Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Week in the Life 2015 - Tuesday

Welcome to WITL for Tuesday! 

As usual, it's photo and word heavy and I love it. It was a bit of a busy day today, but one that was still worth documenting.

7am: Me and Keith finally get our butts out of bed after hitting snooze a couple times. No nightmares during the night for Violet meant that I finally got some good sleep last night. We both enjoy a quiet kitchen with Dominique gone for the night and Violet still sleeping. After Keith leaves, I finish up my blog post from yesterday and check my social media.

8am: Seeing as Violet’s still sleeping, I quickly hop in the shower and get cleaned up as we’re going to my Meme’s place this morning. Violet is awake when I get out of the shower and proceeds to grab some grapes from the fridge to eat for breakfast while I get changed and do breakfast dishes before my Mom picks us up. Got a text from Keith saying that he’ll most likely be gone for work tomorrow (Wednesday) to Friday. Boo! At least I know ahead of time.

9am:  My Mom showed up and I got myself and Violet out the door and to my Meme’s place, with a quick stop by Timmie’s for breakfast sandwich for me and hash browns for the girls. While we’re at Meme’s place, we spend majority of the time outside and let the girls get their energy out by chasing soccer balls and playing around. And nails painted by Meme for both girls. We had some good conversation and had lunch there.

1pm: Finally got back home from Meme’s and also did a quick stop by Dollarama to pick up a couple things that I needed for more baking. As usual, Dominique fell asleep on the way back, so when we got home, I got her out of the car seat and into her crib for her nap. Violet had been asking my Mom if she could go down there for a bit, and my Mom had said that she would pick her up after her doctor’s appointment. That answer seemed to satisfy Violet and then she was adamant that she was not napping. Seeing as I wanted some quiet time, I put on Planet Earth on Netflix, grabbed my knitting and sat down to knit while listening to the TV. Violet was happy to chill on the living room floor and read a couple books.

3pm: Quiet time is done with the awakening of Dominique and Violet getting ants in her pants again. Luckily my Mom showed up and Violet basically ran out the door. I gave Dominique a afternoon snack while I got things ready to make supper and dessert. And then we had some quality time together.


4pm: Start working on supper of waffles and bacon and start making Mini Apple Pies for my Girls’ Night tonight. Dominique was going between everything and then started getting cranky because she saw me making food, so I put on Blue’s Clues on Netflix for her to occupy her a bit while I finished up with supper.

5pm: Supper is finally ready, but I’m not very hungry. Guess I’m not looking forward to Keith being gone for the rest of the week. I do manage to eat a bit and then put music on to entertain Dominique while she finishes up eating while I clean up the absolutely messy kitchen. Once Dominique was done eating, I put her into the tub to clean up while I finished up my dishes.


6pm: Dominique was done her tub, so I got her out, changed and back to doing stuff together, which included a bit more Blue’s Clues, finishing up the kitchen, folding laundry, cleaning Pascal’s cage (the guinea pig) and more quality time and packing lunches for tomorrow's possible beach trip.

8pm: Violet gets dropped off from my Mom’s, so she sat down at the table with Dominique to have night snack of cheese sticks. Keith got home around 8:30 and the girls are excited to see him. Once he’s showered and cleaned up (he spent the day in a cow barn), there is tickle fights on our bed with lots of giggles and asking for “More!!” Dominique went to bed and Violet got to stay up later playing around.

9pm: My girlfriends show up for Girls’ Night and Violet goes to bed with bedtime prayers, hugs and kisses. I join my girlfriends around the table and enjoy our weekly time together.

12am: Finally time for bed as it's been a long day.

- Almost 100 photos for today. Not too bad considering all that we were doing. 
- Also, finally got Keith in some photos!!
- I didn't write anything down today, so this is all from memory and there might be a couple holes (hopefully not)

- Very thankful for my grandparents who like to do things with the kids. Especially seeing my Meme paint the girls nails.
- Very thankful for my weekly Girls' Nights. We've been getting together for about 6 years, once a week and it's very relaxing and therapeutic at the same time.

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