Thursday, September 29, 2011

In Which My Birth Plan Gets Thrown Out The Window

Another doctor appointment today and I finally get to see my delivery doctor. Only took forever to see her. Got there a couple minutes before my appointment and was told to leave a sample, yet again. Yuck. The one thing you can count on for pre-natal appointments is leaving a sample. Ick.
After doing blood pressure (107/62) and being weighed (162 lbs), I had to get dressed into the gown thingy so that they could do a GBS swab to check for a certain infection. And then she checked for the baby’s heartbeat and felt as to where the baby was positioned. And that’s where my heart sank a bit. The intern couldn’t find how the baby was positioned. She was feeling down low and thought that she was feeling a bum instead of a head there. So she called in Dr. Trinh to double-check and Dr. Trinh thought the same. So she said to meet her at the hospital around 2 and she’d do a quick ultrasound to definitely see where the baby was.
I was in tears when I left the clinic because if the baby is breeched, that means that we’d probably have to go in for a C-Section because they don’t deliver breeched babies anymore. I called Keith at work and left a message for him to call me when he got on lunch. When he called me, I told him what the doctor thought and he said to calm down, do the ultrasound, and then we’d go from there.
Did some stuff around town and the house and was at the hospital for 2 to see Dr. Trinh and double-check on the baby’s position. Dr. Trinh got me in right away and grabbed the portable ultrasound to check. And it turns out that the baby is breeched indeed. The head is up near my ribs and he/she is sitting on their bum with their legs curled up next to them. Shoot. I asked her what the chances of the baby turning are and she said very slim because this is my first and it looks like my uterus is very tight around the baby, therefore making it a bit hard for the baby to flip.
The doctor said that I have 2 options: to go for a C-Section or to go to Winnipeg to see if they can turn the baby. I told her that I’d talk to Keith and let her know by Monday. I’m not too keen on either option. I’ve heard that turning the baby can hurt you and the baby and have the possibility of killing the baby if the cord wraps around its neck, and I’m not a fan of surgery. I know in this case, it would be necessary because nobody delivers breeched babies anymore, but still.
When I picked up Keith from work, I told him the news and he said that we’ll pray about it and hopefully the baby would turn. But he said it was up to me if I wanted to try to turn the baby. I told him why I wasn’t too keen on it. Sigh.
At least we know this ahead of time instead of going into labour and having to do an emergency C-Section. Guess we’ll see how everything turns out.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Finally got the Baby Room Ready

Finally, at 34 weeks pregnant, the Baby Room is ready!

We finally decided on what colour to do the walls, which is Sunshine Orange. I'm not a big fan of pastel colours and wanted something gender neutral. So orange it was. Although it might get changed in a couple years.

I was lucky enough to have my sister Natalie come down and do all the priming and then my Mom came down and did all the painting.

Once the paint was dry, I got everything moved in and assembled. The futon will stay in there until we can get rid of it as it's broken. I stocked the closet and dresser with all the essentials and have a clothes bin off to the side with both genders of clothes on there. The plan is that once Baby is born, my sister will come down and pull out the appropriate clothing so that it's ready once we get home. 

6 weeks to go!