Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pots & Pans!!

I put Violet down on the kitchen floor today to play with some of the pots and pans while I did dishes as something to keep her occupied and something new to play with.

This is what I got....

Monday, July 23, 2012

Feeding & Weaning

Seeing as Violet is 9 months old now, I decided to start weaning her. She's nursing 4 times a day right now (10:30am, 1:30pm, 6pm, 9:30pm) and twice a night. And seeing as she's eating more and more solid food and even getting snacks in between meals and the fact that I go back to work in October, it's time for her to come off of nursing. I picked her 10:30 nursing (just before morning nap-time) to get rid of first.
So instead of nursing, she had her sippy cup with some 3% milk mixed with water in there and then I put her in the crib for nap (without the sippy cup). She screamed at me for the first couple days (luckily Daddy was at work) and then realized that she was no longer getting Mom Juice. Then she calmed down and went down for her nap with no problems.

I've been reading that for weaning, to take away opposite feeding's, so the next one to go will be 6pm, followed by 1:30pm and lastly 9:30pm. I'm allowing 2 weeks per feeding. So I'll take away one feeding, wait 2 weeks, take away another. See how this goes.

And on the note of feeding, Violet's been eating solid food for quite a while. She's at the point where I'm blending up supper that we're eating and feeding her that. She's been eating everything: chicken, hamburger, sausage, pasta, etc.The only thing she doesn't eat is Kraft Dinner. I've made 2 casseroles with KD in there and she'll have 2-3 bites and then she doesn't want to take another bite. It usually takes about 5 minutes to feed her a whole bowl of food, but if it has KD in there, it takes almost 15 minutes to finish 1 bowl. Other than that, she eats everything.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dear Violet // 9 Months

You’re 9 months old this month!! Can’t believe how fast the time has flown by!! You weigh in at 20lbs and is around 27 inches long.
You started sitting up all on your own now and you’re very proud of that! And to reach your toys, you've been stretching as far as you can (sometimes even kissing your toes) in order to get the toy you wanted. You also love playing in your exer-saucer, playing with the toys that are on there, spinning around and watching the traffic outside the big picture window.
You also love to squeal whenever you can, lately being when you see your puppy. And you also love to give Daddy lots of giggles when he tickles you. You also love your walker that Mommy has in the kitchen. You've mastered the going backwards, but not forwards yet, although you are trying.
This month also marks when Mommy started weaning you onto 3% milk instead of the good ol’ “boob juice.” You’re not doing too bad with the weaning, although you did scream at Mom the first couple times you went down for your nap without nursing. But you’re a tough cookie. You’re still “talking” lots and making all the noise that you can, including shrieking.
Overall, you are just a happy baby. And that’s all that matters.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Meet the Newest Addition!

Me and Keith have been talking for a while about getting a dog, but had agreed to wait until we're out in the country (or not so much in town) to get one so that he/she has room to run around and that we could also get a big dog. Neither one of us are fans of small dogs and would like a "regular/big" sized dog that would be good with kids.

So when Keith started looking online at Rescues and Breeders about a Lab possibly for hunting season, I didn't really think much of it. After all, we've had this discussion quite a few times.

Keith came home after work today and said that he needed to take the car to do some errands. Again, didn't think much of it, until he got home and banged on the back door, totally scaring me. I opened up the door to see what was going on and noticed that he had a puppy on a leash, having a huge smile on his face.

I shrieked for joy, grabbed Violet and ran outside to see the new puppy. She's a female lab-cross and absolutely cute! I looked at Keith for an explanation and he said that he wanted Violet to grow up with a dog. He had found her on the local classifieds and just outside of town, so that's where he went to pick her up and then grab the doggie stuff that we would need as well.

Her name is Jasmine and for now she'll be an indoor/outdoor dog. She'll grow to be a good size, but that what we want. :)

Sunday, July 1, 2012