Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pregnancy #1: 12 Weeks

Pregnancy is going along GREAT! I'm at 12 weeks right now and haven't had a single day of morning sickness. I've had some days where I'm just queasy around certain foods, but that's it. Nothing major. Which is AWESOME!! :)
Oh, and more awesome?? Turns out that I'm getting my sister's crib from one of her kids (my nephew has now advanced to a "big boys bed," hence me getting one of her cribs for free). Which saves us a ton of money right there. And along with that, I'm also getting her car seat/stroller combo for free (which go for $200-300 in store!). So I've already got some of the big purchases without spending a dime! Sweet! And the same goes for clothes. Natalie's given me a whole bunch of clothes from when my nephew was a baby (which includes a lot of blankets), so I'm happy about that.
The only "big" thing to buy is a dresser/change table. I'll probably end up going to a thrift store or hitting up the garage sales this summer. It doesn't matter to me if it's matching or not, 'cause really, it's for a baby. Doesn't need to be colour-coordinated. And the big thing that we need to do is paint the baby room and get it ready. I'll probably start that after my ultrasound in June.
Other than that, everything's good!