Sunday, August 23, 2015

Week in the Life 2015 - Sunday

Last day of Week in the Life for 2015! I'm signing off early, so there's not a whole lot of photos for today, but it still represents today.

I'm grateful for the car that we have. It gets us where we need to go, especially when the weather turns bad like this morning before I left for work.

I am grateful for my job. I may complain and grumble about it, but in the end, I only work weekends and it helps with some bills and stuff around the house.

I am grateful for Keith's experimentation with cooking. He's attempting to make a homemade BBQ sauce.

I am grateful for this little girl's smiles when I greet her.

I am thankful for technology, a hot cup of tea, and the little Olaf that Violet gave to me.

I am grateful for comfy clothes today. 

I am grateful for this big girl. She always smiling, always wanting to show me something and always wanting to help, especially when I run errands.

I am grateful for her own sense of style, and even the backwards shoes that she put on today.

I am thankful for the toys that my kids have to play with. Even though they may get damaged that I have to throw them away (Poor Anna.....), the kids learn how to take care of their toys.

I am grateful for this big window that lets in lots of light.

Not pictured: I'm grateful that Dominique is attempting walking and went a couple feet in between me and Keith today all by herself! Lots of cheering on for her.

I am grateful for simple suppers of hot dogs.

I'm grateful for movies on rainy days that the kids love. 

Even though it's expensive right now to fuel up the car, I'm grateful that we can.

I'm grateful for Keith's idea to grab Blizzards today as a treat for all of us. M&M's for Violet, Skor with Peanut Butter for Keith and Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookie Dough for myself.

I'm grateful for time spent around the table.

That wraps it up for me!

As to what I'm going to do with all the photos and words? I'll most likely put together a book through Shutterfly. I did for last year and it worked out great. I'm not sure on the size and layout yet, but I'll deal with that when I get there.

Thanks for stopping by!

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