Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

So we reach the end of Christmas 2011 and this year was a bit hectic.We had 4 gatherings in 3 days, never-mind with a 2-month-old baby to bring along. Oh well, it was worth it.

Christmas Eve saw us at my parents place for supper. We ended up beating everyone else there and while V slept for her nap, I snuck outside to go get my first ride on Dollar since April! I was so pumped!! Afterwards (once everyone else arrived), we sat down for supper and opening up presents. I got a shopping trip with my Mom, a gift certificate for a paint store from my Dad and from my Secret Santa (aka: Brett, my brother-in-law), I got an awesome sweater and socks! Keith ended up getting a gift card for Cabela's from my parents and Killer Bunnies from his Secret Santa (aka: Sam, my sister). V got clothes from everyone, a big stuffed puppy from Uncle Chris, and a stuffed cow from Aunt Sam. And my niece and nephew loved the toys that we got them. Madison was in love with the My Little Ponies that we got her, and Brody was demanding that we take Lightning McQueen out of the packaging so that he could play with it. And Keith found a way to keep the kids occupied for a bit: pull out a laser pointer and have them chase it all over the floor. Lol. That was a good laugh.

Christmas Day morning was at with us as a family opening up our gifts. Seeing as we had the video camera now, we were able to take video of V's first Christmas. We had gotten her a play mat with arches for her to play on. I was pretty anxious to see what Keith had gotten me and I wasn't disappointed. He got me a Kobo Touch and a $50 gift card to Chapters so that I could buy books for my E-Reader! Best hubby ever!! I had gotten him his aftershave, coffee (something he hadn't bought for himself in a while) and a PlayStation Network Card. And he loved them all. :) V's present was her play-mat, which she enjoyed later.  

After we were done opening our gifts (and me playing with my Kobo and downloading books already), we got ready to head to Keith's Dad and Step-Mom's place. Got there early again, which meant that we could  open up our presents. I got some gift cards and a food processor (which will come in handy!!). Keith got his booster cables and electric hedge trimmer (again, will come in handy!) V got clothes and a kick piano for her play-pen. We let V play on her play mat while we visited with siblings and then she promptly fell asleep for almost 4 hours. Apparently she was exhausted. Lol. All the siblings (and extras) did some tequila and whiskey shots (I didn't cause I'm nursing V). We had supper (which was made by Mom and was AWESOME!!) and then hung out with family. V did awesome after her 4-hour nap, visiting with family and all that good stuff.

Boxing Day was just as busy. We woke up around 10 and got ready to head down to Keith's Grandparents for Christmas lunch. All went good there and then we headed back home as Keith's Mom and Step-Dad, sister and fiance were coming down for supper. We ordered pizza and opened up gifts. V got a Princess toy chest, and a Princess clock. The rest of us kids got chocolate and money. Afterwards, we played some Mario Kart on the Wii, which was a blast.

All in all, a pretty productive Christmas!!
Mom and Dad Wiebe's Tree with pressies!!
Taking a ride on Dollar :)

My niece and nephew chasing the laser pointer :)

My Kobo Touch from Keith

My sister-in-law Natalie with V

V playing on her play-mat

Uncle David with V

Uncle Andrew with V

Grandpa Neufeld with V

Great-Grandpa Neufeld with V.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Trip Into the City

So we decided to brave the city today. Keith wanted to pick up War Hammer 40 K and he said that there was something else that he wanted to pick up as well, but he wasn’t telling me what. Grr…

We picked up Nathan around noon and then headed to the city. Keith said that he had to stop by Best Buy and see if they had something, and if they didn’t, then he had to go to Future Shop. So we stopped by Best Buy and told me to stay in the DS games aisle so that I wouldn’t be snooping. Well, while he was looking for whatever it was, I went and quickly bought him a $20 PlayStation Network card so that he can buy games on the PS3. He found me and said that he didn’t find it here, so he needed to go over to Future Shop to see if they had it there. I told him that I’d bring the car over there as we were talking about going to Mongo’s for lunch. Moving the car was an adventure in of itself. Sheesh. The parking lot was crazy and the intersection was crazy as well. Even going behind the buildings was crazy.

Once I got the car over to the other side, I parked it and went inside Future Shop. I saw Nathan and said that I was going to be looking at appliances so that I wouldn’t be snooping. While I was looking at new fridges (I want one so badly!) Keith came up with a bag and said that I could look in there as it was an early Christmas gift for both of us (OK, mainly me). Lo and behold, I found myself looking at a brand-new video camera!! Yeah!! I’m actually surprised I didn’t set off any alarms with the squealing I did. Lol. I’ve been wanting to get a video camera for a while now that we have Violet. Yeah!!

Once I was done squealing for joy (yes, I was that excited), we decided that instead of going over to Mongo’s for lunch, we’d head over to Kelsey’s as Nathan hasn’t been there much and they have pretty good food too. I quickly put the video camera in the car and grabbed the car seat (Keith had Violet in the Snugli) and walked over to Kelsey’s. Keith and Nathan had already gotten a seat, so I joined them and ordered our food and I ended up ordering the Lemon Pepper Shrimp Rigatoni. We had some pretty good conversation and I had to quickly feed Violet before we left as she was demanding food as well.

When we were all done feeding, we walked back to the car and drove to Games Workshop so that Keith could pick up War Hammer 40 K. We managed to get there in pretty good time (despite the traffic) and found parking right next to the store. We went in and were in there for a while. Keith was going over what he needed to get for the starter pack and to make sure that he had everything. Once he had everything that he needed, we got back into the car and headed home. We weren’t even going to contemplate going into the malls 2 days before Christmas. I’m not that crazy.

We got home at a pretty decent time and spent the rest of it lazing around. Have quite the busy weekend with Christmas gatherings everyday for the next 3 days.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dear Violet // 2 Months


At 2 months old, you weigh 11.1 lbs, are 22 inches long and have a head circumference of 39.3 cm. You’re getting so big already. 
You’re starting to develop your own personality and even smiling at us. You love playing with Mommy and Daddy (especially Daddy) and being held by your Grandmas.  
You’re getting really strong on your tummy and holding your head up pretty good, although we are not a big fan of tummy time and like to scream at Mom if you’re on your tummy for too long. You’re still sleeping really good at night and usually only get Mommy up about once a night for feeding. 
You did go through a really bad growth spurt at the beginning of the month (about 3 days long) and you were not a happy camper at all. All you wanted to do was eat, sleep and snuggle with either Mommy or Daddy. Once you got past that, you were back to your regular happy-go-lucky self.