Monday, June 23, 2014

Dear Dominique // 2-months

Dear Dominique:
Two months old today Baby Girl! And you still melt my heart everyday. You are a complete joy to be around and so content with everything. It doesn't matter what I'm doing, be it vacuuming, have music on loud and dancing with Violet, watching movies with Daddy or your cousins being really loud, you are pretty content with it all and sleep through everything.
Speaking of sleeping, you are my sleeping baby. We've gotten your routine down and we’re all loving it. Most nights, you’re in bed between 8-9 pm and sometimes I’ll have to come in to give you the soother back and make sure that you’re swaddled tightly (those darn arms keep coming lose!). But then you’ll sleep until 3-4 am and wake up for a full feeding and diaper change and then back to sleep until 8 am when Violet wakes up and our day starts.
You are full of smiles, grins and sticking out the tongue and starting to make your own noises during the day. We've also found out that music is the way to calm you down during the day in between feeding's and I have no problem letting the music blast through the house just to make you happy.
You are still content with being held while you’re awake or in something that keeps you moving. Luckily for us, one of your aunties gave us their baby swing and you love it. We got it the day that I was really sick and was sleeping all day just to get better. You decided to sleep all day as well, except for feeding's and then go back to sleep in the swing. Thank you Baby Girl.
It’s been an amazing journey these last two months, learning to be your Mommy, and at the same time, being Violet’s Mommy as well. We've had it relatively easy with you and for that I thank you. I can’t wait to see what the future brings for all of us.

Love, Mommy

Friday, June 13, 2014

Around Here

Reading The Fault in Our Stars. I just started it after reading all the reviews about it. Don’t worry, I have a Kleenex box close by.
Playing with Violet and Dominique as much as I can.
Watching 6th season of House and 3rd season of Sherlock.
Trying to get more sleep.
Cooking more new meals so that I can stop relying on the old ones.
Eating unbaked chocolate cookies.
Drinking a Pepsi slurpee
Scrapping 2014 PL and my Travel PL.
Doing whatever I can to retain my sanity some days, even if that means indulging in slurpees and chocolate when I shouldn’t.
Loving all the noises that Dom makes, even if they do keep me up at night.
Hating that my girls are growing up so fast, right before my eyes.
(Re)Discovering that the newborn baby smell has amazing relaxing qualities.
Enjoying quiet time in the evenings to do journaling, scrap booking and spending time with Keith.
Thinking of ways to help make our finances more manageable.
Feeling pretty good, but still tired.
Hoping (for) the warm weather to continue, and maybe a couple trips to the beach.
Listening (to) Violet talking non-stop. And Dom’s baby noises.
Smelling fresh baked chocolate chip cookies cooling down.
Thanking my hubby for being such an awesome husband and Father. Me and the girls are so lucky to have him.
Considering of still renting out the basement. It helps a lot with the finances, even if it means that the 4 of us will be squished together on 1 floor.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Around Here

Reading Hands Free Mama (for myself) and starting the Harry Potter series with Violet and Dominique.
Playing lots of Candy Crush while breastfeeding Dominique. Helps kill some time.
Watching (on Netflix) House M.D.; Dr. Who and Sherlock
Trying to get my house more organized and get myself on a schedule.
Cooking every night and lots of whatever I'm making.
Eating constantly. And it seems likes it's never enough. Thank you breastfeeding and Dominique for "stealing" all my food.
Drinking lots of water. And my home-made iced tea.
Scrapping my 2012 and 2014 Project Life, as well as Dominique and Violet's baby albums
Doing lots of purging
Loving Coordinating nap times for all of us. Both girls and me all go down around 1pm for nap time. Dom sleeps for 3-4 hours, Violet's down for 2 hours and I try to keep mine to an hour so that I can get some of my stuff done in quiet.
Discovering to let some stuff go in order to spend time with my family.
Enjoying life with 2 kids and the hubby, even if my house is a mess all the time.
Thinking of how to disconnect from my phone to be more present with my family.
Feeling very thankful that warmer weather has arrived. It`s been a nice change from the constant cold and Violet is loving that she can wear dresses again.
Hoping (for) continued warmer weather (I do live in Manitoba, our weather is crazy!)
Listening (to) my iTunes playlist.
Smelling the flowers when I can.
Finishing our mortgage renewal. Guess we're staying here for another 5 years.

Starting more purging and organizing.