Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dear Dominique | 8 months

Dear Dominique:
I swear this has been the fastest 8 months ever! You are growing like a weed every single day and it just amazes me.

Right now you’re fitting into 12 month clothing with a bit of room to spare, but not much. I lovingly call you my little tank as you’re 22lbs already and have a good build on you and you’re pretty strong as well.

Right now you are rolling all over the house like a mad baby. I put you down and 30 seconds later you’re half way across the kitchen/living room/bedroom and so proud of how fast you can manoeuvre. You’re also rotating around on your tummy to get where you want to go.
Right now you love laying in your bed when you’re awake and just talking up a storm. It’s hilarious to hear you in the early morning chatting to yourself.

Right now you are all smiles and just so happy. Especially when you’re in the Jolly Jumper and jumping to your hearts content.
Right now I love you so much and that will only increase every day.

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