Thursday, September 27, 2012

Around Here

The inspiration for this post is found here:

Watching V eat. I gave her slices of banana as snack after lunch. She's having fun making a mess and shoving them in her mouth :)

Listening to V talk, scream, cry. Any sounds she makes is just amazing. But I like it better when she's "talking."

Appreciating my hubby and the countless ways he spoils me :) Like renting movies for me, making me supper, giving me a massage...the list is endless. And I always appreciate it.

Dreading going back to work beginning of October, even if it is only on the weekends. How did 1 year on Maternity Leave pass so fast??

Trying to Baby-Proof the house...and failing.

Listening to my iTunes while I journal. :)

Helping V as she tries to learn how to walk. :)

Enjoying the Fall colours around here. The kids and dogs enjoy it too :)

Waiting eagerly for a long-waited Trail Ride with the horses and family in Sandilands on Sunday. Please behave weather gods. It's my last free weekend before going back to work and I'd like to enjoy it to the fullest :)

Loving watching Full Metal Alchemist on Netflix. Good anime :)

Enjoying  snuggles with my baby girl.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Dear Violet // 11 Months

You just keep on growing and growing little stinker! And you've had a pretty big month so far. You were the flower girl at Aunt Jen’s wedding and did awesome. And looked so gorgeous in your flower girl dress.
The big thing this month was that you started walking with assistance! Mainly Mommy or Daddy’s hands, but you’re getting there. I think that you’ll be walking by yourself pretty soon.
You got your second tooth on the bottom and as a result, have been up quite a bit at night and being very clingy and cranky during the day.
You also had your first sleep-over at Aunt Natalie’s place as Mommy & Daddy needed some time to themselves and you’re old enough now (and fully weaned) to go away for the night. Brody and Madison were thrilled that you stayed the night and Aunt Natalie said you did really good!
You’re growing up so fast little Stinker.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Poor Puppy :(

Turns out that Jasmine (our puppy) did not have a good day the past couple days. We were at my Dad's place on Sunday and us girls went out for a ride on the horses. Jasmine stayed behind with my Dad. Apparently she was having fun chasing cats in the bush. Silly puppy.

Anyway, when we got back from our ride, one of my sisters noticed that she had a gash on her face, about 1 inch from her eye. Dad wasn't sure what she did. Thinking possibly she may have gotten into a fight with one of the Momma cats, or ran into a tree face first. Puppies are klutz's. The gash was also kind of hard, like something was in there. Oh puppy.

Dad called me up this morning, saying that he felt really bad that she got hurt while he was watching her and that my sister Natalie was coming down to pick up Jasmine and take her to the vet clinic. He would cover the vet bill.

Turns out that there was something in her face, but they managed to get it out. No clue what it was. Dad brought her back in the evening and she was quite dopey. They had to sedate her a bit in order to get said particle out. As soon as she got back in the house, she grabbed her food and water and went and crashed for 2 hours.

This morning (Tuesday), I had my silly hyper puppy back. Keith let her out around 6am (that's when he gets up to get ready for work) and she was jumping all over the place. Kind of liked her a bit dopey :) The gash looks good and the swelling has gone down so that's a good sign. Maybe now she'll learn....

Friday, September 14, 2012

Early Bird

Lately, V has kept to her morning routine pretty good. But even after cutting off nursing completely 2 weeks ago, we're still not sleeping through the night. I'm guessing it's because her tooth is bothering her (yes, we have a TOOTH! Bottom left :) ). But this morning? Complete early bird :). She is normally pretty happy in the mornings and it's her best time during the day. Today however, it started earlier than usual.

Normal day: 8-8:30am.
Today: 5:30 am.

Not impressed. And when I heard her cry, it was the "Mom, I'm waking up" cry. So I went to her, gave her back her soother, re-wrapped her in her blanket, made sure she had Teddy and rocked her a bit. Nope. Eyes wide open, trying to play with my face. Sigh. Put her down. Start whining. Repeat process. More whining. So I brought her into bed with me as Keith was already up and getting ready for work.

And all she wanted to do until 8am? Play. Play with my face, hair, whatever she could get her hands on. I actually did manage to get a bit more sleep (I'm not sure if she did), but wowzers, that was an early start to my day. And now? She's playing on the floor in the living room with the dog. :).

I swear she conspired this. Mommy and Daddy were snuggling in bed before the start of the day. Mommy was planning on getting up with Daddy so that she could do some journaling and devotions. Nope.


Sunday, September 9, 2012

I Want to Remember....

I want to remember V waking up before 8 this morning in a good mood, even after waking up twice last night.

I want to remember V's love of ketchup chips, her snack after eating her entire breakfast.

I want to remember that no matter how hectic today was, I was a beautiful day to see my SIL get married.

I want to remember how beautiful V was in her flower girl dress and how she behaved so good, even though it was past nap-time.

I want to remember the vows me and Keith took 4 years ago as we watched his sister take hers.

I want to remember how happy everyone was, especially people we hadn't seen in a while while we celebrated a marriage

I want to remember how many people "ooh'd" and "aww'd" over how gorgeous V looked.

 I want to remember that even though we didn't stay for the reception, we had a good time and a relaxing evening.