Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Double Sided Knitting: Mario Mushroom

I'm finally done this! 

Started on July 29, 2015

I was inspired by the ladies over at Lattes and Llamas and their Geek-Along Blanket that they started in 2014. It looked awesome! I was in the middle of knitting Violet her blanket and then had plans to do Dominique's rainbow blanket. I took a bit of a knitting break after doing those two blankets (especially because Dominique's was almost mind-numbing to do after a while), but once I got a bunch more yarn, found some videos on YouTube on how to do Double Sided Knitting, I picked up my needles and went to work.
Major screw ups here.

I chose the Mario Mushroom for a couple reasons. First of all, the Mario Mushroom is cute. And totally recognizable. While I was working on it, Violet would always ask if I was working on Mario and if I was done yet. I think she thinks I'm making this for her. Lol. Second is that it was one of the more easier patterns to start with. I've never done double sided knitting before this, so I was looking for something relatively easy. Thirdly, I had the colours on hand on hand and could start right away.

The only big set-back was that I had to re-do it when I got half-way through the first one because of major screw ups (you can see in the 2nd photo above). Again, first time double knitting, and I didn't read my pattern properly. After noticing how badly I screw up, I took it all apart, re-cast it and re-started it. 

Once I re-casted and re-started, I had a better understanding of what I was doing and it came together in under a week. And when I finished it, I basically had to fight the girls off (I may have been doing a happy dance sitting down), so that I could cast it off and be done with it!

I know there's one major screw up here, but I call that line "I had to stop and referee the kids from fighting over the chalkboard and mis-counted my stitches."

Now, onto another one!

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