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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dear Dominique | 1 Year

Dear Dominique:

Today is the day you turn 1 year old. And my how the time has flown. I’d like to say that you remained my little baby, but let’s be honest, you were never little to begin with. You’ve taken up so much space in my heart from day 1 and continue to take up more. It’s a good thing Mommy has lots of room in her heart for all the love out there.

These days, you are not stationary very long, preferring to be as mobile as you can, crawling over things, starting to grasp whatever you can to stand up, starting to take uncertain wobbly steps that will one day lead to you running around the house.
And the noise. Oh girl. You make enough noise to cover you and your big sister some days. But it’s awesome. And I love it. Especially around 6:30 in the morning when you wake up and Mommy and Daddy are just waking up. You sit there in your crib and just babble away to your blanket and teddy bear. And I lay in bed, listening to you talk, smiling.

By the way, I won’t even mention the food that you eat. Let’s just say that you eat as much as your big sister at most meals. End of story.
Surprisingly, you’ve adjusted quite well to Mommy being back at work 1-2 days a week and spending that time with Daddy and Violet. Daddy always makes sure to keep you up until I get home so that I can put you down for morning nap and smother you in kisses and tickles.

Oh, another thing. Adrenaline Baby. That’s all I have to say.
Thank you for the awesome year that you’ve given us and the great blessing that you’ve been.

Love you so much Baby Girl.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Dear Dominique | 11 months

Thank you Dominique for the night snuggles the other evening. Mommy and Daddy were going to bed around 11pm and you were making some noises from your room. I went to check on you, and you were sitting in your crib, just looking for me. I picked you up to comfort you a bit and you quietly cooed at me and put your head on my shoulder. We stood there for a bit, swaying back and forth for a bit before I sat down in the rocking chair to enjoy some snuggles with you. You just sat in my lap, you head on my shoulder while we enjoyed some quiet time together. And I thanked God for the moment with you. Love you so much Baby Girl.


Monday, February 23, 2015

Dear Dominique | 10 months

Dear Dominique:

You’re 10 months old today and here’s 10 things about you currently.
1) You have a HUGE appetite. Yes, it’s the first thing I thought of. You have no problem polishing off anything I give to you to eat and always ask for more. You eat anything that is in front of you and have no problem trying new foods. Current favourite foods are chicken, sweet potatoes, and any fruit that’s available.
2) I’m overjoyed to report that you are fully weaned from boob juice AND sleeping through the night! It makes everything go much smoother know that you’re not dependent on Mommy for nursing and we both get some good solid sleep as well. You normally go down around 8pm after a nice hot bath and I don’t hear a peep out of you until you wake up in the morning.
3) You are curious about everything. Is this food on the floor edible? What about this toy? Those cords? What happens if I play with the door? It’s fun to see you explore your world with your eyes wide open to everything around you and just taking it all in. And the bonus part is that you learn from all of this. You’re learning not to close the doors on your head, learning not to play with cords when Mommy says no, and learning how stuff works and what to avoid.

4) You are always mobile. It’s a bit liberating and scary for Mom at the same time. Liberating because now you can make your way across the house crawling army style and I don’t have to carry you everywhere. Scary because you’re FAST! It doesn’t take you long to go from one room to another without me noticing. Unless Violet is calling you and I hear you giggling while you follow her wherever she is going. You don’t like sitting still unless you’re in the highchair and eating. Sitting and snuggling with Mommy or Daddy seems like a chore for you, as you only last 1-2 minutes before wanting out of our arms and moving around on the floor again. Good thing I can close the doors to keep you out of where you aren’t supposed to be.
5) You make some of the most hilarious faces. Your favourite right now is scrunching up your face and snorting through your nose and then giving a stink eye to anyone who is close by. I swear you do it to make people laugh and then laugh along with them.

6) Right now you have 5 teeth: 2 on the bottom and 3 on top. Although your smile looks goofy right now because your top teeth are a bit spaced out to make room for other teeth coming in. And you love to chew on anything with those sharp teeth of yours.
7) You are my early morning bird right now. You love getting up with Mommy and Daddy around 6:30 during the weekdays so that you can have breakfast with Daddy before he goes to work. You are always happy to be up early and then promptly stuff your face with food.

8) You love music blaring through the house at all times, especially Weird Al Yankovic. I don’t know why, but you really love his music/parodies and sometimes the only way that you’ll sit in Daddy’s lap is if he had Weird Al Yankovic music videos playing on YouTube. But really, any music gets you going and you’re even starting to bob around and dace a bit!
9) You adore your big sister Violet. You’re always looking around for her, following her everywhere and laughing with her. You love the attention she gives you and just soak it all up. I love seeing you two play together.

10) You are a love bug. You love to be held and played with and have lots of interaction with. And you soak it all up.

Keep on growing little one.


Friday, January 23, 2015

Dear Dominique | 9 months

Dear Dominique:
Happy 9 months Baby Girl!
Time is flying fast and so are you! You figured out your mode of transportation and that is army crawling around the house, sometimes at breakneck speed, trying to get at whatever you can get your chubby little hands on.
You did awesome at your first Christmas gatherings and impressed quite a few people with how well behaved you were. You found that wrapping paper is THE BEST, and you got pretty enthusiastic about unwrapping some gifts with Daddy’s help.
You’re also “talking” a lot and making as much as noise as you can. It’s hilarious to hear you make so much noise and try to keep up with Violet. 
Your smile and giggles are so infectious to everyone around you, especially Violet. I love when she makes you laugh at anything and you two just giggle away. Love it.
Right now, your favourite food is…..EVERYTHING! Seriously. You eat everything and anything I give you and constantly wanting more. I’m getting really scared for my future grocery bills. 
You are not much for snuggling these days, as you prefer to be mobile and looking around at everything. And you’re sitting on your own, so that’s a bonus right now too.
Love you to the moon and back Baby Girl

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dear Dominique | 8 months

Dear Dominique:
I swear this has been the fastest 8 months ever! You are growing like a weed every single day and it just amazes me.

Right now you’re fitting into 12 month clothing with a bit of room to spare, but not much. I lovingly call you my little tank as you’re 22lbs already and have a good build on you and you’re pretty strong as well.

Right now you are rolling all over the house like a mad baby. I put you down and 30 seconds later you’re half way across the kitchen/living room/bedroom and so proud of how fast you can manoeuvre. You’re also rotating around on your tummy to get where you want to go.
Right now you love laying in your bed when you’re awake and just talking up a storm. It’s hilarious to hear you in the early morning chatting to yourself.

Right now you are all smiles and just so happy. Especially when you’re in the Jolly Jumper and jumping to your hearts content.
Right now I love you so much and that will only increase every day.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Dear Dominique | 7 months

Dear Dominique:
It’s been 7 months since you were born and it’s been an amazing journey to see you grow!
Lately you have figured out how to roll seamlessly from stomach to back and back again and starting to gain speed! You’re also figuring out how to rotate on your tummy so that you can get places when you get stuck or need to get something.
 You’re appetite is the same as always - BIG! You’re eating everything I’m giving you and then some. And still nursing as well. And slowly figuring out that sippy cup. Although it would help if Mommy had it for you at every meal.
 You’re also “talking” a lot, which is hilarious when I’m laying in bed, listening to you in the morning. Your squeals of joy are the best.
Also, hands are tasty. And so are feet.
Oh my girl, you’re growing up way too fast.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Dear Dominique | 6 months

Dear Dominique:
6 months Bay Girl! And you’ve grown so much!
Right now you love everyone. Seriously. As long as you are fed and changed, you’ll go to anyone who will hold you. Which helps a lot at church as I rarely get called out for you. The volunteers at church always comment that you love to be held and are such an easy baby. Awesome.
 Right now, you love solid food. And lots of it. You are definitely my baby who eats everything by the truckload. I have no problems giving you new foods to try and you just sit there, with your mouth wide open, waiting for me to put more in. You still do like your nursing time with Mommy, as it’s quality time, just the two of us.
Right now, you want to see everything around you and are always curious about stuff going on. You take the whole world in with eyes wide open and I pray that you continue that.
Right now, I think you’re starting to teeth. You’re drooling a bit more and are chewing on anything you can get your mouth on, especially if it’s a teething toy. Fingers also make for good chew toys, especially if they are Mommy’s or Daddy’s. And once in a while, Violet’s hair.
Right now, you are just a bundle of joy and I love hearing your laughter. Don’t ever stop laughing baby girl.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Dear Violet | 3 years

Dear Violet:
I want to remember your enthusiasm for anything and everything. Getting up in the morning and having breakfast with Mom or Dad? Enthusiastic. Hearing Dominique waking up and talking? Totally enthusiastic. Cousins coming down to play? Enthusiastic. Mommy cooking supper and you want to watch? Enthusiastic. Going anywhere where there is water to play in? Really enthusiastic. I swear it’s contagious and I love it. There will be days when you’re not enthralled about anything, and that’s OK. But the days you are? I love them.
I want to remember the laughter and giggles and screeches when you and Daddy have tickle fights. Most of the time you start them by going up to Daddy and either tickling his feet or poking him and then the tickle fights ensue and endless amounts of giggles are heard. And as soon as Daddy stops, you go back for more. Always more. It makes my heart soar when I see you and Daddy interacting this way. And I pray that this continues.
I want to remember your love of My Little Pony on Netflix. You can name all 6 of the main ponies and even starting to sing the theme song. We’ve watched through 3 seasons at least 5 times and you never get tired of it. It’s one of the rare shows that gets your full attention for the entire episode. And when it’s done, you ask for more.
I want to remember the hugs and kisses that you give so freely. To all your cousins, aunts and uncles and grandparents. You are always ready with hugs and kisses for anybody and I love that. And strangers get a “Hi.”
I want to remember the way you use your manners right now. You’re pretty good at asking nicely for things/stuff that you want, no matter what it is. Cartoons? “more pees.” Drinks? “juice pees.” Food? “tooties/nummies pees.”
I want to remember your love for Dominique. I know that in later years there will be sibling rivalry and you’ll be so made at each other for taking clothes or makeup  without asking and you’ll coming running to Mom or Dad about something she did to you. But right now? You love her to pieces. As soon as she wakes up in the morning, you’re right there, telling her “Hi Donaneek!” and getting her a clean diaper and always making sure that she has her soother close to her. And when Dom is crying, you’ll go up to her and say “It’s OK Donaneek. It’s OK.” And the smile she gives to you is priceless. She completely adores you as a big sister and you play the part very well.
I want to remember your love of books, specifically Green Eggs and Ham. Mommy reads it to you every evening and you’re starting to memorize it and go “Sam I am!” when I pull out the book to read at bedtime. You’ll try to read anything you can get  your hands on: flyers, junk mail, Mommy’s Harry Potter series, your books, anything. And I love it. I want you to keep your love of reading and never let it go. That, my dear, is where some of the best imagination lies and I want you to have a wide and vivid imagination.
I want to remember your love of music. As soon as you hear any music going with a good beat, you are up and trying to dance. What’s even better is when Mommy or Daddy dance with you. Your face lights up like a light bulb and you love every moment of it.
I want to remember you constantly talking and asking questions and want to do everything with us. I’m glad that you like to talk and ask questions and ask for help. Gone are the days when you were quiet. Now if it’s quiet, I’m wondering what kind of trouble are you getting in to.
I want to remember your love of rocks and sticks. No matter where we are, you will always find a rock or stick to take with you. And then you’ll try to keep them in the house and keep them hidden in your pockets until I do laundry and hear them rattling around in the dryer.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dear Dominique | 5 months

 Dear Dominique:
Oh my girl, 5 months old already?! You still amaze me with how much you’ve grown in the past month and continue to grow and learn.
You’ve mastered the rolling around everywhere routine and just love it when I leave you in one spot in the living room and when I come back a couple minutes later, you’re a couple feet away from where I left you. Luckily your big sister Violet is very watchful over you and makes sure that you’re OK when you’re rolling around.
 You also like taking naps with Mommy in the big bed when we’re having a rough day and enjoy the cuddles that you get from everyone.
We also just started you on pureed foods (so far avocado and banana), and you love it! You gobbled it down in no time and I’m starting to get scared for the future grocery bills.
Love you to the Moon and back Baby Girl.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Dear Dominique // 4 months

 Dear Dominique:
Has it really been four months already? My oh my dear little girl, you have grown tremendously, in every way possible.
You’ve really found your voice this month and it brings smiles to Mommy & Daddy’s faces while we lay in bed in the morning, just listening to you talk to yourself. We love hearing you coo and babble your way through any noise that you can make and it is totally heart warming to hear that coming from you. Someday my girl, you’ll be talking in full sentences and telling me what your life is like and asking me a gazillion questions. Right now though, I’ll settle for the baby babble.
  You’re also trying very hard to catch up to Violet as fast as you can. You figured out how to roll over early in the month with little to no issues. And when I praised you, you just looked at me with “meh” on your face and went back to chewing on your fists, acting like it was no big deal. We thought it was a fluke, but when you continued to keep rolling over, we knew that it was the real deal. And shortly after that, you figured out how to roll from your front to your back! You’re on a roll now (yes, Mommy knows she’s lame). You also continue to grow out of your clothes at amazing rates, as you’re getting into some 6-12 month clothing. You really did take after Daddy in the height department.
It’s been a bit of a struggle for Mommy to make sure that I’m spending equal amounts of time with you and Violet, and still have time for Daddy and herself. Luckily you seem to be understanding of that and are pretty content during your awake time and love the family time that we get together.
Keep on growing little one.
Love always,

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dear Dominique // 3-months

Dear Dominique:
Happy 3 months Gobber! Yes, you know have joined the ranks of having a nickname in this household. Originally it was Gobbler as you eat so much, but it turned into Gobber from Mommy & Violet watching How to Train Your Dragon on repeat lately. Never mind that you’re 14 lbs already, so Gobber it is.

I'm so amazed at how fast you are growing these days. You are completely out of your 0-3 month clothes and already trying to stretch out some of the new 3-6 month sleepers! Your grins and smiles come way more these days, you’re starting to make more noises and you’re a pretty happy baby overall. And you’re still an awesome sleeper, as we put you to bed between 8-9pm and you don’t wake up until 4-5am, unless it’s been a bad night.

I think one of the favourite parts of your day is when Violet comes into your room in the morning to see if you’re awake and the huge smile you give to her. You are so adored by her and she tries to help you whenever possible, whether it’s giving you the soother, lots of hugs and kisses, or singing and dancing around you to keep you entertained. The other favourite part of your day is when it’s bath night. You and Violet have a bath together in the big tub (and have since you came home from the hospital), which brings out more toothless smiles as you splash Violet and she tries to tell you “No Splashing Donaneek!” Love it.

Although this evening was really rough for you. I made sure that you were all fed up and “milk drunk” before we put you to bed, but I'm guessing that something was wrong, as you fought sleep like crazy. At one point, you were screaming your head off and Daddy came into your room to take you from me and try to calm you down. You went bat-shit crazy and screamed your little lungs out as best you could. Daddy sat down in the rocking chair, wrapped his arms tightly around you so that you couldn't flail around and rocked you back and forth. You gave some good screams, but Daddy just kept rocking you to calm you down. Eventually you did go to sleep. According to Daddy, you’re really strong as you were fighting him quite a bit. Oh my dear girl. Here’s hoping that you sleep well tonight.

I've loved watching you grow these past 3 months and can’t wait for the adventure to continue.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Dear Dominique // 2-months

Dear Dominique:
Two months old today Baby Girl! And you still melt my heart everyday. You are a complete joy to be around and so content with everything. It doesn't matter what I'm doing, be it vacuuming, have music on loud and dancing with Violet, watching movies with Daddy or your cousins being really loud, you are pretty content with it all and sleep through everything.
Speaking of sleeping, you are my sleeping baby. We've gotten your routine down and we’re all loving it. Most nights, you’re in bed between 8-9 pm and sometimes I’ll have to come in to give you the soother back and make sure that you’re swaddled tightly (those darn arms keep coming lose!). But then you’ll sleep until 3-4 am and wake up for a full feeding and diaper change and then back to sleep until 8 am when Violet wakes up and our day starts.
You are full of smiles, grins and sticking out the tongue and starting to make your own noises during the day. We've also found out that music is the way to calm you down during the day in between feeding's and I have no problem letting the music blast through the house just to make you happy.
You are still content with being held while you’re awake or in something that keeps you moving. Luckily for us, one of your aunties gave us their baby swing and you love it. We got it the day that I was really sick and was sleeping all day just to get better. You decided to sleep all day as well, except for feeding's and then go back to sleep in the swing. Thank you Baby Girl.
It’s been an amazing journey these last two months, learning to be your Mommy, and at the same time, being Violet’s Mommy as well. We've had it relatively easy with you and for that I thank you. I can’t wait to see what the future brings for all of us.

Love, Mommy

Friday, May 23, 2014

Dear Dominique // 1 Month

Dear Dominique:
Today marks your 1-month birthday! When they say time flies with babies, they’re not kidding! It still amazes me that you are here and I’m very blessed by that.
Right now you’re on a pretty regular sleep/eat schedule. You’re up 1-2 times a night (usually around 1:30am and 5am) for full feedings and diaper changes. Then you usually don’t wake up until 8:30 for another full feeding and sometimes awake time for about an hour or so.
During your awake time, you like to be held a lot, or if you’re on the floor, swaddled very tightly, with the arms in. You do not like being lose at all, and gets very mad if your blanket gets undone (so very different from Violet as she hated being wrapped all the time).
You’re very alert for only a month old and likes to try to view everything when you can, especially Violet. And is also very content when there’s music on or we’re watching a movie with Violet.
You’re also not a big fan of the pacifier, unless you’re in the car seat and travelling. Most of the time, you spit it out after a couple minutes.
You’re also very noisy in your sleep, which keeps Mommy awake at night sometimes.
And Violet loves you unconditionally, constantly giving her kisses and asking to hold you. You are so very loved by your big sister.