Friday, February 27, 2015

Currently | 9/52

Reading lots of stories to Violet and Dominique this week. And they love it.

Playing more catch-up with journaling and scrapbooking.

Watching nothing much this week, unless you count Violet watching VeggieTales and My Little Pony on Netflix (yes, they are basically the only shows she watches).

Trying to help Dominique with her teething pain. She cut tooth 6 and possibly starting on tooth 7.

Cooking lots, like usual. 2 very hungry kids all the time and a hungry husband to feed.

Drinking lots of tea, as per usual. It’s cold and I need something warm to drink. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Doing lots of backing up of photos onto an external hard drive and off-site. And will take my favourites, print them out and put them into photo books.
Going grocery shopping and visiting parents this weekend. Excited for both.

Loving that Dominique is now officially sleeping through the night, from 7:30pm-6:30am. It’s awesome J

Hating the cold. That’s all I have to say about it.

Discovering that Dominique is trying to stand up on her own by using either people as her support or something she can get leverage on. Oh girl.

Enjoying relaxing mornings with Keith before he goes to work.

Thinking of photo printing plans and getting photos into photo books for the family.

Listening (to) Violet’s vocabulary expanding like crazy. Also, love her imagination play.

Considering going back to work in April. I’m still on the fence as my hours wouldn’t be a lot and I’d have to work around Keith’s hectic work schedule, but I’ll have to talk to my bosses before then.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Dear Dominique | 10 months

Dear Dominique:

You’re 10 months old today and here’s 10 things about you currently.
1) You have a HUGE appetite. Yes, it’s the first thing I thought of. You have no problem polishing off anything I give to you to eat and always ask for more. You eat anything that is in front of you and have no problem trying new foods. Current favourite foods are chicken, sweet potatoes, and any fruit that’s available.
2) I’m overjoyed to report that you are fully weaned from boob juice AND sleeping through the night! It makes everything go much smoother know that you’re not dependent on Mommy for nursing and we both get some good solid sleep as well. You normally go down around 8pm after a nice hot bath and I don’t hear a peep out of you until you wake up in the morning.
3) You are curious about everything. Is this food on the floor edible? What about this toy? Those cords? What happens if I play with the door? It’s fun to see you explore your world with your eyes wide open to everything around you and just taking it all in. And the bonus part is that you learn from all of this. You’re learning not to close the doors on your head, learning not to play with cords when Mommy says no, and learning how stuff works and what to avoid.

4) You are always mobile. It’s a bit liberating and scary for Mom at the same time. Liberating because now you can make your way across the house crawling army style and I don’t have to carry you everywhere. Scary because you’re FAST! It doesn’t take you long to go from one room to another without me noticing. Unless Violet is calling you and I hear you giggling while you follow her wherever she is going. You don’t like sitting still unless you’re in the highchair and eating. Sitting and snuggling with Mommy or Daddy seems like a chore for you, as you only last 1-2 minutes before wanting out of our arms and moving around on the floor again. Good thing I can close the doors to keep you out of where you aren’t supposed to be.
5) You make some of the most hilarious faces. Your favourite right now is scrunching up your face and snorting through your nose and then giving a stink eye to anyone who is close by. I swear you do it to make people laugh and then laugh along with them.

6) Right now you have 5 teeth: 2 on the bottom and 3 on top. Although your smile looks goofy right now because your top teeth are a bit spaced out to make room for other teeth coming in. And you love to chew on anything with those sharp teeth of yours.
7) You are my early morning bird right now. You love getting up with Mommy and Daddy around 6:30 during the weekdays so that you can have breakfast with Daddy before he goes to work. You are always happy to be up early and then promptly stuff your face with food.

8) You love music blaring through the house at all times, especially Weird Al Yankovic. I don’t know why, but you really love his music/parodies and sometimes the only way that you’ll sit in Daddy’s lap is if he had Weird Al Yankovic music videos playing on YouTube. But really, any music gets you going and you’re even starting to bob around and dace a bit!
9) You adore your big sister Violet. You’re always looking around for her, following her everywhere and laughing with her. You love the attention she gives you and just soak it all up. I love seeing you two play together.

10) You are a love bug. You love to be held and played with and have lots of interaction with. And you soak it all up.

Keep on growing little one.


Friday, February 20, 2015

Currently | 8/52

Reading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes on my Kobo Touch. And lots of stories to Violet and Dominique.
Playing catch-up with journaling and scrapbooking. 
Watching not too much this week. We cut back how much cartoons the girls were getting and it seems to be improving the listening skills around here.
Cooking a couple more new recipes again. Love trying them out on my family and getting the reviews back. 
Eating anything I feel like.
Drinking lots of Cherry Dr. Pepper this week. Total weakness.
Doing nothing this weekend except spending time together as a family.
Going grocery shopping tonight and I’m torn on if I want to go by myself or as a family.
Loving how playful Dominique has gotten in these past couple weeks. So exciting!
Hating that Dominique is teething. Makes for a little bit of a tense house when she’s not happy about anything except being held 24/7 when she’s awake.
Discovering that there are WAY too many rainbow birthday party options on interest when it comes to planning Dominique’s 1st birthday in April.
Enjoying the progress that I’ve made on Dominique’s knitted rainbow blanket. It’s taking me a lot longer than it thought it would, but I still love sitting down and knitting whenever I get the chance. Maybe it will be done in time for her birthday in April??
Thinking of starting Violet with her writing of the alphabet (does that make sense?) She’s starting pre-school in September, and I’d like her to have a good head start.
Feeling refreshed in the mornings, now that everyone is sleeping through the night.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

Let's just start this off by saying that my Hubby is the bestest (yes, that is a word in our house).

Saturday morning (Valentine's Day) was a lazy one for us (we slept in until 8am!) and I thought that we'd stay home all day. Me and Keith had discussed it earlier in the week and had agreed that we would stay home today to avoid all the rushes and go out the following weekend. And it would be easier to find a babysitter for the girls. 

Agree? Agree.
During the morning on Saturday, Keith had suggested that I get myself dressed up a bit to make myself feel pretty as I spend quite a bit of time in my t-shirt and comfy pants (read: sweatpants). I though, "why not?" and did my make-up as well.

Then around 1pm, my Mom showed up and Keith started leaving her instructions about the girls, where supper was, etc. And then he looked at me and said, "We better get going." Wait. What?! My Mom also took that time to say that she'd take the girls for the night so that we could really have some quality time together and not have to worry about time limits. Really? Awesome!

So we headed out to Winnipeg and I was giddy. Totally surprised by this and the fact that my Mom is taking both girls for the night (Dominique's first night away). Sweet!

First up was a late lunch at Olive Garden. I should have known that something was up as he had texted me earlier in the week, asking if Olive Garden was still my favourite restaurant. Duh. Awesome food as usual and some good conversation about putting Violet into pre-school in the fall.

The only down side about food was that I had forgot my leftover box on the table when we left, and when I ran back inside less than 5 minutes later, they had thrown it out already. Boo! They did offer to make me a new one, but it would be a bit of a wait, so I said no.

After we were done at Olive Garden, Keith gave me a couple options: go bumming around the mall and Michael's (!!!) or go watch a movie. There were only 2 that he thought I'd be interested in (and no, 50 Shades was not even on the radar, thank God). I opted for bumming around the mall and Michael's. Can't really connect during a movie, and we desperately needed this time together.

We stopped by Michael's first and he was browsing the yarn aisles with me! I had some ideas in my head about the rainbow blanket I want to do for Violet, but wasn't sure on the colours. Keith managed to find me some nice rainbow yarn that wasn't too bright, and had lots of purple in there (Violet loves purple, go figure). Yeah! We also stopped by Home Depot for some stuff for the house. Keith realized that it's a bad idea to bring me in there, as I start looking for ways to upgrade some old stuff. 

Then we headed to Games Workshop for a bit and then the mall. Keith spoiled me with some fudge from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory to make up for the lost lunch before. Bonus was that they had his favourite ice cream in as well. Heaven for both of us. More walking around the mall and finished up with a Caramel Latte from Second Cup before we headed home.

Once home, we sat down with our choice of drinks (vodka for him, wine for me) and watched Facing the Giants and just relaxed with a quiet house and no worries.

Best Valentine's surprise ever.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Currently | 6/52

Reading Unsinkable by Abby Sunderland. I’ve been on a biography kick lately and loving it. Although I’m not intrigued by sailing (as this is what the books about), if it can capture my attention past the first 2 chapters, I’m in.
Playing LittleBig Planet on the PS3 with the girls. I swear they love watching me play and get frustrated with some levels.
Watching season 4 of Supernatural (finally!!), along with lots of VeggieTales with the girls.
Trying to start carving out time for myself during the day/evening so that I can spend time with Keith after the girls are in bed.

Cooking pizza buns for snacks. They don’t last long in this house!
Eating homemade pizza for supper tonight.
Texting my sister Sam about Supernatural. She’s way further along than I am (she’s on season 10) and likes to give me teasers about what’s coming up.
Going to a Tupperware party this weekend. I’m not big on them, but my SIL is hosting it, so I’ll play the nice family member.
Loving that the girls are waking up around 7am so that they can see Daddy before he goes to work during the week.
Hating that Dominique thinks that every day needs to start at 6:30am. Including weekends. Bleh.
Discovering that I love scrapbooking on the Project Life App (only available on iDevices). Makes everything much simpler for me and I don’t have to haul out anything!
Thinking of what to do for Valentine’s weekend. Maybe sending the kids away and having a night in for me and Keith.
Feeling a bit under the weather still.
Hoping (for) this weekend to go smoothly. I’m done nursing Dominique as of last night, so I’m hoping that she’ll adjust nicely to not getting nursed during the night. Wish me luck!
Listening (to) anything on my play list. It makes for a much happier house when there’s music going.
Thanking Keith for all the work he’s been doing lately to provide for us. He really is an awesome hubby/Daddy.
Starting to actually write in physical journals again. As much as I like typing everything out on the computer, it’s soothing/relaxing to write on paper, even if I don’t like my hand writing.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Thoughts on Date Nights

Selah (Mom's group) kicked my butt this morning. We were taking about getting joy through our relationships/marriage and the were told to plan a date night and discuss what excuses/barriers were in our way of having regular date nights. Right now a lot of it is the fact that Keith is exhausted when he gets home from work and when he goes to bed, he's sleeping in 5 minutes. And I'm tired as well because of getting up during the night with Dominique.

But then something else came to mind: the fact that I've been using breastfeeding as an excuse. Don't get me wrong, I love breastfeeding my baby, but I was also using it as an excuse as to not do anything. Can't go out because I'm nursing, can't go on a date because I'm nursing, etc.

Then it hit me. Would it have been that hard to get the baby onto a bottle or pump so that I could leave her with the babysitter and get some quality time with Keith?

The answer: no, it wouldn't have been that hard. 

And it probably would have saved my sanity a couple times as well.

Now that I've come to this conclusion, I know better. Yes I love being with my kids, but the joy in my marriage is much more important to make it last a lifetime. Besides, my marriage came before the kids. Why should I put it on the back-burner and let it go stale until the kids are older? No reason for that.

Thanks God for kicking my butt once again.