Monday, April 15, 2013

Project Life 2013 - Week 14-15

All caught up again!

Week 14 left side
The Orange Filler Card is from the Texture Card Set. The "Week 14" alphas are Icy Alphas. The font is Kristen ITC. This is Design D of Project Life.
Yes, Violet spend most of Saturday dragging Rainbow Dash around. She absolutely adores her. And look at the size comparison between Violet and Payton! They're only 14 months apart!
I've also be working lots lately. Only in the evenings (maximum 2 evening a week) once Keith is home from work and on the weekends, but now it looks like I'm the evening/weekend baker! Woot!

Week 14 right side of layout.
Week 15 left side
The Filler Card is from Damayanti Sun And Fun Journal Cards. Font is Knights Templar.
There was a lot of listening to iTunes nice and loud in the house this week. Violet really loves it as I don't have the TV on unless we're watching it. Also lots of reading this week.

Week 15 right side.
The "love this" arrow is available from Ali Edwards at Designer Digitals. This is Design A of Project Life. 
Violet also had her first "date" with a little boy down the street. According to my girlfriend Lisa, they had fun.
I'm actually liking not having a background page on the layouts. It was quite frustrating a couple time to find a background page that wouldn't make the writing hard to read. Leaving it white makes the pictures pop out a bit more and the writing very easy to read.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Trip to IKEA

Finally today came!! Me and Sam had made plans last week to go to IKEA today as I had never been there before. I had Natalie's car from running errands around town today and told Sam to pick me and Violet up at Natalie's when she got into town after she was done work.

Once Sam let me know that she was in town, me and Violet got into the car to bring it back to Natalie's and then hopped in Sam's car.

We headed to St. Vital mall first as I had to get Violet her Rainbow Dash from Build-A-Bear Workshop. The Rainbow Dash is so cute! I quickly grabbed myself a Caramel Latte from Second Cup (yes, I'm addicted). We quickly grabbed food from Burger King and headed off to IKEA. 

We got to IKEA in no time and found parking close to the entrance. We walked inside, found the bathrooms and then grabbed something to drink before grabbing a cart and heading upstairs to start our browsing.

It was absolutely amazing the stuff that they had in there. I was just dreaming about a new kitchen (and new bathroom, new bedrooms, everything!) that I'd like to do to the house. Got lots of ideas, took lots of pictures and drooled over everything, especially some bookshelves that I saw that would be awesome for all out books and movies and also be able to showcase Keith's WarHammer models. I also picked up some new fitted sheets for V's toddler bed. Next time will be some new thick sheets for her.

Then we went and walked around the main floor. And really got me wanting new dish sets and cutlery. Sigh. Need more money. Walked through the warehouse a bit and then went back upstairs to eat in the restaurant that they have. I managed to feed myself and Violet for $10 and she got a big plate of food that she devoured. 

After eating Violet wanted to get out and run around, so we went back upstairs, let her out of the cart and let Sam watch her run around while I kept an eye on both of them while getting more kitchen ideas. Once we were done second floor, we went back downstairs and made our way through everything again.

Once we got through everything, we got ready to go home as it was just past 9pm and Sam had to work in the morning. So glad I got so many ideas for the house. Now I just need money to do them.

Enjoy the photos

Violet comfortable in her seat

Violet on Aunt Sam's shoulders

In Build-A-Bear Workshop, getting Rainbow Dash for Violet

Totally addicted to Second Cup Lattes

Violet holding onto Rainbow Dash on the drive to IKEA

Ooohh....shiny kitchen

Another shiny kitchen

Would love this for all our books, movies and music.

Totally love this idea!

On Sam`s wishlist for her barn. Would come in handy!

My little shopper thinking and checking things off her ``list``

So WANT THIS!! If it is in my future budget, I have plans and ideas for this.

Another shiny kitchen.

Nice open wardrobe. Would need way more clothes for this to work for me.

Sigh. Don`t remind me that I also need new plates. But in red please!

Ooh! And more cutlery!!

Love this.

This would be great for Violet`s toys. Maybe soon.
Violet trying to `run away` from Aunt Sam

Love this idea!

And so need this for organizing everything in the kitchen!

More shiny kitchen

Love this island. Maybe once we have a hobby room fully established, maybe I`ll be able to get this for crafts with Violet.

Violet having a face-off with Aunt Sam

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Day in the Life 2013 - March 30-31

Welcome to March 2013 Day in the life.

My original intent for this month was to document the entire Easter Weekend. Mainly because we were all home together on Friday and had gatherings all weekend, plus me working. Except for the fact that I totally forgot on Friday until after lunch. So I just documented Saturday and Sunday. Still worked out in the end.

 Left side of layout - March 30, 2013

Right side of layout - March 30, 2013

It was a bit harder to document the weekend, due to me working both days (boo!), but it was interesting to say the least.

Left side of layout - March 31, 2013

Right side of layout - March 31, 2013

And I'm excited that I got to capture both big Easter gatherings. I missed documenting a lot last year, but now that V is walking and running all on her own, I don't need to keep such an eye on her.

As you can tell, I didn't add any extra embellishments at all. I sat down Monday evening and did both these layouts, plus finished up a couple from Project Life. Now I'm all caught up!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Project Life 2013 - Week 13

Hello Week 13.

It's nice to be caught up :)

The "Week 13" alphas are Spring Felt. The font is Waiting for the Sunrise. I used Project Life Design A for this page.

I actually like how this page turned out, even without a background page! I normally like having a background page, but there's so much color and stuff going on, that it looks pretty good! And yes, I got myself new running shoes (with pink!!), another Latte from Second Cup (I think I'm addicted), went to Church for the first time since November (thank you work for letting me off nice and early!), found out that 2 of My Little Pony's are coming to Build-A-Bear Workshop in April (I'm so getting Rainbow Dash) and slowly started V on Potty Training.


This layout is Project Life Design F. It worked out really nicely. Yes, lots of journaling.
Violet loves Grandma R's ferrets. Apparently she had a blast with them, giving them snacks and lots of kisses. Love that she loves animals. And the food that you see? Home-made granola bars for Keith. Way cheaper and healthier than buying in-store. Oh, and doesn't my nephew Payton have the CUTEST SMILE?!?! Eeek!!

Project Life 2013 - Week 12

Hello Week 12!

And I'm almost caught up!!

The font is English Essay. The Title Card is from Project Life Cobalt Kit and the Journal Card is from A Vegas Girl. The background is from Summers Past, which is an Ivy Scraps kit that is no longer available.
Yes, Keith made yummy food once again (Chicken Fettuccine with Bacon) and more Spring Cleaning in the form of cleaning out my closet. Trashed or donated 30+ articles of clothing. Wow! My closet looks a whole lot cleaner now! We also got a ton of snow this week, and Violet wanted to help shovel the driveway (or at least be outside with us). Oh, and we got the first slurpees of the year. Yes, we are Manitoban's!

The "awesome" arrow is from Arrow Sentiments by Ali Edwards. The Green Journal Card is from A Vegas Girl.
My sister Sam came down and brought The Hobbit to watch! Oh how I missed you Middle Earth. Violet seemed to enjoy it after she woke up from her nap. And I had 2 extra "brats" one day this week. Luckily they were all on their best behavior.

Project Life 2013 - Week 11

Welcome to Week 11 of Project Life!

Yes, I know I'm behind in posting, hoping to be caught up this week. Day in the Life layouts included.

This week didn't see much of anything happen. Except that Keith made Butterfinger Cheesecake again (!!!) and got me hooked onto Lattes. I'm not much of a coffee drinker (I prefer my tea or really good hot chocolate), but he got me a Latte from Second Cup and I LOVED IT! (But I'll still deny it :p)

The "Week 11" alphas are from Messy Edge Alphabet. The font is Janda Romantic. Even got V to try the Cheesecake and she loved it as well. Ate half of my serving and asked for more. (facepalm).
The "Cultivated Life" stamp is from Retro Filler Cards. Green background paper is from Birthday Boy digital kit from Creative Memories. There was even a fair bit of Spring Cleaning so to say, as some things in the house got an over-haul and cleaned up.