Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Christmas Moments

Once again, Christmas has come and gone. And like always, way too fast and too busy.

1) We spent the afternoon/evening of the 22nd at Keith's sister's place with his Mom and siblings. Violet had a blast and it was nice to get a gathering out of the way before the Christmas rush.

2) Christmas Eve didn't start off the way I wanted it to. I ended up burning my wrist when my kettle spit boiling hot water on me and it ended up giving me a second degree burn right where the wrist bends. Ouch.
The rest of Christmas Eve was spent at my Mom's place. Again, Violet had a blast opening up her gifts and playing with her cousins. My sister Sam had me for Secret Santa, so I got gift cards to Michaels and Build-A-Bear Worksop. Keith got his Secret Santa from Brett in the form of a gift card for Games Workshop.

3) Christmas morning started off with my Mom joking us for a waffle breakfast, followed by us opening our family gifts. Violet got her tricycle that we picked up in the States and tried riding it right away. Me and Keith had agreed that because of our trip that we took, we'd get each other something small. So I got him the new Tim Hortons mug with more coffe. He, on the other hand, went into the local scrapbooking store in town and got me a Silhouette Cameo. Needless to say, if my Mom and our daughter hadn't been in the room, I would've jumped him right then and there. Lol.
After some playing around with Violet, and nap-time (in which my new toy got put to use already and I LOVE IT!!!!), we spent the rest of the day at Keith's Dad's place. More food for me and Baby and more playing with cousins for Violet. And lots of tickles from Grandpa.

4) Boxing Day was another 2 gatherings. Lunch was at Keith's grandparents place. Violet, of course, played shy with them as she doesn't see them often. But at least she had a cousin to play with. And bugging Uncle Andrew made it on the list as well.
Supper was at my Dad's at his new place. Violet had the usual cousins to play with. It was a smaller Christmas than usual, but still nice.

5) Friday (the 27th), was one last Christnas gathering with my Meme. Luckily it was for supper, so Violet got to sleep in. She was exhausted from everything.
We had sleigh rides in the afternoon as part of the gathering and Violet loved it. She even went with Sam on the sled behind the sleigh and kept wanting to give the horses Hunter and Sarge kisses on the nose for being so good.

I love the Christmas Season, but hate that it's so busy and flies by in no time.

Merry Christmas!!!

Friday, December 27, 2013

December Daily 2013: Days 15 - 17

Day 15:
Today was spent on the road with our first family trip to Minneapolis. This picture was taken as we were crossing the Canada/US Border into North Dakota. We had good driving weather and Violet behaved herself. Bonus!
The Oh What Fun card is from December Documented and the journal card is from PL Merry and Bright.
The journaling reads: December 15 (Sunday) was spent driving from home in MB, Canada to Grand Forks for lunch and stretch the legs and then on to Minneapolis, MN, where we are spending a couple days of vacation. Namely shopping at the Mall of America. Weather was gorgeous and Violet did AWESOME for spending so much time in the car!

Day 16:
This day was spent in Minneapolis, namely Mall of America. We managed to do all our Christmas shopping, as well as go to the Sea Life Aquarium. Violet loved in there and so did Keith.
The journal card is from PL Merry and Bright with some stamps from Bo Bunny. The digital stamp on the family photo is from Ali Edwards Pound Grateful.
The journaling reads: Today we spent in Mall of America. Managed to find it among all the exit ramps and then went SHOPPING! We bummed around the entire mall, grabbed food and then did some Christmas shopping. Stopped by LEGO Land and Nickelodian Universe. Also did the SeaLife Aquarium, which we all loved! Violet was in love with the Jellyfish and Sting-Rays.

Day 17:
This was the day we decided to go home (I'll explain in a different blog post). And of course, the roads were icy hell from Minneapolis to Fargo. Took us 5 hours to make a 3 hour drive. Luckily Violet slept and we made it to Grand Forks safely. And of course while in Grand Forks, I had to stop in at Hobby Lobby. I think I was in Heaven!
I used a December Documented card for the Date, a PL Merry and Bright card for the journaling and stickers from Basic Grey.
The journaling reads: We started our drive home today. Stopped in Grand Forks for lunch and to stretch our legs. Went into Hobby Lobby and was in Heaven with everything they had for scrapbooking! Didn't buy anything though.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

December Daily 2013 - Day 8 - 11

Day 8:
I didn't have any photos from today, so I made my Christmas wish list. Maybe I'll get some of it??
The Merry Die-Cut is from December Documented by Simple Stories.

Day 9:
Today me and Violet (hopefully) started a new Christmas Tradition of making our own Wrapping Paper. I had a huge roll of paper that I had bought from the MCC (our local thrift store) for $1 back in the summer. Since buying lots of wrapping paper can get expensive (even buying Dollar store paper as you don't get much), this is my cheap alternative.
Violet loves to colour and basically screeches with glee when I pull it out. She got right to work doing all her colouring. And in no time, I had enough paper to wrap a couple gifts. Yeah!
I used Project Life Merry & Bright for the date and journal cards. Also decided to try my hand at using a transparency with some stickable gems that I had. Slightly surprised that it turned out!

Day 10:
I finally got my lazy butt out to my shed in the back yard (and through lots of snow) to get my Christmas tree out. Violet helped me set it up (as best as she could) and then in the evening, me and Violet decorated it with Keith's supervision.
The journal cards are from Project Life Merry and Bright as well as December Documented.

Day 11:
We finally got to see Baby #2 today as I had my Ultrasound appointment! Baby is doing good and everything looks to be right on track.
The journal card is from PL Merry & Bright with the date card made from Baby Word Art by Ali Edwards.

December Daily 2013 - Days 5 - 7

Day 5:
Today for December Daily, I attempted making cookies again. The last couple times I've made cookies, they haven't turned out like they should. So I found a different recipe and tried it.

The Title Card is a December Daily Sentiment Box and the Journal Card and Die-Cut are from December Documented by Simple Stories.

Day 6:
Today my sister-in-law Jen came down with her daughter to spend some time with us. Violet absolutely loved showing off and playing around.
The Title Card is from Karenika Holiday Overlays, with the Journal Card from Project Life Merry and Bright and a Die-Cut from December Documented by Simple Stories.

Day 7:
This evening we headed to the city on a Family Date Night. We went to The Forks and took some pictures of the Legislative Building in Christmas lights.
I used a Merry Die-Cut from December Documented by Simple Stories for my journaling.

December Daily - Days 12-14

I'm combining a couple days of DD on today's post.

Day 12:
I found the perfect spot to hang our Christmas stockings from: the coat closet! It's perfect as it's out of reach and  Violet can't reach it.

The journal and filler cards are from PL Merry & Bright.

Day 13:
Me and my sister Sam did our yearly tradition of watching a Lord of the Rings movie. Today's was the release of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Awesome!

The journal card is from PL Merry & Bright and the digital stamps are both from Hand-Drawn Holidays by Ali Edwards.

Day 14:
I had no photos from today, so I journaled about getting ready to leave on our family vacation. All cards are from PL Merry & Bright, with Wood Veneers from Basic Grey.

December Daily 2013 - Day 4

Sorry for the lack of posting. I've been away for a week on family vacation and didn't realize that it's been a while since I've posted my December Daily. Also, it sucks not having a small printer at home. Maybe for Christmas, Santa?
I'm going to do a couple days of December Daily to try to "catch up" to where I am now. So I am sorry for flooding your newsfeeds.
Day 4:
My best friend Sabrina gave me her recipe for her homemade Toffee. I've had it before and it's delish! I used the journal card from PL Merry and Bright, with a Joy stamp from Joy Flair by Ali Edwards, as well as a Wood Veneer star from 25th and Pine from Basic Grey. The recipe card is from Sabrina.