Friday, February 28, 2014

Pregnancy #2: 32 Weeks

What's Happening:
Right now, I'm getting a bit impatient. I'm already bigger with this kid than I was with Violet at the end of my pregnancy with her. And this one just keeps on growing. Staying on my feet for an entire 8 hour shift at work has me hurting for a good day after that. Never mind that it feels like Baby has dropped a bowling ball in my pelvis, so standing for long periods of time make it worse. Luckily I only work weekends, so I have the rest of the week to relax a bit.
Yes, the feet are swelling. I'm not much of a barefoot person in the house (ahem...thank you Violet for dropping food/crumbs/everything on the ground), but lately I've had to go barefoot as I've got indentations on my feet at the end of the day if I wear socks all day.
Weight gain is still on the right track (only 25 lbs gained so far, with 9 weeks left), and no gestational diabetes! That drink still tastes HORRIBLE! Yuck!

Anything chocolate and fruit. Seriously. Although fruit has been winning lately. Those have been my 2 major cravings the entire pregnancy, right from the get-go. Speaking of which, I think I need to find/buy more fruit. I'm out!

I've definitely hit the nesting stage. Violet was throwing a tantrum one evening and so during her night-snack time while she was being stubborn about having her snack, I decided to do something about all the clutter on my kitchen counter. Well, I went a bit berserk on it and de-cluttered the whole counter, re-organized where things went, threw stuff out and cleaned it all off. A dirty/messy kitchen counter bugs me most days, this particular day just annoyed the ever-living s^%t out of me. Therefore something had to be done about it. And since then? I've kept all the kitchen counters clean. Just can't stand the mess anymore.
I've also been working on keeping the rest of the house clean and de-cluttering. It's amazing how much clutter you accumulate over the years of being married and having kids. It's crazy! I went through all of Violet's clothes, donated clothes that I didn't like to the local Thrift Store (and she still has LOTS!), labelled the bins that are too small with the appropriate sizes and they're ready for when Baby #2 makes his/her appearance. I do have some Boy clothes, so I'll be going through those and re-organizing them as well, to make sure that they are ready for when Baby is born.
Also in the nesting, is lots of BAKING! And I mean lots! We're talking about making at least 1 batch (4-5 dozen) of cookies per week, and somehow I still don't have ANY in the freezer. Seriously. Between Keith and Violet, and whoever else raids my house, I'm lucky if one batch of cookies (which makes 4-5 dozen) lasts a week. Crazy! But at least I know that they're good if they go that fast! I've also attempted making homemade buns, and succeeded! Never mind the usual cooking that I do for supper. But I love it.

31 weeks pregnant

Monday, February 24, 2014

Project Life 2014 - Week 5

Welcome to Week 5 of Project Life 2014 (January 26 - February 1, 2014)

This week was a bit of a busy one. Keith got switched onto evening shift for 2 weeks due to some switch-ups at work and they needed someone competent to run the machine that he does. Which means that mine and Violet's usual daily routines got messed up a bit. Violet was happy that Daddy was home during the day, but not when she woke up from her afternoon nap. By Friday (or earlier) she had figured out that her nap time means that Daddy's gone when she wakes up. Keith had to take her into bed with him for almost an hour in so that she could get some quality time snuggling with him. She's not a big fan of huge changes.

The Title Card is from Project Life Midnight Kit with miscellaneous letter stickers. I'm trying to be a bit more creative with my title cards, so if they look a bit weird (aka: not "cool"), I apologize. All the journal cards (minus the Currently card) are also from the Midnight Kit. The Currently Card is from A Little Grace & Mercy June 2013 Freebie. And the "Loving Life" card is from Project Life Cinnamon with Violet's colouring on there. The Heart Today stamp is from Ali Edwards Heart Today.

Because I had so many photos, I decided to use an Insert that is a Design A cut in half to do our Family Date that we went on. Also two 8x10 inserts for notes from our Pre-Natal class.

The Filler Cards are from the Project Life Baby Girl Mini Kit as I had wanted to use them somewhere. The Hello Life filler card is from Simple Stories.

I included my goals for February in here as a reminder of what I wanted to get done this month. It seems to help when I write them down and can look back at them.