Monday, February 28, 2011

An Important Update

OMG!!!! I'M PREGNANT!!!!!!
Seeing as I haven't had my cycle yet this month, I decided to use the pregnancy test that we had bought last month. So just before I went to make supper, I went and took the test and then went to start supper. Well, the test showed positive, so I took the test to Keith (after cleaning it off) and told him that he broke the law about pro-creating. Lol. He was just looking at it and me a couple times and then tried to play it off as a “false-positive.” I told him nope, because it's near the end of the month and my cycle hasn't started yet. Lol.
So I guess this means I'm gonna have to go to the doctor and see how far along I am. If my calculation is correct, I'd be due in October/November. Woot!!

And it was confirmed today. Me and Keith went to the walk-in clinic to make sure that the home test was right and that I was indeed pregnant. Got there around 12 and had to wait until 1:30 to register. Luckily, I had brought my DS and a book with me to keep me occupied. Keith did the same.
Got in to see the doctor around 3, and of course, did the pee test. Ugh. He came back in the room and said that I was indeed pregnant and about 6 weeks along! Yeah!!
Keith of course was being his usual self and said that I was paying off the doctor and had hid a pregnant woman in the bathroom. Men sometimes.