Saturday, March 23, 2013

Project Life 2013 - Week 10

Hello again!

This week seemed to be the same old, same old. V had taught herself how to open up cereal boxes and help herself (especially Froot Loops). Also went down to Keith's Dad's place and V had fun there and got to feed the dog some treats. Lol.

Have a good look!!
 Left side of layout
I used the font Dark Horse Expanded for the title "card" and all the journaling. The "so love these moments" stamp is from the Embracing the Everyday Stamps/Brushes from Ali Edwards. The background paper is from Destinations Digital Kit from Creative Memories.

Right side of layout

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


A couple things have happened this far:
1) V is walking/running on her own! It's scary and fun to watch at the same time.
2) me and V are watching House. We're on Season 2 right now. Surprisingly V likes to snuggle with me while we watch 1 episode a day.
3) my sister Sam's mare (female horse) is pregnant. Sam's over the moon as her mare is permanently lame and can't show anymore.
4) V also figured out how to stir stuff around on bowls. She takes great joy in this and just makes me laugh.
5) V has also been waking up at 6:30am for the past couple days just so that she could say goodbye to Daddy before he goes to work in the morning.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Day in the Life - February 28, 2013

February's Day in the Life is here! Again, it's amazing how much you get done when you document it.

I actually focused more on taking pictures this time around and had a hard time narrowing it down a bit. And tried to keep up with the journaling that's required. A little hard with the toddler demands constant attention, but I did it!!

Left side of layout

Right side of layout

Project Life 2013 - Week 9

Not too much happened this week, except for a couple things:
1) Me and Keith did another impromptu trip into the city on Sunday. V went to Poppa's for a bit because we also had a meeting afterwards to go to. Keith got more WarHammer stuff and got V the "Mini-Munsch Treasury 1" book. She loves it already.
2) We had a meeting at the SCHS about Bill 18 Sunday evening. It was an information and prayer meeting about the upcomig "anti-bully" bill.
3) I accepted Keith's challenge to play WarHammer against him Monday evening. He played Tyranids while I played Space Marines. I didn't fare too bad, but he ended up beating me. Oh well. But it did perk my interest a bit in it.
4) We had Keith's Grandpa G's birthday party on Wednesday. V was entertaining herself by drinking from a regular cup, only a couple drops at a time, but she was doing it all on her own.
5) Thursday I found V standing up in her crib all by herself and trying to get stuff off of her dresser. She was so proud of herself.
Left side of layout
Right side of layout
Background paper: Project Life Cobalt Kit