal visit. Everything went swimmingly. On track for weight gain, blood pressure looks great and Baby's heartbeat is good and steady. Unfortunately, Keith wasn't able to make it to this appointment due to work. It sucked, but it's life.

I also felt the Baby starting to move. I was actually thinking that I was having weird gas issues, but then felt Baby fluttering about in there. Mega-smiles. Now for this little one to start kicking hard enough for Keith to feel.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pregnancy #1: 12 Weeks

Pregnancy is going along GREAT! I'm at 12 weeks right now and haven't had a single day of morning sickness. I've had some days where I'm just queasy around certain foods, but that's it. Nothing major. Which is AWESOME!! :)
Oh, and more awesome?? Turns out that I'm getting my sister's crib from one of her kids (my nephew has now advanced to a "big boys bed," hence me getting one of her cribs for free). Which saves us a ton of money right there. And along with that, I'm also getting her car seat/stroller combo for free (which go for $200-300 in store!). So I've already got some of the big purchases without spending a dime! Sweet! And the same goes for clothes. Natalie's given me a whole bunch of clothes from when my nephew was a baby (which includes a lot of blankets), so I'm happy about that.
The only "big" thing to buy is a dresser/change table. I'll probably end up going to a thrift store or hitting up the garage sales this summer. It doesn't matter to me if it's matching or not, 'cause really, it's for a baby. Doesn't need to be colour-coordinated. And the big thing that we need to do is paint the baby room and get it ready. I'll probably start that after my ultrasound in June.
Other than that, everything's good!

Monday, February 28, 2011

An Important Update

OMG!!!! I'M PREGNANT!!!!!!
Seeing as I haven't had my cycle yet this month, I decided to use the pregnancy test that we had bought last month. So just before I went to make supper, I went and took the test and then went to start supper. Well, the test showed positive, so I took the test to Keith (after cleaning it off) and told him that he broke the law about pro-creating. Lol. He was just looking at it and me a couple times and then tried to play it off as a “false-positive.” I told him nope, because it's near the end of the month and my cycle hasn't started yet. Lol.
So I guess this means I'm gonna have to go to the doctor and see how far along I am. If my calculation is correct, I'd be due in October/November. Woot!!

And it was confirmed today. Me and Keith went to the walk-in clinic to make sure that the home test was right and that I was indeed pregnant. Got there around 12 and had to wait until 1:30 to register. Luckily, I had brought my DS and a book with me to keep me occupied. Keith did the same.
Got in to see the doctor around 3, and of course, did the pee test. Ugh. He came back in the room and said that I was indeed pregnant and about 6 weeks along! Yeah!!
Keith of course was being his usual self and said that I was paying off the doctor and had hid a pregnant woman in the bathroom. Men sometimes.