Friday, October 31, 2014

Week in the Life 2014 - Thursday

Day 5 of Week in the Life done! I lost a bit of steam again today with everything, but I still did manage to keep on taking photos and writing down some stuff. It counts, right?

Anyway, I'm running behind schedule this morning with everything, so we'll just get to the photos, shall we?

The Photos:
Number of photos: 20(iPhone) 13(DSLR)

The story of today was that I didn't clean up my kitchen last night, so when I walked into it this morning, this is what I was greeted with. Ugh.

The story of today was that it called for a nice big cup of tea. Pumpkin Spice to be exact.

The story of today was that I was able to do all my dishes before Violet got dropped off and she got a bit mad at me for doing so (she's me little helper in the dishes department).

The story of today was that I had to help my Mom finish cleaning out her old place, and in the process, I had to move all her plants for her.

The story of today was that I almost burst a gut laughing at Violet. "Magic School Bus, Producer speaking. Miss Frizzle. I want pizza."

The story of today was that I completely love this show. 

The story of today was that I am still working on Violet's knit blanket. It was supposed to be ready for her birthday (which was last week), but I fell majorly behind when I let it sit for a while.

The story of today was Violet helping me prep my slow cooker for supper tomorrow. She helped me rinse the potato and put them in the slow cooker and helped stir everything together.

The story of today was that I love how much love there is between the two of them. Adorbs.

The story of today was Daddy getting home on time and the girls getting to spend time with him. Love it.

The story of today was that this is the game I play before bedtime. Gotta love me some Plants vs. Zombies!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Week in the Life 2014 - Wednesday

Today saw a decline on photo taking with the big camera and with journaling as well. Wednesdays usually see me in a bit of a slump with everything, and it didn't help that I was helping my Mom pack/move, but I did what I could do. That's all I can ask for, right?

Anyway, onto the photos and words for Wednesday

The Photos:
Number of Photos: 33(iPhone) 9(DSLR)

I know this shot is blurry and Violet's got the Deer in the Headlights look, but it was cute. I was just getting out of bed and she decided to go into my dresser and start getting me clothes. Should take that as a sign to get my lazy butt out of bed.

The story of today was a very messy kitchen that never got cleaned up properly. Such is life somedays.

The story of today was helping my Mom pack/move. Actually it's been a story this week.

The story of today was that my Hubby rocks. His new job is quite different from his old one (going from sitting at a desk all day to doing physical labour all day), but he likes it.

The story of today was that this big girl needed her afternoon nap. She crashed within minutes of me putting her down.

The story of today was that the bathroom needed a good cleaning

The story of today was Violet putting her Teddy Bear into the car seat, buckling him in and telling me that she's taking him to the Candy Train. Oh silly goose.

The story of today was that Dominique got lots of Daddy time as Violet went to my Dad's for the night. It was nice and quiet in the house with only one kid and Dom loved the undivided attention.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Week in the Life 2014 - Tuesday

Hello Day 3 of Week in the Life! I was actually surprised with how many photos I got on my DSLR today. A lot of duplicates, but I was having fun playing around with it. I usually use my iPhone for primary photo taking, so using the "big" camera today was challenging, yet fun.

The Photos
Number of Photos: 27(iPhone); 33(DSLR)

The story of today was this is the time that I woke up this morning. Tuesdays are busy around here and I need the quiet time in the morning before the kids wake up.

The story of today was this little girl was up shortly after I was so that she could spend time with Daddy before he went to work.

The story of today was being able to do my Bible Devotions before the kids got up. And even got some journaling done!

The story of today was that I'm very thankful for this Church and the communities that it builds. Especially the Mom's Group this morning and for the awesome volunteers who look after our kids.

The story of today was that for lunch I cheated. Hot dogs from 7-11 for me and Violet. Loaded for me, nothing for Violet.

The story of today was Violet continuously playing with her Princess figurines that she got for her birthday last week. 

The story of today was that nap time called for me and I gave in for an hour. And it was much needed.

The story of today was the love between these two. Dominique had just gotten up from her afternoon nap and Violet informed me, "Mommy, help Dominique out!" Love it.

The story of today was this little girl trying desperately to get mobile instead of rolling around the living room. Some days she is so close to crawling, and others she just loves to roll around.

The story of today was this big girl showing off her grapes for snack time and me getting a gem of a photo that I always struggle to get.

The story of today was finally getting a shot of me reading bedtime story to Violet. She really loves me reading to her and always tries to get more stories in.

The story of today was making Cream Cheese Pumpkin Muffins that turned out divine. My girlfriends cleaned out half the batch!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Week in the Life 2014 - Monday

Day 2 of Week in the Life is in the bag! Although today I slacked off a bit on the journaling part. Something about spending almost half the morning at my Mom's place, helping her pack up her house for her move later this week. Oh well. You do what you can do. Right?

The other challenge for today was Violet's tantrums for everything. She's going through a bit of the needy stage right now (either that, or the green-eyed jealously monster is finally coming out), so I had to deal with quite a bit of the 3-year-old tantrums today. Something we have to deal with and (hopefully) shall soon pass.

Anyway, onto today's photos and words.

The Photos
Number of photos: 28(iPhone); 10(dSLR)

The Words
Midnight-6am: Up around 2:30 for Dominique’s feeding and diaper change (peed right through everything)
6-8am: Keith’s alarm goes off, I keep on sleeping. Dominique wakes up, Keith brings her to snuggle in bed with me.
8-9am: All wake up; throw laundry into the washer, get breakfast for me and Violet while Dom sits in her bouncy chair, making lots of noise. play time. Deal with a morning tantrum from Violet.
9-12pm: Nurse Dominique; head to my Mom’s place to help pack for her move later this week. Dominique naps while we pack and Violet plays with her cousin Payton.
12-1pm: Home for lunch; nurse Dominique and put her down for nap; do dishes
1-2pm: Put on Magic School bus for Violet; do devotions and some journaling. 
2-3pm: Watch Once Upon A Time and work on my knitting; play some Plants vs. Zombies with Violet. Deal with another tantrum.
3-4pm: Dominique done nap, nurse; clean up living room and vacuum
4-5pm: Fold laundry from this morning; start prep on supper.
5-6pm: Feed Dominique solid food (avocado and banana), nurse, put down for nap; Keith home, finish making supper. Deal with another of Violet’s tantrums.
6-7:30pm: Eat supper, Dominique up from her nap; Keith and Violet go for walk; dishes; start purging and organizing paper drawer while Dominique plays on the floor.
7:30-9pm: Nurse Dominique for bedtime; Keith and Violet home from walk; Dominique down for bed; shower with Violet; read story to Violet and do prayers with Daddy
9-10pm: Violet in bed; update photos and journaling. Early bedtime.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Week in the Life 2014 - Sunday

This week marks the start of Week in the Life, hosted by Ali Edwards. Week in the Life is basically documenting your entire week via words and photos. 

This is the 2nd time doing WITL, and I absolutely love it! It's nice to actually document the day-to-day stuff that goes on, and now with 2 kids, it will be interesting to look back on this. I'm using a notebook to mark down stuff every hour or so and then in the evening (or next morning), I'll upload my favourite photos and the day's journaling to blog. It will be exciting to see what this week brings.

As for equipment, I'll mainly be using my iPhone as well as my DSLR. My iPhone is on me all the time and when we're home, I'm going to try to make more use of my "big" camera.

Now, onto Sunday's photos and words!

The Words
Midnight-6am: Woke up around 2:30am for Dom’s feeding and diaper change. She was not a happy camper about her diaper and screamed loud enough to probably wake the entire house.
6am: Up again for Dominique. Took 2 full feedings to get her back to sleep. Violet joined us in bed after bad dreams and slept in Keith’s arms. 
8-9am: Violet sleeping on my side of the bed with me.
9-10am: Both girls up and squawking. Violet checks on Dom and I get up and dressed. Change Dom’s diaper and let her cuddle Daddy in bed while I get Violet breakfast of Fruit Loops. Quickly check email and Instagram. Keith and Dom up; some family time and let the kids play. Make coffee (Keith) and tea (me). Play some Plants vs. Zombies on the phone for a bit. “I can’t hear you. I’m hiding!” - Violet.
10-11am: Nurse and change Dominique; get Violet changed. Grab some oranges to eat before heading to church.
11am-12:30pm: Church
12:30-1:30pm: Get out of church and collect the girls from Sunday School classes; head to Winnipeg. On the way there was the following conversation:
Me: look Violet, horses! (in a pasture we were driving by)
Violet: no, cows! (that’s what Daddy calls them)
Keith: giggling.
1:30-4:30pm: Family Date in Winnipeg. Mainly at St. Vital mall with lunch from Chinese and Greek in the Food Court; Dom ate an entire container of baby food, a couple bite-sized pieces of fries and a feeding from me. Keith and Violet went walking while I was nursing Nique. Ran into Natalie and Brett and chatted for a bit. Found Keith and Violet at HMV; Keith heads to Games Workshop while I take the girls to the Play Park to let Violet and Dominique play around. Dom was getting tired around 4:30pm, so we headed home.
5:30-7pm: Got back home, both girls were sleeping. Dom woke up when we took her out of the car, but Violet kept on sleeping when Keith brought her inside. Gave Nique a nursing and then woke up Violet. Let the girls play and watch 2 episodes of My Little Pony on Netflix.
7-8pm: Give Nique her bedtime nursing and get her ready for bed. Violet has her night-snack and bedtime story with me. Usual routine of tucking her in and saying bedtime prayers with Daddy.
8-9:30pm: Load up all photos onto computer and start journaling. Have a nice hot bath, complete with candles and crawl into bed for an early bedtime.