Monday, November 21, 2011

Dear Violet // 1 Month


At 1 month old, you weigh 8.4 lbs, are around 21-22 inches in length and have a head circumference of 37 cm. 
You’re sleeping pretty good right now and even slept 10 hours through the night! Mommy was very impressed by that. You've gotten the breast-feeding down pat and have a big appetite, just like Daddy.  
We've taken you to Winnipeg a couple times already and you do so good. Daddy puts you in the Snugli and you fall asleep while Daddy carries you around. You also like going to see your Grandmas and Grandpas and falling asleep on them. 
You’re a very happy baby overall.  

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Newborn Photos and Trip to City

Well, another busy day today. Woke up a couple times during the night to feed V and then me and Keith got our butts out of bed around 10 as we have a photo shoot with Mike and Lisa to do our newborn and family photo shoot at noon. While we were getting ready, Keith had the bright idea to see if the guys wanted to get together and head to the city to do some bumming around and go to Boston Pizza for supper. So he texted the guys and Josh, Dan, Cheryl and their kids said that they would join us.

Once we were done getting ready, we headed over to Studios on Main to do our photo shoot. And again, it was fun! Violet co-operated throughout the entire thing and we got some great shots. A HUGE THANK-YOU to Mike Rogal Photography.

When we were done with the photos, we headed home so that I could feed Violet and get ready to head to the city with some friends for some bumming around and go to Boston Pizza for supper. When we got home, Keith had to switch a blinker light on the car, and I told him that it was the front right, but it turned out that it was the back right. Ooops. My fault. So while he was fixing that, I went inside and fed Violet and let one of our friends know that Keith would pick him up shortly.

Once I was done feeding Violet, I packed her back into her car seat and then headed on our way to the city. Got to the city in decent time and Keith quickly put Violet into the Snugli (as we don’t have a stroller yet) and then went in the mall to meet up with other friends. We did some bumming around and got myself chocolate from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Sigh. I have such a weakness for that store. J The bonus part is that Violet slept the entire time that we were walking around in the mall. Yeah!

Once we were done bumming around the mall, we headed over to Boston Pizza and got seated within 5 minutes of getting there. That’s pretty awesome for a Saturday evening. J . We ordered out food, which was the Spinach Dip for an appetizer and we both got the Jambalaya Fettuccine. Violet started waking up a bit after we ordered, so I took her to be fed and changed. And she had good timing too, because once we got back from feeding and changing, our food was just arriving at the table. So I put her back into her car seat (and they had a nice car seat holder thingy so that she was at table level with us) and sat down to eat. And it was yummy. J

We had a good time chatting and was there for a good amount of time. I’m definitely looking forward to when Boston Pizza comes to town. After we were done, we packed up and headed home. The only problem on the way home was that we had to pull over so that I could feed V as she was getting pretty hungry and letting me know with full volume. Once I fed her though, she was awesome. J

Once we got home, we settled her down and then got her ready for bed. Pretty good day. And another good part? I wasn’t hurting too bad, although I did have to say “hi” to my friend Tylenol and then rest for the rest of the evening