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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Currently 36/52

Knitting the double-sided Lego square. It’s completely AWESOME!!
Watching more of Lord of the Rings with Sam. Almost done. And BBC Nature documentaries in the evening after the girls go to bed and me and Keith enjoy some down time.
Trying not to get too bummed about Keith being gone for a couple days out of town next week due to work. 3rd week in a row he’s had to go out for at least a night.
Cooking lots more Pinterest recipes this week. I'm trying to challenge myself with new recipes and try new stuff and it’s working!
Drinking Ice Caps from work like crazy.
Going to the in-laws this weekend to watch some fireworks. Violet may just be a tad excited.
Loving that we are expecting baby #3 in early May!
Hating some family issues that have arisen. Oh well….
Enjoying watching Dominique master her walking. It’s still hilarious and wonderful to watch her figure this all out.
Thinking about the search for a new vehicle. Probably going to be a while before we actually settle on one.
Feeling pretty good this week.
Listening to lots of pod casts.
Celebrating that Baby #3 is on his/her way!!
Starting to make plans for next year when out family grows.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Currently 33/52

Knitting my double-sided Mario Mushroom, which is going to be part of a huge Geek-Along-Blanket. It’s going to be epic. And inspired by the lovely ladies over at Lattes and Llamas.
Watching The Hobbit parts 1 and 2, plus extras this week with my sister Sam during the girls’ naptimes. Good way to pass time while knitting.
Trying to beat this stupid heat wave that came through again. Low to mid 30’s all week and high humidity. Bleh.
Cooking more homemade snacks for the girls. We’ll see how that goes.
Loving that both girls are finding an artistic side. The chalkboard that I picked up at the local thrift store is getting quite a bit of love lately.
Discovering that Dominique is this close to walking. She can stand all on her own, but when it comes to walking, she gets way too excited and throws herself forward. She’ll get there eventually.
Enjoying having time to knit anywhere. Long car ride? Knit. Watching the girls at the park? Knit. Love it.
Thinking of re-organizing the kitchen and pantry. A couple trips to Costco means that I finally have a pantry that is filling up and needs some love and re-organization.
Feeling very tired lately. Combination of going to bed too late, getting up a couple times during the night for Violet and getting up early.
Hoping that the basement washer didn’t die. Otherwise we need to replace it pronto for the basement tenants.
Listening to podcasts on my walks. Right now it’s Stuff You Missed in History Class. Love it.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Currently 16/52

Reading Hunger Games. I‘ve read it a couple time already, but it was sitting on my nightstand, just begging to be read again.
Playing with yarn. Lots of yarn.
Watching the new DareDevil series on Netflix. LOVE!!
Trying to get over this stupid sinus cold I have. At least it’s on its way out, but now Keith is sick as well. Boo!
Scrapping my 2015 Project Life album. Got a couple weeks behind while I was finishing up 2014, but I’m hoping by the end of the weekend to be caught up again.
Doing nothing much this weekend. Finally. Except work on Saturday, but that's only 6 hours.
Loving the quiet during nap time. Both girls are exhausting themselves in the fresh air and then pass out for 2-3 hours while I get some time to myself and maybe a nap(?)

Discovering that Dominique is getting closer to walking and grabbing anything she can so that she can stand up.
Enjoying watching Violet master more skills. She can almost wash her own hair with shampoo and she’s learning how to clean Pascal’s (the guinea pig) cage with me and how to feed him. She is so proud of herself these days.
Thinking of what to do for our anniversary in 2 weeks. It will be 7 years for us, so probably something small.
Hoping for the good weather to continue. Spring has arrived!!!
Considering another big knitted blanket. I definitely am crazy.
Finished Dominique’s knitted blanket earlier in the week. Look for a blog post about it on Monday!
Listening to my neighbour be OCD with his leaf blower. Drives me crazy!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Currently 15/52

Reading lots of short books with the girls. Both Violet and Dominique love being read to, and it’s awesome.
Playing Mario Bros. on the Wii.
Watching nothing much this week. I kind of banned the TV/movies during the day and I kind of like it.
Trying to finish Dominique’s blanket this weekend between an Easter gathering and working.
Cooking food for an Easter gathering this weekend with Keith’s Mom and Step-Dad. Lots of food.

Eating pizza for lunch with my sister Sam.
Drinking as always…..tea. Although I have been starting my mornings out with a glass of water.
Going to work this weekend. It’s nice to be able to earn a bit of money, but at the same time, I’m working with teenagers….
Hating the headache that has started.
Discovering that Dominique is boycotting her morning and evening naps, except for a 20 minute power nap in the morning and an 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon. I’m not sure how I feel about this…..
Starting on plans to learn double sided knitting and make an awesome blanket, possibly this on a smaller scale.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Currently 14/52

Reading Unbroken by Laura Hillendbrand. I finally bought it 2 weeks ago after being on the waiting list at the church library for a while. I’ve started reading before going to bed to relax for a bit.
Playing with the girls and helping Dominique with her standing up.
Watching Big Hero 6. Violet and Dominique love Baymax.
Trying to get outside this week and get some fresh air.
Drinking more water these days.
Doing lots of knitting, as I’m almost done Nique’s blanket.
Going to a couple Easter gatherings this weekend. Food…..

Loving that Keith surprised me with a date night earlier this week while we had no kids for a bit. So needed.
Enjoying naps this week. Been going to bed way too late this week and needing some extra sleep during the day.
Thinking of what to make for Easter this weekend as I’m in charge of desserts.
Listening to Violet and Dominique talking to each other. And lots of happy/mad squeal from Dominique.
Celebrating that we are debt free! Except for the house. So excited though!
Starting back at work this weekend. My Maternity leave is done, so for now it’s only Saturday’s, with an odd Sunday in the mix. We’ll see how it goes.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Currently 2015 12/52

Reading on my Kobo this week, although I still prefer a regular book to a screen, this will have to do until I get through all the books on there.
Playing LittleBig Planet on the PS3 with the girls watching me.
Watching not much this week. I kind of put a ban on TV this week, so it hasn’t been on very much.
Trying to come up with some kitchen re-organization plans before going through with everything.
Cooking more new meals this week. Feels good when I can serve my family new meals/food and they like it.
Eating whatever is in the fridge for lunch.
Drinking lots of tea. Again. Seriously.
Doing some major laundry today. Oops.
Going nowhere this weekend, and I’m OK with that.
Loving the family breakfast that we’ve been having every day.
Hating that I’m going to bed way too late, and therefore not getting enough sleep during the night.
Hoping (for) Spring to come very soon. It’s finally warming up and I’m excited!
Listening (to) Stuff You Missed in History Class on iTunes. Took a while to find something I like on the pod casts and I finally found one!
Thanking Keith for getting Violet her guinea pig, Pascal for her. She’s learning to be a responsible pet owner and how to take care of him on a daily basis.
Finishing Dominique’s rainbow blanket. Hoping to be completely done by the end of the month so that it will be ready for her birthday in April.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Currently | 9/52

Reading lots of stories to Violet and Dominique this week. And they love it.

Playing more catch-up with journaling and scrapbooking.

Watching nothing much this week, unless you count Violet watching VeggieTales and My Little Pony on Netflix (yes, they are basically the only shows she watches).

Trying to help Dominique with her teething pain. She cut tooth 6 and possibly starting on tooth 7.

Cooking lots, like usual. 2 very hungry kids all the time and a hungry husband to feed.

Drinking lots of tea, as per usual. It’s cold and I need something warm to drink. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Doing lots of backing up of photos onto an external hard drive and off-site. And will take my favourites, print them out and put them into photo books.
Going grocery shopping and visiting parents this weekend. Excited for both.

Loving that Dominique is now officially sleeping through the night, from 7:30pm-6:30am. It’s awesome J

Hating the cold. That’s all I have to say about it.

Discovering that Dominique is trying to stand up on her own by using either people as her support or something she can get leverage on. Oh girl.

Enjoying relaxing mornings with Keith before he goes to work.

Thinking of photo printing plans and getting photos into photo books for the family.

Listening (to) Violet’s vocabulary expanding like crazy. Also, love her imagination play.

Considering going back to work in April. I’m still on the fence as my hours wouldn’t be a lot and I’d have to work around Keith’s hectic work schedule, but I’ll have to talk to my bosses before then.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Currently | 8/52

Reading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes on my Kobo Touch. And lots of stories to Violet and Dominique.
Playing catch-up with journaling and scrapbooking. 
Watching not too much this week. We cut back how much cartoons the girls were getting and it seems to be improving the listening skills around here.
Cooking a couple more new recipes again. Love trying them out on my family and getting the reviews back. 
Eating anything I feel like.
Drinking lots of Cherry Dr. Pepper this week. Total weakness.
Doing nothing this weekend except spending time together as a family.
Going grocery shopping tonight and I’m torn on if I want to go by myself or as a family.
Loving how playful Dominique has gotten in these past couple weeks. So exciting!
Hating that Dominique is teething. Makes for a little bit of a tense house when she’s not happy about anything except being held 24/7 when she’s awake.
Discovering that there are WAY too many rainbow birthday party options on interest when it comes to planning Dominique’s 1st birthday in April.
Enjoying the progress that I’ve made on Dominique’s knitted rainbow blanket. It’s taking me a lot longer than it thought it would, but I still love sitting down and knitting whenever I get the chance. Maybe it will be done in time for her birthday in April??
Thinking of starting Violet with her writing of the alphabet (does that make sense?) She’s starting pre-school in September, and I’d like her to have a good head start.
Feeling refreshed in the mornings, now that everyone is sleeping through the night.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Currently | 4/52

Reading Sherlock Holmes on my Kobo Touch.
Playing lots of games with the girls.
Watching Supernatural while the girls nap. 
Trying to catch up with the girls’ scrapbooks. Fell a bit behind there. Oops.
Cooking some more new meals this week.
Eating pizza for supper tonight.
Drinking lots of tea. Again.
Scrapping my 2014 album. Almost done, just have to put on a few finishing touches.
Doing lots of cleaning/laundry around the house today.
Going to Celebrations Dinner Theatre for my Mom’s birthday present on Sunday. So excited!
Loving that Dominique is army crawling and starting to get everywhere!
Hating that Dominique is army crawling and starting to get everywhere! She’s not supposed to grow up this fast.
Discovering that Dominique is getting more teeth to add to her 3 already.
Enjoying watching Violet do lots of crafting/colouring/painting lately. She loves it so much and loves to show if off to Daddy when he gets home at the end of the day. 
Feeling a little sleep deprived lately. Nique has decided to get up multiple times a night lately, which drains me quite a bit.
Listening (to) a couple pod casts and lots of music.
Thanking my Mom who took Violet this morning to help her clean the church and give me a bit of a break from the constant noise of a 3-year-old.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Currently | 3/52

Reading nothing much this week, again. I do have a couple books ready to go, just haven’t sat down to read them.
Watching lots of VeggieTales with Violet and season 3 of Supernatural.
Trying to stay off my phone more often and disconnect from the online world. A little harder than it sounds.
Cooking a couple freezer meals for the week and to start stocking up again.
Eating yogurt and cookies at snack time with the girls.
Doing nothing much this weekend.
Loving Deathbattle on Youtube right now.
Re-Discovering that snuggles with Keith after the girls go to bed are the best.
Enjoying the time that I get to knit while the girls sleep. Or while they’re playing nicely in the living room.
Thinking of what new foods to feed Dominique right now. She’s eating everything that I give her and then some!
Feeling very tired as of late. Getting up multiple times during the night does not help me at all.
Hoping (for) more sleep in the not-too-distant-future.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Currently | 2/52

Reading nothing this week. Need to go back to the library and remedy that.
Playing on the floor with the girls and encouraging Dominique to crawl.
Watching Supernatural (3rd season) and lots of VeggieTales. Also Epic Rap Battles and Death Battles on YouTube.
Trying to remember to take my vitamins on a regular basis. Maybe then I’ll stop feeling like crap some days.
Cooking some new meals this week: Chicken Pot Pie (with homemade crusts) and Minestrone!
Eating leftover Shepherd’s Pie with hot sauce for lunch. Yummy!
Drinking lots of tea (still).
Scrapbooking the end of 2014. A couple layouts to go and I’ll be done!
Doing the Thursday 3 challenge on Instagram this year (username: jen_neufeld)
Loving the words and phrases that Violet is picking up. Her vocabulary is growing so fast!
Hating the endless amounts of laundry that appear out of nowhere (am I the only one that happens to?)
Discovering that sitting back and watching my kids play together can brighten up my day immensely.
Enjoying the rainbow knitted blanket that I’m making for Dominique. A bit slow at it, but I’m hoping to be done it for her birthday in April, so we’ll see!
Thinking of doing bedroom purges this week, starting with the girls’ rooms. So much stuff and not enough room in the house!
Feeling a little blah and under the weather.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Currently | 1/52

Reading Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. It took me just over a week to read it the first time and I’m going through it a second time before I have to return it to the church library.
Playing lots with the girls right now. 
Watching a lot of My Little Pony on Netflix with Violet.
Trying to get my house more organized this year. Starting with the kitchen.
Cooking pizza for tonight.
Drinking a little too much caffeine lately.
Doing lots of catch-up journaling for the girls’ journals.
Going to a poker game this weekend so that Keith can spend time with the guys.
Loving the quiet mornings that I get to read my Bible and journal before the girls get up.
Hating how sluggish I’ve become lately. Think too much food over 2 weeks and low iron is the problem. 
Discovering the JOY in everyday (or trying to at least) 
Thinking of different ways to document 2015
Feeling a little under the weather.