Thursday, January 30, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 4

Welcome to Week Four of Project Life 2014 (January 19-25)
 Full layout
This week was basically the same old. Pre-Natal appointment, nesting kicking in more (but still much work to be done in the Baby Room), visiting parents and in-laws and Violet growing up faster and faster before our eyes.
Left side of layout
Yes, I got some good funny photos of Violet this week. The bottom left photo is 2, 3x4 photos on a 4x6. The leg photo is where she decided to draw all over her leg with pen. It took 3 days of baths to get that fully off. The adjoining one still flummoxes me. I had put her to bed at night with just her diaper on. She came to me at 8:30am dressed like that. Sweat pants fully on and a full pyjama on backwards. What?! Apparently she was cold in her room (which is damn near impossible because she likes having her heater on).

We've been into watching movies this week and I borrowed Tangled from my sister, thinking that Violet would like it. SHE LOVED IT! I think we ended up watching it about 4 times during the week and I told my sister that if she wants it back, she needs to give me back one of the movies that she borrowed from me over a year ago. Even then, I don't think Violet will be giving it up easily. And when she asks to watch it now, she brings me the case (we don't let her play with the consoles/DVD player) and says "Pun," as in Rapunzel. Seriously girl?

Project Life 2014: Week 3

Welcome to Week 3 of Project Life 2014 (January 12-18)!
This week brought on some busyness. Visiting my grandparents (Violet's finally warming up to my Pepe! Yes!), attending our first Pre-Natal class (we never took on when I was pregnant with Violet as our work schedules didn't really allow for it), and just spending time as a family together.

Left side of layout

Yes, I'm still set on using the Midnight Core Kit. I didn't do any embellishing at all the week (!!) and I like the way it looks. Because of the amount of photos I had, I combined a couple 3x4 onto 4x6 photos in order to fit more in.

Love the photos of Violet with my Grandparents. She saw that my Meme had nail polish out, so she came to me and asked me to do her hands. I told her to go ask Meme instead. She boldly walked up to Meme, held out her hands, pointed to the nail polish that she wanted and said "hands." Meme took the hint and painted not only her hands, but her feet as well. Violet was in absolute heaven! I have a girlie girl and I love it. Violet also willingly went up to my Pepe and asked for hugs and kisses from him and was saying "Papa" to him. Close enough.

I've also been craving chocolate and soda pop. What did Keith find at the grocery store? Chocolate soda. So he brought it home for me to taste test. I will just say that I didn't like it one bit and gave it to my sister so that she could take it to work and test on her co-workers. Love chocolate. Love soda pop. Not together.

True story.

Right side of layout

Violet also had a play date at my girlfriends place while we were at our Pre-Natal class. Apparently she's a bit of a flirt. Really? Who would've guessed?

Pre-Natal class went pretty good. Even though I had Violet, she was a scheduled C-Section, so I never went into Labour with her (she was breeched and was still sitting on her butt when they pulled her out). The plan is for this one that it will be a completely natural labour (YOU HEAR THAT JR.??) and drug-free as well. Scares me a bit (labour that is), but the drugs scare me even more. And the nice thing about our class is that the Instructor is a Doula, so she knows all of this stuff.

Really love my girlfriend Lisa for writing this down for me. It will be fun to look at when Violet's older.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 1-2

Welcome to Weeks 1-2 of Project Life 2014 (January 1-11)
I decided to combine the first 1/2 week with the first full week of this year and make 2-2page layouts. It actually worked out quite nicely as I got to put my new Sillhouette Cameo to good use and got to journal quite a few stories and photos.
I'm still working on finding the perfect spot to photograph my layouts. I don't have a lot of natural light coming into my house, so right now I'm photographing on my kitchen floor. Not the greatest, but I guess it will do. I have some ideas on how to better it, it's just getting around to doing them.
1st page Full Spread

For this week and a half, I used only the Midnight Core Kit for all my journaling cards and filler cards. I like the way it looks with the rest of the colours from the photos and doesn't distract too much. Perfect!

This was the week that temps dropped into the -40*C (that's with the wind chill) here for a couple days and my car decided to be a B*&%$ again and require some maintenance (like a new cord for the block heater). I swear my car hates winter.

For the Die-Cuts, I used my Silhouette Cameo. I needed to do some experimenting on it and this was the perfect reason to! The Heart Photos is from Ali Edwards Little Bit of Messy Photos Brushes, with the snowflake from the Silhouette Online Store (the You are my Sunshine is as well, but it's a freebie that you get).

2nd full page layout

I really like how it all turned out and am looking forward to working with this kit for the rest of the year!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sickness and Progress

Where to start?

Guess we'll start with last week and go from there.

Last Saturday (Jan 11), Violet started getting sick with a flu/cold. Just a lot of coughing, no fever, and not wanting to eat anything, except fruit cups, peanut butter sandwiches and bananas (??!!). Keith mentioned to me on Sunday (Jan 12) that she had been puking in the morning and just off the entire day.

Violet ended up being off the entire week and again, not really wanting to eat. Poor girl. Although she was drinking a lot and still kept up with going on the potty. Even my Dad noticed that she was off as he had her over the weekend while both me and Keith had to work. Again, not eating much and not her usual self.

Me and Keith both ended up getting sick as well. Luckily it was just sinus problems for the both of us (mine was partially due to pregnancy and winter) and we got over it pretty quickly.

Thankfully we're all back to normal now, complete with Violet inhaling (almost) everything she can find to eat and being her happy-go-lucky self.

Of course during our sick week is when Violet would decide to get hooked on 2 movies. Jonah: A VeggieTales movie and Tangled. She's only allowed 1 movie a day (or 3-4 cartoon episodes) so she knows to pick carefully. We don't have cable or satellite, only DVD's and Netflix, so I can limit what/how much she watches. Yes I limit how much she can watch. She's only 2 and I really don't need her growing up just staring at the TV all day. No offence to anyone, but me and Keith were not raised like that and there's a whole lot more to discover and learn that what's on TV these days. Again, no offence to anyone, that's just how we're raising her. 

Anyway, where was I?...

Progress is being made in Baby #2's room! It used to be our storage room before, but then we went through and decluttered a whole lot. And moved the crib in there before Christmas. And then Christmas stuff took over that room. I've slowly been tackling it and today I took a dive and took everything off the walls so that I can (hopefully) paint soon. Got the dresser moved in, crib set up and some boxes of clothes in the closet already. We don't know what we're having, so I'd like to be prepared for when he/she arrives. Again luckily my sister gave me quite a few of her boy clothes that my youngest nephew doesn't fit anymore (for if we have a boy) and I have most of Violet's clothes boxed and ready in her closet if we have a girl.

We're also still making plans to take over our entire house when our basement tenant gets married in June. That would be so nice as it would be extra room for the kids to run around and me and Keith would each get our own Hobby Rooms, AND I'd get a full laundry room instead of a laundry closet.

Think that's all for today folks!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Project Life: Closing Page of 2013, Plans and Opening Page of 2014

So ready to begin my 2014 PL album! But first, the closing page for 2013:

I used the last page cards from the Sunshine Kit, with our family photo.

Feels so good to be done it all! Don't you think so?

As for 2014, I'm still going ahead with the weekly layouts. Because of so much that's going on, complete with a little addition to the family in April, it's just easier for me to do it week by week. I finally found a little planner that I like (at the Dollar store no less), so that I can keep track of what's going on, new words Violet is saying and stuff she's doing (seriously, she just learned the word "fart." And tells me when she farts. She is so her father's daughter), this pregnancy and when Jr. gets here. So far so good!

I'm also going to try to stick with one kit this year, although I will still be adding in digital elements to my photos. This year's kit will be the Midnight Kit (the Sunshine Kit that I bought during boxing week is for our engagement, wedding and anniversaries, but more on that later). I didn't want anything too bright and competing with my photos and I was really surprised at how much I like the look of Midnight. I was a bit skeptical at first, given I like bright bold colours, but when I put them alongside my photos, it tends to give it a balanced look and not scream "look at me, I'm BUSY!!"

That being said, my 2014 Opening Page is done with Sunshine. I like the look of the first page cards better than Midnight. And they're just so darn cute! The alphas are from Basic Grey (with room to add Jr.'s name). I will be adding in photos of us after Jr. is born, so for now, 2 of the 3x4 openings will remain blank.

Off to start the rest of 2014!

Project Life 2013 - Weeks 50-52

Last 2013 Project Life update!

I'm combining the last couple weeks in one post, just so that they are done with and I can move onto 2014 Project Life.

Week 50: December 8-14, 2013

This was the week that we started putting up Christmas decorations, with Violet's help of course. And we got to see Baby #2 on Ultrasound! Oh, and The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug! Good week indeed.

The journaling cards are a combination of PL Merry and Bright and December Documented. The title card is from Ali Edwards December Daily Sentiment Box and the 'Tis the Season is from Hand Drawn Holidays.

Week 51: December 15-21

This week we spent a couple days in Minneapolis, therefore I needed a couple inserts to hold my favourite photos from the trip, as well as what went on when we got home.

The journal cards are from Ali Edwards Hello Days Journal Cards and the filler card from PL Merry and Bright.

Week 52: December 22-31, 2013

As this was the last week and a half of 2013, I decided to combine them together just so that I didn't have half a week to itself.

All the journal cards and filler cards are from PL Merry and Bright, with the Star Die-Cut (made by my new Silhouette I got for Christmas!!) from December Daily Sentiment Boxes.

That's all for 2013 folks! I hope you had an awesome year and look forward to seeing/hearing from you in 2014!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

December Daily 2013 - Days 18 - 21

Day 18:
Today was all about documenting unpacking from our trip and scrapbooking. Both card are from December Documented.
The journaling reads: Today while Violet napped and Keith was at WarHammer, I managed to keep up with 6 loads of laundry AND get caught up on my December Daily. Next up: Project Life catch-up.

Day 19:
I caught some perfect pictures today of what our day looked like. Mainly, all of us lazing around on the couch. I think we're trying to store up all our energy for the slew of Christmas gatherings next week.

Day 20:
My youngest nephew (on my side) had his first birthday today. He wasn't quite sure what to make of all of the fuss about him.
The journal card is from Karenika Holiday Overlays with Airplanes in the Night Sky as the font.
The journaling reads: Today was our nephew Payton's 1st Birthday! We went over to Natalie & Brett's place after supper for cake and presents. Payton did really good opening his gifts and actually stayed pretty clean eating his cake! Happy Birthday Mr. Payton!

Day 21:
The journaling says it all. The journal card is from PL Merry and Bright.
The journaling reads: This evening was Keith's Work Christmas Party for Esco at DC Grill and Steakhouse in LaBroquerie. The food and conversation were pretty good and it was nice to get out after a hectic week. Oh, and this is me at 22 weeks pregnant!

One more post to catch-up on DD 2013, and then I'm done!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Around Here | 2/52

Pregnancy at 25 weeks 
- Jr (as that's what Baby is nicknamed) is more of an afternoon/evening/night baby for moving around. Mornings he/she is pretty quiet, but once Violet is down for her nap, Jr wakes up and gets to moving.
- Craving lots of peanut butter and jam sandwiches, as well as chocolate and fruit. Also include pizza on the list.
- What not to eat? Eggs and smokies. Both still taste disgusting.
- My stats so far: 10lb gain from the beginning (boo yeah!!!), tummy circumference at 33 inches (feel bigger than I was with Violet at this stage), and fetal heart rate at 145bpm. So far so good!
- Jr. also has lots of fun playing in my pelvis and making sure to cause some pain when I've been doing lots of walking.
- Nesting has kicked in. Seriously. The amount of stuff I get done in a 4 hour period is crazy! Never mind the baking that I'm doing (Tuesday was 4 dozen peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and a dozen banana muffins). Now if the baking would last more than a week (good luck with that!).
- Now that it's after Christmas, we're starting to work on the Baby room. The crib is already in there, but I need to finish cleaning out the closet (it was our storage room before), get everything organized and paint. Although we're still not sure which colour, as we don't know the gender of Jr.

- Colouring as much as she can. And when she wants Mommy or Daddy to colour with her, she brings a crayon over to us and says "Mommy/Daddy hold" and goes back to colouring.
- Knows the color "yeowow" (yellow) and exclaims it when she finds something yellow, mostly because she has my old yellow bear who was named Yellowy. Original, eh?
- Kittens/cats go "yeow." Puppies/dogs say "oooo." Horses go "heeee." Everything else is "roar," proclaimed very loudly for all to hear and be scared of the cute little girl pretending to be scary.
- Eats Green Peppers as if they're candy. Same with onions.
- Is very opinionated on the books I read her. She's not a big fan of little kid books and prefers that I read her what I'm reading. Except for Pinkie Pie's Spooky Dream, Love You Forever, Green Eggs and Ham, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Those are acceptable for me to read to her as kids books.
- Same goes for kids TV shows and movies. Something that's aimed for toddlers? Bleh. My Little Pony, Despicable Me, Kung Fu Panda and How to Train Your Dragon? Perfectly fine.
- When sleeping, can almost always be found on her tummy with her head underneath her blanket and pillow. Or on the floor with all her blankets, stuffed animals and her socks. Same way me and Keith both used to sleep.
- Also likes to unload the entire wagon of Mega Blocks and tells Mommy to "hold" one when she wants me to build something for her. And then likes to take it apart, laughing at me.
- 99% potty trained. Just have to do night training and we'll be all good.

Me & Keith:
- This past September marked 7 years of us being together, and May will mark 6 years married.
- Apparently, Keith is the best tickle monster around, according to Violet as he can make her laugh, giggle and squirm like no one else can. And yes, he pulls the same tickle fights on me. I lose every single time.
- Somehow Keith already has Jr on his side as he told Jr to kick me good during the night. Jr listened to Daddy and was dancing all night long.
- Still own our first house and hopefully by the summer of this year, we'll be able to take over the entire house as the one renter we have left is getting married in June.
- Still keeping up the monthly date nights before Jr gets here. It's nice to go out and spend time together, san kid.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Project Life 2013 - Week 49

Only a couple more layouts for 2013 and then my Project Life 2013 is done!

The title card is from PL Merry and Bright with alphas from Basic Grey. I can't remember right now where the journal card is from.

Yes, we have been finding Violet sleeping on the floor for the past 2 weeks. Not sure why as she's never fell out of bed (that we know of). She just started sleeping on the floor on her own accord and has been doing so ever since. It really doesn't bother me as she sleeps pretty good and we haven't had any problems. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Violet's current words that she has learnt in the past month.

All the journal cards are from PL Merry and Bright or December Documented. I love how it gives the page a Christmas feeling.