Wednesday, September 2, 2015

May 2015 Project Life (Weeks 19-22)

Weeks 19-22

Week 19: Again, lots of playing outside, good food and grocery shopping. And since this week covered Mother's Day, Keith had homemade bread and Spinach Dip ready for me when I got home from work that Sunday. Have I mentioned that he's the best?! Kits used: Project Life Everday Adventure, quote card from Elise Joy.

Week 20: Of course, you always have to have a week that just starts off wonky, right? Well, that was this week. Violet came down with a double ear infection and a sinus cold that had us in the hospital for 5 hours on a Monday night. We got there around 8:30pm and didn't leave until 1am. Very long night indeed. Otherwise, it was a routine week.

Week 21: Again, more of the same stuff this week. Violet went away to her Grandma's for the night, visiting the Splash Park, and finding worms for the garden.

Week 22: This is the week that I turned 30. Keith took me out for supper while my Mom took the girls for the day (!! Best Mom Ever!!), we visited the Splash Park with friends, rode Rocket and more family time.

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