Saturday, July 16, 2011

Birthday Party at Tinkertown

Brody’s birthday day today. Keith took the car because he had to do over-time at work today, so I slept in for a bit and then got up and did some stuff around the house while I waited for Mom to pick me up so that we could head to Tinkertown for Brody’s birthday.

Mom picked me up around 11:30 and then we quickly stopped by their house to wait for Dad to get home from work. While we were waiting, Mom did some picking in the garden and I watched Dollar in the pasture with his new girlfriend, Echo, Natalie’s new horse. He was being really sweet with her, not leaving his side as all. Awww. So of course, I had to take some pictures of him.

Dad got home shortly after 12 and said that he was going to be taking his Datsun 240 Z to Tinkertown so that he could give Brody a ride home later. Got to Tinkertown by 1:00, met Sam when we got there, and found Natalie, Brett, Jon and the kids pretty quickly. Brody was pretty happy to see us and so was Madison. They wanted to go on some rides and when Dad walked in the gates a couple minutes behind us, Brody went on the train ride with Papa while Madison went on the helicopter ride with Daddy.

After they were done that, we did more rides with the kids and they even went on the roller coaster and the huge slide that they have there. Madison was giddy and laughing on both rides while Brody wasn’t so sure. I guess Madison has no fear of rides. Lol.

Then Brett saw the Jumping Pillow and decided to take Madison on there as she loves jumping. And like usual, she laughed her head off and was still giggling when Brett got down from there. Silly girl.

The kids did more rides and because of the heat and the amount of water I was drinking, I had to keep running to the bathroom. Thank you little one for sitting on my bladder.

Had quite a bit of fun walking around with the kids and watching them ride the rides. Once the kids were getting tired, we headed back home as I had to do grocery shopping and then go over to Natalie’s place for the birthday party.

Once we got home, I laid down for a bit because my back was hurting and I needed to relax from the heat. Once I had relaxed and did the grocery shopping, then we headed over to Natalie’s place for the birthday party.

Pretty good, and eventful day.

Digital Scrapbooking Pages

Well, it seems that I've finally gotten some inspiration back and have gotten back into doing digial scrapbooking. After being out of it for just over a year, I'm a little bit rusty, but loving it all the same. So here's some sampling of the work that I've been doing. Like I said, it's a bit rusty, but I'm getting there slowly, again...

Canada Day Fireworks

Baking Day

Our Ultrasound

Brody's 3rd Birthday Page

So there you are. Here's to more scrapbooking!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hello Pregnancy Emotional Meltdown

I. Am. Hormonal. And. Emotional.

Seriously. Especially last night. And there was a couple things that set me off.

I was supposed to have girl's night at my place, but no one showed up. I knew that Sabrina had a 50/50 chance of showing up, mainly cause she has to be home with the kiddos while her hubby's on the field working. Which is understandable. And even when I talked to her earlier in the day, she wasn't sure if she could make it. No problem. My other girlfriend Lisa, didn't show up though. Which confounded me. I had messaged her earlier in the day and she said that she was coming and usually if she can't make it at the last minute, she lets me know. Not today. I was waiting around the house until 8:00 until I concluded that she wasn't coming. Not something to get really upset about, right?


I also was getting in the mood to do some serious scrapbooking. But had an issue. I have the free digital scrapbooking program from Scrapbook Flair, but it's very limited and doesn't let me do what I want to do or the ideas that I have. Urg. And then I wanted to do some traditional scrapbooking. And realized that all that photo's I wanted to scrapbook weren't printed. Great.

So then start the waterworks. And I really don't know why. OK, so maybe I do a little bit. For once in almost 2 years I've really wanted to scrapbook, but have nothing. Urg. Yeah. Keith tried to console me by snuggling with me on the couch while we watched MythBusters and I was still teary by the end. Really, hormones?

So yeah. Basically was teary in bed until I fell asleep lat night, had a crappy night of sleep which didn't help that my hips were going wonky and causing me pain as well as my lower back. So needless to say, I was still in a crabby mood this morning. Sigh. Thank you pregnancy hormones.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pregnancy #1: 24 Weeks

So far, so good. 

1) Pre-natal appointment went pretty good. Weight gain is still good, blood pressure still good and so is Baby's heartbeat. Can't believe I've only got a couple months left until we meet the little one!

2) Craving fruit, chocolate and slurpees (in reverse order).

3) Had major heartburn for 1 evening. That sucked royally.

4) Starting work on the Baby Room. And found the cutest framed pic of Winnie-the-Pooh and Tigger that has to go in there. Still undecided on wall colours.

5) Bought my first pair of maternity pants from Value Village. Some of my regular jeans are starting to get a bit tight, so it's nice to have a back-up pair for when they don't fit anymore.

6) Did our Baby Registration at Babies 'R' Us. Not expecting to get everything on our list, but we figured, why not?

Hello tiny little bump :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Canada Day!!

Happy Canada Day!!!

Luckily I had booked today off of work. Didn't really feel like working a holiday where it could be really busy and make me work my butt off :). So in true long weekend style, me and Keith both slept in (until like 10) and did some small stuff around the house.

Of course I decided to go see Dollar for a bit and see how he was doing. As of right now, he's in the middle of an almost 2-acre pasture, so after I stopped by my parents place to say hi to my Mom, I went to go see him. Luckily, he was right by the fence, so I carefully jumped over and saw that he was covered in horseflies. Yuck. And I didn't bring any fly spray with me at all. Bad, bad, horse mom. I did have his fly-mask though, so I quickly put that on him and then got to work on killing horseflies with my bare hands. I was with him for about 1/2 hour and by the end, my hands had quite a bit of blood on them. I'm sure that he appreciated that very much, as well as the snacks I brought for him.

When I got back home, me and Keith made a run for Dairy Queen. It was quite hot outside and it was either that, or run to 7-11 for slurpees. I decided on DQ. I quickly called Natalie to see if her and the kids wanted to meet us there, but she was in Vita watching Sam at a Fun Show and Brett (her hubby) was busy setting up the fireworks for tonight (he does them every year for the City of Steinbach) and the kids were with grandparents. So we went by ourselves. I got myself the Brownie Fudge Buster. Yummy :) And because it was pretty hot outside, we stopped by 7-11 to grab Brett a slurpee while he worked on the fireworks. He greatly appreciated it :).

Once we got home, I did some more stuff around the house until it got late enough to watch the fireworks. Now luckily where we live is a pretty ideal location to watch the fireworks. And the bonus part is that we didn't have to go anywhere and worry about traffic. Keith was thinking of going up on the roof, but with me in my pregnant state, I'm not allowed to. Natalie ended up coming down with one of her friends and Madison (my niece) to watch the fireworks. Madison was being all cute and everything, except that she took a while to warm up to Uncle Keith. Once she did, she just wanted to be with him. Silly girl.

Once the fireworks started, we realized that we had to move across the street to watch them properly as the house and trees that we in front of us were in the way. So we moved across the street and got a good view. And Madison realized that it was better to sit up on Uncle Keith's shoulder's. Lol.

Cop directing traffic

After the fireworks were done, Madison was going "yeah Daddy!" Lol. It was her Dad that did all the fireworks. And we also got to see the cops directing traffic coming out from the fireworks. Lost count of how many cars passed by. And one person actually had the nerve to honk at the cop doing his job. Needless to say, he cop ignored him and let a whole slew of car pass before letting him go. Lol.

Once Natalie, her friend and Madison left (it was way past Madison's bedtime), we cleaned up our chairs and headed inside to bed.