Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ultrasound and Kicking Daddy

Yesterday was the ultrasound. Picked up Keith from work around noon, and he had brought me another water bottle just in case I needed more to drink. Really? My bladder was already almost ready to burst and he gives me more water!! We were at the hospital for 12:30, registered and waited to be called in. Got called into the Ultrasound room close to 1, but Keith had to stay out in the hallway until the initial ultrasound was done. My bladder was ready to burst as I climbed up on the table and the technician chuckled a little bit. Went through almost half the ultrasound and then he let me go to the bathroom. THANKFULLY!!
Once I got back to the room, he finished up the ultrasound. The technician said he was having a little bit of a hard time getting a good head shot because the head was really down low in the pelvis and being really stubborn about showing his/her head.  Once the technician had gotten all the shots that he needed, then he went out in the hallway to get Keith so that he could see. My back had been killing me like crazy, so while he was out, I sat up and cracked my back to relieve some of the pain, which worked. Keith came into the room with the technician and then proceeded to watch the ultrasound. I was finally able to see what was on the monitor, and it was really cool.

Finally today the little one decided to co-operate. I was getting ready to go to Sabrina's place for Girl's night, when Keith grabbed me, made me snuggle with him on the bed (OK fine, didn't really make me) and said I wasn't going anywhere's until he felt the baby kick.
So we lay on the bed, with his hand right where the baby usually kicks and waited. It took a little bit until I felt the baby give a good kick and asked Keith if he had felt that. He said he think he did, but he wanted another one just to make sure. So another couple minutes passed before I felt another good kick and Keith felt that one as well. That made him a happy man :)