Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Week in the Life 2015 - Monday

Welcome to Monday's Week in the Life!

I had almost forgotten about this, until Sunday night when my Instagram feed was totally abuzz about it. So I made sure that my cameras were charged and ready to go and woke up with anticipation this morning for the photos I would take and memories made.

6am: Got woken up by Violet crying in her sleep, so I go to comfort her, calm her down and put her blanket back on. Tempted to stay up and do my own thing until Keith gets up, but morning snuggles are the best, so I crawl back into bed and snuggle for the next hour.

7am: Finally drag our butts out of bed and start the day. He makes his coffee while I make my tea and both sit down at the table. He checks his game on his phone and I read my Bible and do morning devotions before the girls awake. Both girls awaken around 7:30 and Keith gets them out of bed so that he can see them before he leaves for work. I do a quick diaper change on Dominique and serve up breakfast of cereal for Violet (Strawberry Mini Wheats) and grapes for Nique. The girls give Daddy hugs and kisses when he leaves for work and one he’s out the door, Violet goes to the front window to wave goodbye to him.

8am: Once breakfast is done, I start cleaning up the kitchen while the girls play for a bit, and decide what we’re going to do for the rest of the day. I’m awaiting a delivery of a new washer for the basement tenants, so I can’t really go anywhere today until it’s delivered. Luckily there’s stuff to knit, stuff to bake and stuff to clean!

9am: I put on Toy Story 2 for Violet and Dominique to watch while I knit for a bit. Almost done working on my Mario Mushroom. And also start a couple loads of laundry, which also included sneaking Dominique’s blanket away from her and throwing it into the wash before she found out.

10:30am: With the movie done, the girls were back to playing around and I started making Mini Quiche. My Mom showed up around this time as well, and we chatted and she said that she would take Dominique for the night tonight, all by herself! Yeah!

11am: New washer gets dropped off! The guys downstairs will be happy about that! My Mom leaves shortly after and I make arrangements that I’ll drop Dominique off after naptime. The girls go back to playing while I figure out what’s for lunch. Luckily there’s lots of leftovers in the fridge, so it’s a free-for-all!

12pm: Lunch time with the girls. Both girls finish up their lunch quickly and follow it up with yogurt. Except I’m not sure how much yogurt Dominique ate, as quite a bit of it (aka: probably half the small container) was on her face. Which resulted in her needed a bath. While she was having a bath, I did dishes, swept and washed the floors and changed laundry around. And when I got Dominique out of the tub and changed, I gave her the blanket back. She was so happy to have it back, that she basically wrapped herself up in it in my lap and just inhaled and exhaled deeply with some giggles thrown in there. Guess she was pretty happy to have it back.

1pm: My sister Sam shows up and I get both girls down for afternoon nap. Violet is adamant that she’s not sleeping and just wants to read in her bed. Fine with me as long as she has quiet time. Once the girls are in bed, me and Sam decide to start watching the extended version of Fellowship of the Ring. We’ve been on a Hobbit/LOTR kick lately, complete with watching the extras. As usual, I work on my knitting while we watch.

3pm: Finished with Disk 1 of FOTR and seeing as the girls will be up soon, decide to keep the second half for another day. Violet is up shortly after and plays around for a bit until Nique wakes up a couple minutes later. Give both girls a snack while Sam runs some errands for herself.

4pm: I start prepping supper and Sam shows up to take Dominique with her, as my Mom said that she would take her for the night. It’s her first night away without her big sister! Dominique was pretty happy to be going and gave lots of waves and kisses goodbye. After Dominique left, Violet helped me get supper in the oven and seeing as we had an hour to wait, we went outside to take the rest of the tomatoes off of my plants and take the plant apart, now that it was done. Keith got home during this time and we chatted in the back yard while we took care of a couple things.

5:30pm: Back inside and got stuff ready for supper. Violet, like always, was in charge of setting the table. I told her to only grab 3 forks, but she was adamant that Dominique’s spot needed a fork as well. 

6pm: As soon as Keith was done his bath (sometimes him working as a plumber sucks, especially if he’s in pig barns), we sit down to supper, which is Shipwreck Casserole. Violet finally didn’t take that long to eat everything and as soon as she was done, I grabbed her bike from the shed and took her to the park while Keith took advantage of some quiet at home. Violet biked all by herself to the park, only needing help twice to get back up onto the sidewalks from crossing the road. Bonus part of going to the park was that there were some kids there that she could play with. I knitted and watched her play and get some energy out of her. A little while after the other kids left, Violet was asking to go home for snack. I asked her if she wanted to help me make some cookies and I got an enthusiastic yes!

7:30pm: Got back from the park and got right to work with making Chocolate Chip Cookies with Violet. She was helping me put everything into the mixing bowl and trying to taste test everything, including raw egg. Luckily I was able to stop her before that happened! As soon as I had them on the baking sheets, she was asking if she could watch some cartoons. I figured that since she did sleep earlier, she could stay up a bit later tonight.

8pm: I put VeggieTales on Netflix for Violet while I bake the cookies and update my journaling for today. And when VeggieTales was done, she got to watch an episode of Zoboomafoo before story and bed. As usual, she had Daddy chase her into bed with “Daddy Roar,” followed by a tickle fight. Did bedtime prayers with her and then tucked her into bed.

9:30pm: With Violet in bed, I put away the cookies from earlier, do a bit of tidying up in the kitchen and then sit down at my laptop to do photo uploading, updating today’s journal and checking out some blogs.

10:30pm: Decide to call it a night, so shut down everything, make sure everything is locked and ready for tomorrow and crawl into bed with Keith.

- I'm pretty good at taking photos in the morning/day, but once evening comes, it's more likely that the camera gets put away and I don't document our evening routines like snack time and bedtime. I really need to work more at that, for my sake and the girls.
- It was a 50/50 mix of DSLR photos and iPhone photos. I do need to keep reminding myself that I do have a `big` camera and that I need to use it more.

- Super thankful for a Mom who can take a kid for the night. She had mentioned this to me last week, but I kind of forgot about it. And just as a side note, my Mom volunteers to do this for me to give me a bit of a break. And she hasn`t taken Dominique on her own for the night yet either. So she figured that Nique needed some Grandma time. Have I mentioned how much I love my MomÉ Seriously, she`s the best. 

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