Monday, June 25, 2012

New Windows and Doors!!!

I got my new windows and doors in!!!!

Back in May, we finally decided to get new windows and doors in our house, as they were not insulating very well anymore and basically looked like crap. All our windows you had to open up one pane at a time and at one time or another, someone had put nails in the window runners as a “lock” for the windows. Needless to say, they were overdue to be replaced.

And the same with the doors. Whoever had put the front door in did a whack job of it and around the back door, you could see sunlight. No wonder our house didn’t hold heat properly.

Keith looked into replacing all the main floor windows (1 big picture, 3 bedroom, 1 kitchen), the front door and the back door with a sidelight. And then we found out that Manitoba Hydro has a program in which you can borrow up to $7,500 from them for windows and doors and then they add it onto your hydro bill and have up to 5 years to pay it off. And we qualified for it!

So we got the guys from A.H. Glass to come in and replace them for us. Took a good part of the day, but it looks way better!

I didn't take any before photos of what my windows/doors used to look like, but here's some new ones!

New front door!!

My awesomely new big picture window!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dear Violet // 8 Months

At 8 months you weigh 20 lbs. You're getting so big!! You are trying to sit by yourself, although gravity is still winning that battle. :)
You are "talking" lots and making tons of noises however you can. Your favourite word to say right now is "Da-Da" which makes Daddy very happy. Mommy's still trying to get you to say "Ma-Ma", but with no luck. You're still not too keen on the whole rolling over thing, still preferring to either lay on your back to look around so to sit on other people's laps.
You get along great with your cousins Brody and Madison, even when you're pulling Madison's hair. And Brody loves to shower you with kisses. You are very loved by them. :) You also love watching cartoons Saturday mornings with Daddy and have dedicated "Daddy-Daughter" time while Mommy gets to sleep in a bit. You also love spending time with Mommy playing on the floor and playing with the clean laundry on the bed.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer in the City 2011

Summer in the City is among us again!!

Every summer for a weekend in June, Steinbach puts on their annual "Summer in the City" that closes down Main Street  This is the 3rd year that this fair has happened and the first one that I've been able to go to. For the first couple years, I've either forgotten about it, or, in the case of last year, had my sister's wedding to attend.

Seeing as Keith and Josh were working on the siding for the house, I put Violet in the stroller and walked down to Main Street (it's only a couple blocks away).

Made our way past the Car Show that was going on and saw some pretty cool cars. :)

Once we got past the cars, we got on the midway and did our walking around. We saw lots of entertainment booths and lots of people walking around.

And then the fun started. While I was walking around, I found Kailer, my girlfriend Lisa's oldest boy. He had seen me and came to tell me that he couldn't find his mom and if I could help him. Sure, why not? I was looking for Lisa as well. So off we went, walking up and down Main Street. The 2nd (or 3rd) time up and down Main Street, we finally found Lisa at one of the bouncy houses. I talked with her for a bit and then realized that it was getting late (at least for Violet), so we started walking home.

But I realized I made one big mistake about walking around. I had put on sandals because it was hot outside. Big mistake. I had gotten big blisters on the side of my feet. Ouch :(

Monday, June 4, 2012

Trying Avocados (Failed)

So I decided to try a new food on V today and see how she would like it. And the new food…..Avocados!

Although I will say that they were a pain to get ready for her. Not only cutting them open and getting the inside stuff out, but also trying to mash it with a fork and then just putting it in my Magic Bullet to puree.

And then when I gave it to V, she made the most hilarious face ever while still trying to eat it. But the faces that she was making after eating a couple spoonful's of it said that she didn’t like it one bit. Don’t blame her. Didn’t taste too good when I tried it.

So we are scratching this one off of the list to feed to her. If she’s making faces like that all the time towards it, I know she doesn’t like them. Oh well, there’s lot more foods to try!

Sunday, June 3, 2012