Friday, May 23, 2014

Dear Dominique // 1 Month

Dear Dominique:
Today marks your 1-month birthday! When they say time flies with babies, they’re not kidding! It still amazes me that you are here and I’m very blessed by that.
Right now you’re on a pretty regular sleep/eat schedule. You’re up 1-2 times a night (usually around 1:30am and 5am) for full feedings and diaper changes. Then you usually don’t wake up until 8:30 for another full feeding and sometimes awake time for about an hour or so.
During your awake time, you like to be held a lot, or if you’re on the floor, swaddled very tightly, with the arms in. You do not like being lose at all, and gets very mad if your blanket gets undone (so very different from Violet as she hated being wrapped all the time).
You’re very alert for only a month old and likes to try to view everything when you can, especially Violet. And is also very content when there’s music on or we’re watching a movie with Violet.
You’re also not a big fan of the pacifier, unless you’re in the car seat and travelling. Most of the time, you spit it out after a couple minutes.
You’re also very noisy in your sleep, which keeps Mommy awake at night sometimes.
And Violet loves you unconditionally, constantly giving her kisses and asking to hold you. You are so very loved by your big sister.


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Project Life 2014 - Weeks 16-19

Week 16:

What we did: Took Violet out to see the foals at my sister's barn; had a family date to Mongo's; Keith painted an WarHammer Ork pink just for me; 39 weeks pregnant and pre-natal appointment where we found out that Dom was breeched.

Supplies Used: All journal cards from Project Life Midnight Kit; Title card is Messy Weekly Lines with the font Enigma Scrawl for the date. The "Date Night" stamp is from Date Night Brushes & Stamps.

Week 17:

What we did: Lots of playing around; my Dad's 50th birthday; Dominique born via C-Section and spending 2 days in the hospital; lots of visitors to see Dom; Keith off work to help me around the house while I recover.

Supplies Used: Title card is Messy Weekly Lines with the font Never Grow Up for the date; Journal cards are from Project Life Midnight Kit; Just Arrived card is a RAK from my PL pen-pal; Filler cards are from Project Life Baby Girl Kit.

Week 18:

What we did: More visitors (mainly grandparents and my sisters); Lots of recovering for me; Keith went back to work on Wednesday; Dom's newborn photo shoot; Keith's birthday; our 6th anniversary; Famous Dave's to hang out with friends and celebrate Keith's birthday and our anniversary; lots of baby cuddles.

Supplies Used: Title card is Messy Weekly Lines with the font Abbeyline for the date; Journal cards are from Project Life Midnight Kit; "Hello Joy" stamp is from Hello Awesome Brushes & Stamps; Insert is a Design A cut in half.

 Week 19:

What we did: More baby cuddles and Violet being an awesome big sister; more recovering for me; visiting my grandparents; Violet playing outside and having a blast; trip to Winnipeg.

Supplies Used: Title card is Project Life Sunshine Kit; Filler Card and Violet's colouring are from Project Life Midnight Kit; pink Journal card is from Project Life Baby Girl and remaining journal card is from Project life Midnight Kit.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How My 2-year Old Shaved 10 Years Off My Life in 1 Week

Who knew that toddlers were really good at shaving 10 years off your life in 1 week, with 2 separate incidents?

Incident #1: Mother's Day, May 11, 2014
Around 9pm, Violet was having her night-snack while Keith was getting his stuff ready for work and I was re-settling Dominique for bed. I heard a crash come from the kitchen and Violet crying. So I quickly ran in there and found Violet laying on the floor. I picked her up and she cried a bit and then went completely limp in my arms. I don't think I've ever screamed her name that loudly. Keith was right there beside me and grabbed her from me. Luckily she came to, and Keith grabbed his wallet and keys to take her to the hospital to check her over (I had to stay home as Dom was sleeping).

While I was waiting for them to get back, I was just hoping and praying that she'd be OK. They got back in just over an hour and I heard the best sound all day, "Hi Mommy! Home!" From what Keith said, the doctor said that she'd be OK. Because she was getting alert really fast, he wasn't too worried about it.

We did opt to have her in bed with us for the night, just to be on the safe side. But between getting up to feed Dom twice, and Violet taking up half of a queen-size bed (how is that possible?!), neither me nor Keith got any good sleep.

When Violet got up the next morning around 9am, she was back to her usual self. Thank God she's OK.

Incident #2: May 17, 2014
Spent the morning at my Dad's place today and Violet spent majority of it outside with Papa while I was inside with Dom. After lunch, Violet went back out with Papa and I took a nap on the couch. After about an hour of sleeping, I heard Violet and Keith come in, with Violet crying that she got water in her eyes. I just thought that she fell down in the mud again and needed to be changed. How wrong was I.

Turns out that there's a small pond beside my Dad's house (the deepest part is about half-foot deep) and she was throwing rocks in there for the dog to retrieve for her. According to my Dad, Violet was doing fine where she was standing, but then she moved to a place where it was a bit more slippery. She ended up slipping and falling into the water and had her face submerged for 30 seconds. Luckily she had enough sense to put her hands down on the ground and push herself up.

When Keith brought her inside, she was covered in water/mud from head to toe and had mud ingrained in her hair. I was just relieved that she was OK. And also very glad that I had brought extra clothes for her. She got put in the tub right away and got a good scrubbing, hair included.

We told her afterwards that Mommy & Daddy had enough scares to last a small lifetime and to not do anymore to us right now.

Just very glad and thankful that she's OK.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Around Here

Celebrating 6 years of marriage together, today. Here's to many more years of insanity babe!

Getting sleep at night as it seems that Dominique is my night-sleeping baby. Not kidding, average of 4-6 hours in a stretch at night.

Loving how much Violet loves her baby sister. Always giving her kisses, asking to hold her and if she's eating or sleeping.

Listening to Violet talk more and more each day. And loving it. 

Healing from the C-Section. Still have some swelling, but no infections and it gets better when I'm walking and moving.

Waiting to be completely healed so that I can take the girls to the park, let Violet play outside and let Dominique get some sunshine.

Dreaming of my future craft room, which will be coming to fruition in late June/early July when our renter moves out. So many ideas!

Breat-feeding like a pro. Also helps that I have a very supportive hubby in this venture. And that Dom took to it like nothing.

Writing in the girl's journals. Fell behind on Violet's by a month, so now it's catch-up time.

Scrapbooking the girl's 1-year albums (Violet's is almost done, just started on Dominique's) and keeping on top of my 2014 and almost done 2012.

Photographing every moment with my family that I can.

Baby #2 Birth Story

In follow-up to my last post about the impending C-Section, here's the birth story of my second daughter, Dominique.

As mentioned in my last post, Baby #2 was going to be a repeat C-Section due to the fact that he/she was breeched, yet again. I swear I have stubborn kids. I got a call Monday morning (April 21) for an appointment to see the surgeon that afternoon. You can bet I was definitely stressing at this point, as this was not how I wanted things to go. And to make matters worse, Violet picked up on my stress and was just a handful to deal with. Not a good combination. 

The surgeon appointment went well and because it was Easter Monday, he couldn't book the surgery right away, but said that I should get a call tomorrow morning letting me know when the surgery is.

Tuesday morning I go the call from the hospital saying that the surgery was planned for 8am Wednesday morning (April 23). Good thing I had already planned where Violet was going for the next couple nights/days as I knew I'd be in the hospital for minimum 48 hours. 

Violet went to my Mom's place Tuesday evening and would be staying there until Thursday morning. 

I was up at 4:30am Wednesday morning to soak in the tub and hopefully get rid of this stupid cold I had, and also that it would be the last tub I could have for 2 weeks. We arrived at the hospital close to 6am and they started preparing me for surgery. I had a student nurse getting me ready and I informed her that the veins in the back of my hand were crappy and that she might not be able to get an IV in. 20 minutes later and 1 blown vein, we both decided that it would be best to put the IV in my arm. Not the nicest place, but it was the only place they could put it. Of course, it was followed by the dreaded catheter.

One of the nurses informed us that they had a new policy when it came to breech babies. Now they do a bed-side ultrasound to see where baby is and if they have flipped. If baby is still breeched, they go ahead with the C-Section. If baby has flipped, they would either send us home to labour, or induce me. I was praying that Baby flipped and that I could still do this naturally. 

Then we found out that nobody informed my baby doctor that the C-Section was scheduled for today. She was still in Winnipeg. They had gotten a hold of another baby doctor, but in the meantime, had pushed back my surgery while we waited on him. While we were waiting, they did the bedside ultrasound and Baby was still indeed breeched. I started tearing up because I was so hoping that Baby would have flipped. Keith could tell that I was disappointed and just comforted me. 

At this point, one of the nurses saw me grimace in pain and asked me if I was having contractions. I told her that I wouldn't know as I had never been in labour before. She quickly put the monitors on me and said that I was indeed starting labour. Good timing kid! And good thing that we were up next for surgery.

Once it was my turn, Keith went to get changed into his scrubs and they wheeled me into the OR to do the spinal. And a bit more difficulties. Turns out that I had Scoliosis and the anaesthesiologist was having a hard time getting the needles into the proper spots. It took him 30 minutes and multiple needles in order to get the spinal working. And he had to go 1 vertebrae lower than where he was supposed due to the fact that the place he wanted was either scarred or calcified. Great. He said that he was hoping that it would cover it, but if I started to feel anything, to let them know right away and they would have freezing needles on the side. 

Surgery started at 10:45am with Keith by my side, distracting me with conversation and at 11:00am, they pulled out baby. One of the nurses had asked me earlier if we knew what we were having, and we said no, but Violet was asking for a sister. They didn't tell us right away what gender baby was and then we heard them say that big sister was right. I looked at Keith and said "bunk beds?"

Yup, we have another girl! Dominique. And she looks just like Violet did when she was born. Complete with a full head of hair.

They handed her over to Keith and we got to hold her for a while before they had to take her to get weighed and everything. I told Keith to stay with her and I'd see them in the room when I was done. 

They wheeled me out of surgery around 11:30am (really, only 45 minutes!) and into Recovery. And they didn't even keep me very long in there, maybe 30 minutes before bringing me back to our room. It was nice to actually get some skin-to-skin time with Dominique and get breastfeeding established early.

And so far, everything's been great! Dominique is breastfeeding and sleeping like a pro. Violet loves being a big sister and constantly gives her little sister kisses and asks to hold her. She can almost say her name to "Donaneek." And I'm healing pretty good as well. It doesn't hurt as much this time around (mainly because they went through the scar tissue instead of fresh skin), so I should be back to normal in no time.