Monday, March 10, 2014

Minneapolis 2013 - Day 1

Oops. A bit late in posting this.

We took our first family trip down to Minneapolis, MN for a couple days, just before Christmas 2013. It was nice to get away for a couple days and just spend time together as a family.

Day 1 (Sunday, December 15, 2013) was spent driving. Keith drove the entire trip while I kept an eye on Violet and gave Keith directions. We stopped in Grand Forks for food (Denny's) and then continued on our way.

Violet did amazing for sitting that long in the car and kept herself occupied pretty well, especially looking out the windows at everything and taking her naps as she needed them.

Took about 9 hours to get to our hotel in Minneapolis (with the 1-hour stop in Grand Forks). Although we kicked ourselves in the butt for the hotel that we got. We had booked our hotel on Hotwire, but it got changed into new ownership before we got there. And completely out of our league. And we were disappointed. We had booked it for several reasons (breakfast, fitness room, free internet and I think a swimming pool), and there was none of that there. Not even free continental breakfast. We were not impressed. And if we did order room service, it was WAY overpriced ($6 for a kids pb&j sandwich), $2 delivery fee (???) and 18% gratuity (???). Oh, and no tub in the over-sized bathroom. There was a rain-water shower, but no tub for Violet to play in. Not. Impressed. At. All. And according to the fire-sign on the back of the door, the rooms regularly went for $500/night! Glad through Hotwire, we only paid $80/night.

Spent the rest of the relaxing and watching cartoons. Tomorrow is shopping at Mall of America!

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