Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dear Violet // 5 Months

You’re growing so big! You’re weighing around 15 lbs right now (or so Mommy guesses) and probably around the 24 inch mark for length.
You’re constantly "talking" and making all the noises that you can.  You love to blow raspberries all the time and always sticking out your tongue. Silly girl.  You still love going in your swing, but seem to love your Jolly Jumper more as you can get some exercise and look around while you’re jumping. Oh, and you stick your tongue out while jumping. Makes for some silly faces. Your getting better at tummy time and getting stronger all the time. You have been trying to get your legs underneath your bum, but still haven’t quite got it yet. You’re still trying to figure out how to roll, but not quite there yet.
You also got to try Rice Cereal (pablum) for the first time. You did very good with it and finished everything that Daddy gave to you. And no big spit-ups or messes!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

First Baby-Sitter

Today was a bit of an anxious day for me as Sara, Keith
s Mom, was coming down to baby-sit Violet while I was at cell (Keith was at work). I did manage to pump some milk into a bottle just in case Violet got hungry while I was gone. I was quite the basket case at cell because this is the first time Ive left Violet at home with someone else other than Keith. And Keith wasnt with me during cell to remind me to stay calm and that she was fine. When I got home from cell, Mom said that Violet had a half hour screaming fit when she woke up and she wouldn’t take the bottle, but she settled down and did just fine for Grandma. Phew!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Song my Daughter Loves

My daughter absolutely loves this song at 4 months old!

The Search for a Baby-Sitter Commences....

So we have started a search for a baby-sitter after realizing that Violet can no longer come to cell because she is starting to be disruptive and I can’t focus at all.

Our initial baby-sitter (that we were thinking of) was going to be Keith’s cousin Sam, who loves to baby-sit. Unfortunately, when Keith got a hold of his aunt, we were informed that she had guitar lessons Monday evenings and wouldn’t be able to watch Violet.

Then I was thinking of doing a Grandma rotation, but Mom Neufeld can’t because she’s in bed by 8, and my Mom has cell. I was texting with Jen and mentioned this to her and she suggested Mom Reeve. I didn’t know if she would drive out every Monday to watch Violet, so Jen said that she’d ask for me. She got back to me a couple minutes later and said that Mom Reeve would love to and to call her. So I gave her a call and Mom said that she would gladly watch Violet so that we could go to cell.

I talked to Keith later and told him that his Mom would be watching Violet on Monday evenings. He seemed OK with it. Yeah. Now to see how my nerves will hold up.