Saturday, July 25, 2015

2015 Summer Bucket List

So apparently I never posted our (now starting) Annual Summer Bucket List.

Oops. My bad.

I started this list on June 1, which for me marks the beginning of summer, and started knocking things off almost right away! It's a short list at 20 items, but will keep us plenty busy enough during the summer months.

I'll post what items were on the list below and mark them if they've been done already.

Neufeld's 2015 Summer Bucket List
1) Go to the Zoo
2) Go to the Splash Park - DONE multiple times. I swear some weeks we live at the Splash Park. And the city just opened a new one within a short walk from the house (10 minutes maybe), and it's open all day long, every single day. For Free!
3) Berry Picking - Did this twice with the girls in one week. Picked about 7 gallons of fresh strawberries for ourselves and my MIL. And the girls had a blast.
4) See a movie with the kids - Me and my sister Sam took Violet to go see Inside Out at the local theatre. Violet loved it.
4) Have a BBQ
5) Watch Fireworks - Watched the Canada Day fireworks that are a couple blocks from the house.
6) See a parade
7) Go to the Museum - Visited the local Mennonite Museum on Canada when there was free admission. Although the food was insanely expensive, it was OK otherwise.
8) Make popsicles
9) Have a picnic
10) Play in the sprinkler
11) Go to the beach
12) Go to the Fair - Took the girls to our local fair, Summer in the City, that's held every June. Violet was big enough to go on the kid rides this year and absolutely loved it. She even asked to go on the kid roller coaster without me asking her!
13) Go to the Farmer's Market
14) Take a Family Photo
15) Fly a Kit
16) Read outside
17) Feed the ducks
18) Blow bubbles
19) Make fresh salsa

Friday, July 24, 2015

Currently 30/52

Reading Church of Marvels by Leslie Parry. It’s a bit of an interesting read and is taking me a while to get through it, although I do get a fair number of interruptions while I’m reading during the day.
Knitting a small multi-coloured blanket for Violet’s teddy bear. Apparently now that her and Dominique have their own knitted blankets, now her beloved Teddy Bear needs one as well.
Watching quite a few documentaries on Netflix by BBC Earth. They also make good informational background noise while knitting.
Cooking pizza for supper tonight. Homemade for the win!
Scrapbooking Dominique’s 1st-year album. I’m almost done just have to order photos from her birthday and do the journaling that goes along with them.
Going to work this weekend. Bleh.
Loving that I took the girls strawberry picking twice this week and they loved it! Also, home grown strawberries win over store bough. Every. Single. Time.
Re-Discovering my love for baby tomatoes. Especially if they’re grown in my little backyard garden.
Enjoying watching Dominique master some new skills this week. Climbing onto couches and Violet’s toddler bed? Check! Getting down safely? Not so check. Current method is head first. We’re working on that.
Thinking about the big garden that we want to start making and prepping in the back yard this year. Making a list of everything we want to plant in there and figuring out how big we want it to be.
Listening to my favourite pod cast, Stuff You Missed in History Class. Makes my walks not so boring when I can listen to history.