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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

May 2015 Project Life (Weeks 19-22)

Weeks 19-22

Week 19: Again, lots of playing outside, good food and grocery shopping. And since this week covered Mother's Day, Keith had homemade bread and Spinach Dip ready for me when I got home from work that Sunday. Have I mentioned that he's the best?! Kits used: Project Life Everday Adventure, quote card from Elise Joy.

Week 20: Of course, you always have to have a week that just starts off wonky, right? Well, that was this week. Violet came down with a double ear infection and a sinus cold that had us in the hospital for 5 hours on a Monday night. We got there around 8:30pm and didn't leave until 1am. Very long night indeed. Otherwise, it was a routine week.

Week 21: Again, more of the same stuff this week. Violet went away to her Grandma's for the night, visiting the Splash Park, and finding worms for the garden.

Week 22: This is the week that I turned 30. Keith took me out for supper while my Mom took the girls for the day (!! Best Mom Ever!!), we visited the Splash Park with friends, rode Rocket and more family time.

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, August 31, 2015

April 2015 Project Life (Weeks 15-18)

I was in the mood to scrapbook last week and got quite a bit done when I could. It's especially handy now that I do all my Project Life on their app. More convenience and easier!

Here's my layouts for April.

Week 15: Not much going on this week. Visiting great-grandparents, shenanigans around the house, lots of playing with Lego and riding horses. Kits used: Love Story, Everyday Adventure.

Week 16: This week included lots of playing outside, family date to Mongo's for supper, knitting and more playing.

Week 17, 1st spread: This was a busy week.This first spread is the beginning of the week, and Dominique's Smash Cake that she had for her 1st birthday. She absolutely loved it.

Week 17, 2nd spread: The left side of this spread is Dominique's 2 birthday parties that she had for her 1st birthday (split families suck. That's all I'm saying). The right side is usual stuff that goes on, including getting both girls to ride horses.

Week 18: This week was back to normal. Lots more playing outside, watching out little garden grow, celebrating Keith's birthday and our 7th anniversary.

Monday, June 22, 2015

March 2015 Project Life

Time for my Project Life pages for March 2015!

As always with this year, I did all these pages on the Project Life App, using a couple different kits and some odd stuff thrown in from my computer, including quotes from Elise Joy.

Even though I'm about 2 months behind, I'm still loving the process and am attempting to get a couple more weeks done during nap times today and tomorrow.

Week 10. Both pages are Design A, with quote card from Elise Joy and digital stamp from Ali Edwards. Kiwi kit is used.

Week 11. Both pages are Design A with quote card from Elise Joy. Used Kiwi Kit

Week 13. Left page is Design A, right page is Design K. Used Midnight, Everyday Adventure and Just Add Colour kits. Quote cards from Elise Joy.

Week 13. Left page is Design X, right page is Design Y. Used Kiwi and Midnight Kits

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

February 2015 Project Life

Whew, it's been a while since I've posted anything for Project Life. Like I said in my last post, I hit a slump during May. But it's nice to be posting these again.

Like usual, I've been using the Project Life App, mainly using the Kiwi Kit, with some other stuff thrown in for fun. And it seems to be working. And it's easy for me to keep up, even when I fall behind several weeks.

So without further waiting, here's the February Project Life pages.

For Week 6, I used a combination of Kiwi and Seafoam, along with the quote cards from Elise. A pretty normal week, including Keith sending me a photo of an frozen artisan well (thank you plumber hubby), and the start of our indoor garden with Keith's hot peppers.

For Week 7, I stuck mainly with the Kiwi kit, along with some other elements from my computer (via dropbox). And our surprise Valentine's Date that Keith planned.

Week 8 was a normal-ish week here at home. Lots of play time, cooking (like always) and knitting. But it was a good week.

Week 9 was an average week (again). Shopping, family time and Asain take-out.

Whew! Thanks for taking the time to look!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Project Life 2013 - Week 29

Welcome to Project Life 2013 - Week 29 (July 14-20)

 It was a bit crazy this week, so not lots of journaling, but some really awesome photos and memories!

 Title card is from Project Life Baby Girl (didn't use it in Violet's album), with stickles in Lavender and my writing. Also included a grocery shopping receipt from Sobey's of my $150 grocery bill. Oops. Love the photo of the flower, the sunset and the clean kitchen! Summer Journal card is from Snap Studio.

My biggest nephew turned 5 this week. Almost cried. He's getting so big and going to Kindergarten in the fall. The "You Are" sign I found somewhere on Pinterest I believe. And the one of shopping at IKEA? That photo is actually from our trip there in April, but Keith decided to have some photo editing it. Had to include it.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Project Life 2013 - Week 28

Welcome to Project Life 2013 - Week 28 (July 7-13)!

 Again, not really a whole lot this week. Lots of photos, not a whole lot of writing. Which is still fine. Our life is getting documented, and that's all that matters.

 The title card is from Project Life Baby Girl (it was left over after working on Violet's album). The Week 28 stickers are from a set that I got from the local dollar store. The date stickers are from Basic Grey. Filler card is from Snap Studio. The heart frame around Violet is from A Vegas Girl.

The "Love this" on the park photo is from A Vegas Girl. The "love this" on the photo with Keith and Violet was done in A Beautiful Mess app. Everyday moments journal card is from Back to Paper.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Project Life 2013 - Week 27

Welcome to Project Life 2013 - Week 27 (June 30 - July 6)!

Not much happened this week. It was the long weekend, so me and Keith had a Date Night while Violet was at my Dad's for the night. More playing at the Splash Park (yes, it's a weekly thing), lunch with Daddy at his work (deer steak and Caesar salad) and lots of snuggles as Violet got a fever from this heat wave that we have here.

Title card is from A Little Grace and Mercy's June Freebies. Digital alphas on there are Island of Misfit Toys.
Hello Date Night card is from Project Life Honey Kit. Stickers are from Basic Grey with my writing.


I also have a klutz for a nephew.

Hello Week card is from A Little Grace and Mercy's June Freebies. Font is Catholic Schoolgirls.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Project Life 2013 - Week 26

Welcome to Project Life 2013 - Week 26 (June 23-29)!

Not a lot went on this week. Just the usual of lots of family time, play dates at the Splash Park. Also got my Meme's secret recipe for her meat pie and a trip to the hospital for Violet.

Title page is from the Project Life Honey Kit with the font Brick by Boring Brick. The filler card and the card with Violet's drawing is from Sn@p Studio. Hello Redhead is done in Stickles True Blue.

The week's activities card is from Project Life Cherry Kit with my writing on there. Violet's hospital bracelet is on the back of a photo. I swear my kid is a clutz. The two bottom cards are from Project Life Cinnamon Kit.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Project Life 2013 - Week 25

Welcome to Week 25 (June 16-22) of Project Life!
We had a very busy week this week and I had a hard time picking out a favorite photo by the end. But I did it!
Overall look of Week 25.

Left page
The weekly card is from the PL Seafoam kit with my writing on there.
I took a favorite photo from every day, except Saturday as I wrote up our grocery list, edited it in PicTapGo on the iPhone as that's what I used to take all my photos this week. I mainly used the Sweet Tooth filter on all the photos to brighten them up some more. Really love that app!!
Then I took the daily memory brushes from Ali Edwards Embracing the Everyday digital stamp set. I re-sized them to fit and recolored them as they come in black and I wanted them to pop out a bit more. Love how it turned out!

Up-close of some of the photos on the left page.

Right page
On the right page I've got a pass for the beach that we went to on Wednesday. Violet did not like cold beach water AT ALL! This was also the week of Violet waking up at 6:30am every single day this week. This mommy was TIRED! Also 2 journal cards from Sn@p Studio by Simple Stories that have our week's agenda written on there and a filler card from there as well.

On the journal cards, I wrote out this week's agenda and added some stamps to it. The cherished stamp is from Prima Marketing Lifetime Stamps and the heart stamp is from BoBunny Snow Day Stamps.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Project Life 2013 - Weeks 20-22

Welcome to Project Life Week 20-22!

I know I said that I'd try to update on a weekly basis, but with a toddler that requires constant attention (and seriously, as I typed this, Violet went and put her handprints on the TV *facepalm*) a house that also requires cleaning and organizing and a hubby who also requires *attention*, I just promise to update when I can. K?

 photo _DSC5447_zpsd1ad477a.jpg

Layout for Week 20 (May 12-18, 2013). Title card is from Retro Collection with the Eliza Jane font. I forgot to print out a 3x4 photo for the top. I'll add it soon. Journal cards down the middle are from: Recollection (from Michaels); Project Life Honey Edition; Sn@p Studio by Simple Stories. The Life Amazing filler card is from Sna@p Studios by Simple Stories.

 photo _DSC5454_zps7b24463d.jpg
The write-up that I did for Mother's Day. Card is from Simple Stories Sn@p Studio collection.
 photo _DSC5455_zpsf4bfa8ac.jpg
Violet's word from this week. I love how her vocabulary is expanding. Some of the words I just heard come out of her mouth, others she says on a regular basis. Card is from the Simple Stories Sn@p Studio collection.
 photo _DSC5482_zpsc8dd8a12.jpg
 photo _DSC5483_zpscba46377.jpg
I had so many photos that I couldn't chose from for the week, so I printed out 2-8x10 inserts for the extra photos.  
 photo _DSC5484_zpsbc62d228.jpg

This is the close-up of the right-side of Week 20. I snagged the SuperMom comic from FaceBook. I also used some of Ali Edwards' word art on some of the photos (so <3 a="" this="">, <3 a="" today="">, so love these moments) and the black and white one was edited with PicTapGo.

 photo _DSC5477_zpsb84336b5.jpg

Week 21 layout (May 19-25). I actually really like how this all came together. And yes, I did put a photo in there of the new Star Trek movie that I saw with my Dad. Awesome!

 photo _DSC5486_zpsb7fb5a13.jpg

Close up of Week 21. Title card is from Ali Edwards Everyday Love Journal Cards with the Island of Misfit Toys alphas and Grilled Cheese BTN font. Journal cards in the middle from left to right are: Recollections (available at Michael's); Sn@p Studio by Simple Stories; Project Life Mayfield Edition; Sn@p Studio by Simple Stories.

 photo _DSC5459_zps51a8bbee.jpg

It was our May long weekend, so me and Violet got Keith to ourselves for a day. Loved it! Journal card is from Project Life Honey Edition, Monday Memories from Ali Edwards with the font Celebrate the Day.

 photo _DSC5466_zps7046d3c4.jpg

A combination of Violet's words for the week and common words heard around our house. I kinda did the half-assed, but still worth it. Card from Sn@p Studio by Simple Stories.

 photo _DSC5467_zpsad02dd3d.jpg

I was extremely excited by this. I had seen a blogger/scrapbooker use Stickles on a journal card a couple weeks ago. Well, what do you know, my local scrapbook store (The Scrapbook Cottage) carries them! So when I went it and saw them right away, I instantly grabbed the Glam Pink and the Lavender and got to work to see it in person. So cool!! I do recommend to let it dry a couple hours, or even better, overnight. But it turned out awesome!

 photo _DSC5462_zpsaffbf8ff.jpg

Layout for Week 22 (May 26 - June 1).

 photo _DSC5488_zps360d5e49.jpg

Close-up of left page. Title card is from Damayanti Sun and Fun Journal Cards. Both journal cards and filler card are from Sn@p Studio by Simple Stories.

 photo _DSC5463_zpse395a7c8.jpg
For Violet's 18-month needles (even though she's 19 months. I didn't schedule them until April and they only had openings in the end of May. Oops), I just grabbed a 4x6 sheet of cardstock, put the stickers that she got at her appointment on there, wrote on there her measurements and then put Glam Pink, Lavender and Magenta Stickles around it.
The doctor did raise a concern about her weight. Although she is tall for her age, she's on the low weight side. But she eats like a horse!! Literally, she would eat all day if I let her and she can eat as much as she wants at meal times with 2 snacks and a night-lunch a day. That girl has a high metabolism I tell you.
 photo _DSC5468_zps6b9bbf25.jpg
My nephew Brody absolutely loves this one. This is him playing soccer when we went to go watch him one evening. I used Orange Peel, True Blue and Firefly Stickles to write out everything.
 photo _DSC5489_zpsc8ff1dd4.jpg

Close up of right side of Week 22. Photos + writing = me happy. The journal card is from Sn@p Studio by Simple Stories. It's not finished yet and may take a bit of time to do so. It's about the last BBQ at my childhood home as my Dad sold it. Oh, and the pen I used to write on the photos was a Photo Signature pen.