Monday, March 16, 2015

January 2015 Project Life

I've decided to share a monthly look at my Project Life pages for 2015. It's much easier for me to do this as I don't have to worry about keeping up every week. I just do a post at the end of the month and voilĂ , done.

All my layouts are created in the Project Life app (only available on iDevices right now), with some editing done on my computer and input into the app via Dropbox. I'm mainly using the Kiwi Kit (available on the app) for 2015, with some odd other kids thrown in when needed.

Here's the layouts for January 2015.

Week 1: Not much going on this week. I'm also including a quote card that I found on Elise Joy's site (I'll be doing that every week for 2015).

Week 2: Again, not much going on. Visiting family, making cheesecake cupcakes with Keith. The usual.

Week 3: A bit more going on here. Grocery shopping, new yarn purchases, and time with Daddy

Week 4: This week was busy. Family nap time, family date night, night out at Celebrations Dinner Theatre with my Mom and time with my girls.

Week 5: Lots of play time, knitting, laundry, food and crafts.

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