Monday, September 16, 2013

Week in the Life 2013 | Sunday Words + Photos

Welcome to the Sunday Edition of Week in the Life 2013!

Last day! Although I've been liking this project, I've also been wanting it to end. It's always a tug of war game within me.

Anyways, for today, it was pretty relaxed. Spent most of the day at work again. got to nap for an hour, had Dairy Queen for dessert after supper and spent some time as a family, including family tickle fights and Keith teaching Violet how to tickle my feet.

Here's a look at Sunday:
Purse all ready for work

My view of our bedroom when I woke up from my nap.

Me and Violet chilling together.

Daddy tickles.

Teaching Violet how to tickle my feet.

She ate half of a kid's sized sundae!

My Mint Oreo Blizzard

Keith's banana split

Always with the never-ending dishes

Watching the neighbor cat try to pounce on a bird

Shower time

Thanks for joining me in this!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Week in the Life 2013 | Saturday Words + Photos

Welcome to Saturday's Week in the Life 2013!

Almost done. Almost done. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

The number of photos are always down for the weekend. It doesn't help that I'm at work until 2pm and that Keith doesn't really take photos. Oh well. That's life.

Today was a busy day as just after I was done work, I had to rush home, quickly shower and change, wake up Violet (who only had been sleeping for 1 hour), get her dressed and ready to go as me and Violet were going with my sister Sam to the city to help Sam pick up some stuff.

Here's a look at Saturday's photos:

Face-time with Keith and Violet

Oh so healthy snack at work.

I think Sam has an addiction of horse bumper stickers......

Keith sent me this photo of the food he made for himself.

Drooling of MacBook Airs

Our supper of Chinese

Violet helping Aunt Sam shop

Having some Daddy play-time

Keith made baked potatoes after Violet went to bed for himself. I'm not a big fan of them.
The Write-Up
5:00am - Alarm goes off; get out of bed, ready for work; arrive at work

6:00am - Officially start work for the day. And it was busy. Luckily I had a helper today as I’m training him to take over for me when I can’t do this anymore. And I’m grateful for that. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to keep up today. IT WAS CRAZY!
2:00pm - Get out of work; home, shower and changed; get Violet up (she only got a 1 hour nap);
3:00pm - Sam arrive; put Violet’s car seat in her car and head to the city; go to Future Shop as Sam needed to buy some new attachable speakers for her TV and found some for a really good price
4:00pm - Go to St. Vital mall; have Chinese food for supper and Keith texted me a photo of the food he made for himself. I married a home-made chef; go to Wal-Mart and pick up a couple things; Sam bought me a cute fuzzy pink sweater
6:00pm - Leave the city; arrive back home; unload Sam’s car and get Violet inside.
7:00pm - Watch 2 episodes of My Little Pony with Violet to wind down for the evening; have some playtime with her
8:00pm - Get Violet ready for bed: snack time, teeth brushing, pyjamas, bedtime story, prayers, hugs and kisses.
9:00pm - Tinker on the computer for a bit; spend some time with Keith; read City of Bones in bed
10:00pm - Sleep

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Week in the Life 2013 | Friday Words + Photos

Welcome to the Friday edition of Week in the Life 2013.

Today was a bit low on the picture taking. I was either forgetting to grab my camera to capture stuff or sometimes thought of it, but decided to leave it be.

Although I will admit that sometimes as a SAHM, most days get repetitive in one way or another. The dishes are never done, the floor is always being cleaned, finding ways to communicate with the 2-year-old so that she knows what I want in a way that will make her realize that she has to listen to me (oh yes, we're there), potty training; spending time with Hubby and doing stuff for myself.

It's slightly repetitive, but I also know that the next day is a new day full of new challenges. And I embrace that. I also hate to admit it, but I kind of like working out of the house on the weekends. It means that Keith and Violet get one-on-one time together that they rarely get during the week.

Anyways.... here are some of the photos from Friday.

This microwave used to belong to my Grandma Wiebe. It's ancient and now my Mom has it. Still works perfectly.

Today’s write-up for Week in the Life:

6:00am - Keith up to go to work; I keep on sleeping
7:00am - Wake up; check e-mails and Instagram; Violet up; breakfast of toast with cheese whiz
8:00am - Violet back down to bed as she’s throwing tantrums and she got up way too early; Do Bible Devotions while Violet sleeps; finish off the grocery list for shopping later; get Violet out of bed (again);
9:00am - Play around a bit and then get ready to go down to my Mom’s place to watch it for a bit while she’s at an appointment and a repair guy is showing up to fix her washer; Violet play around with Grandma’s frogs and I find that Pop Tarts don’t bother my morning sickness
10:00am - Repair guy shows up; fixes my Mom’s washing machine; Natalie and the kids show up to see if we want to go to the big park with them, sure; quickly run home to grab the stroller and change pants for myself;
11:00am - Walk down to the park; let the kids play; Violet goes between the swings and the slides
Noon - Head back home; Natalie and the kids come down for lunch of macaroni and cheese with smokies; Brody and Madison tell me what they’ve learned in Kindergarten and Pre-School; clean up from lunch
1:00pm - Natalie and the kids leave; Violet down for a nap; I watch Season 2 Episode 3 of Sherlock Holmes. Really need the 3rd season to be released soon…
3:00pm - Violet up; Keith home (stressful day at work for him today); go grocery shopping
4:00pm - Home from grocery shopping ($90 later); start supper of Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Tomato Soup
5:00pm - Have supper; clean up and start getting tomorrow’s supper ready (it’s a casserole that I can put together now and throw in the oven tomorrow); Dishes
7:00pm - Finally got everything done in the kitchen; sit down with Violet to watch 2 episodes of My Little Pony while Keith tinkers on his computer; do some journaling on the laptop
8:00pm - Start getting Violet ready for bed; Read a couple pages of The Hobbit and then Violet gets to play around for a bit as Keith is in the middle of something on his computer; Violet to bed with prayers, kisses and hugs
9:00pm - Tinker on the laptop a bit before heading to bed myself;

Friday, September 13, 2013

Week in the Life 2013 - Thursday Words + Photos

Welcome to Week in the Life for Thursday!

Today I didn't take a whole lot of pictures. But that's how life is sometimes. I'm still exhausted everyday, but that's what I get for being pregnant an running around after an almost 2-year-old. 

I took about 20-some photos today, but here are my favourites.

Today’s write-up for Week in the Life:
4:00am - Keith up to go to the gym; last minute snuggles before he leaves
7:00am - Alarm goes off; ignore until 7:30; check Instagram and e-mails while in bed; Violet gets out of bed when I check on her; get breakfast ready of Apple Cinnamon Cheerio’s and bananas
8:00am - Face-time with Keith; finally get Violet out of her diaper (lazy Mommy there. Oops); Violet pees her panties not 5 minutes after going on the potty; And peed another pair 15 minutes after that, I was not impressed; Finally got her to stay dry for a bit
9:00am - Play time for Violet while I upload photos from yesterday ; Violet pee on potty (and very proud of herself); upload new blog post and print out some scrapbooking journal cards for Project Life; play with Violet
10:00am - Work on a layout in Project Life; figure out how I’m going to do Week in the Life; start a load of laundry; get myself and Violet both properly dressed; Violet time-out for a tantrum after me saying no to something
11:00am - Leave to Abe’s Hill so that we can see Brody come off the school bus. Play a bit in the park with Violet. Brody’s holding a girl’s hand when he gets off the bus (such a flirt); walk back home for lunch.
Noon - Lunch of leftover Chicken Gumbo; clean off table and get dishes ready for this evening; clean/scrub microwave (much better!); get Violet ready for bed
1:00pm - Violet in bed; give the kitchen a good scrubbing including counters, table and floors; recharge big camera battery.
2:00pm - Finish cleaning the kitchen; sit down to finally do Bible devotions and journaling
3:00pm - Hop in the shower while Violet is still sleeping (feel like a human again!); Keith home, he tinkers on his computer; do some more journaling (have a lot to catch up on, thank God for laptops); Keith called the mechanic and the car won’t be ready until tomorrow

4:00pm - Still journaling (so much!); Violet up at 4:30, pee on the potty; start getting supper ready while Keith hops in the tub to clean up;
5:00pm - supper done, just waiting on Keith; fold this morning’s laundry; Sit down to supper (Chicken, Rice and Vegetables); start dishes while Violet plays around
6:00pm - Finish cleaning up from supper; make sure everything is ready for Violet to go to Grandma’s place while we go to Cell Group; Drop Violet off at my Mom’s; stop in at 7-Eleven for slurpees; Get to Cell Group
7:00pm - Cell Group Starts
8:30pm - Cell Group ends; go home and thank Mom for watching Violet; go to put Violet back to bed as she was calling for me, she gets out to see Daddy; night-time prayers with Violet; 
9:00pm - Tinker on the laptop for a bit; bedtime.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Week in the Life 2013 - Wednesday Words + Photos

Welcome to Week in the Life 2013 - Wednesday edition!

Today was an OK day. Not the greatest, not the worst. Although cooking and eating scrambled eggs this morning has not agreed with me at all. Seriously. All I want is to be able to eat food without feeling like I'm going to lose it!

My nephew Payton came down for the day today as Brody was in school and Natalie had broken a couple ribs over the weekend (something about taking a flying lesson off her horse when he saw goats that spooked him) and picking him up was just hurting her too much. I said sure as Violet absolutely loves him and it's good practice for her when her sibling arrives.

It was a day that was a bit out of order, but yet I still had some energy to do some stuff around the house.

Here's a look at some of my favorites:

Went into her room as I heard her waking up and she was already reading The Grinch to herself.

These scrambled eggs with meat did not agree with me cooking or eating. Blah. Sometimes morning sickness sucks goats balls.

Mr. Payton came down for the day today. I think Violet liked the company. And it's good practice for her.

Really grateful for my sister Sam who picked up the new Star Trek movie for us to watch during the kids nap time.

Can someone please tell me why dishes are never ending??

Although I did get Violet's toy box all cleaned up and organized. Even sent some to the local thrift store to bless some other kids.

Really. Don't ask me what she's doing. All I know is that she was playing around with Rainbow Dash, some of which involved sitting on her.