Thursday, May 28, 2015

Week in the Life | Monday

Good morning! Sorry for posting this a bit behind schedule. Tuesday was a busy day and I didn't have time until this morning to finish up my post and sort my photos.

I thought I had taken way more photos than I did, but oh well. What I got was a good selection of what happened during the day.

Here are the words and photos for Monday.

Monday, May 25, 2015
6-7am: I hear Dominique start making noise around 6:30am, along with our morning alarms. I went to her to soothe her and give her back her soother that was chucked on the ground. I wrapped her up in her blanket and told her to go back to sleep for a bit.
7-8am: Keith gets up around 7:10am and I follow shortly and got Dominique up out of her bed. She was just laying in bed, snuggling with her blanket, staring up at the ceiling and waiting for someone to fetch her. Lots of smiles and some giggles while I scoop her out of her bed and greet the morning with her. I bring her into the kitchen, seat her in her high chair and get her some cereal for breakfast. All the meanwhile, she makes noises and giving Daddy lots of smiles. I get myself some water and yogurt for breakfast and chat with Keith for a bit while he finishes his breakfast and goes to check on Violet. Apparently she was still sleeping, so he let her be for a little bit. Just before he left, he went to check on Violet again, and brought her into the kitchen, with her wrapped around him. We all said goodbye to Daddy and I got Violet and Dominique some yogurt for breakfast. Violet gets to choose her breakfast (as long as it’s healthy), and that’s what she chose this morning.
8-9am: After breakfast was done, I let the girls play for a bit and when Dominique starts rubbing her eyes and cuddling with her blanket around 8:30am, I put her down for a nap and sat down to do a bit of reading on Games of Thrones while Violet played and read for a bit. And snuggles with her on the couch as well.
9-10am: More reading for me and Violet and then my Mom showed up around 9:30 with Payton (my nephew) to visit for a bit. We were thinking of going down to the Splash Park, but it’s a bit chilly outside, so we opted to stay in and let the kids play. I ran a quick errand to buy some milk and baby wipes and I’m out of both and forgot to buy some when I did grocery shopping on Friday.
10-11am: When I got back from my errand, my Mom quickly left to do some stuff at the bank and let me deal with a very cranky Dominique. Her cheeks have been turning red the past couple days, along with being irritable and drooling. I think someone with starting to teethe again. Luckily during this time, Violet and Payton get along fine, so I’m able to concentrate on Dominique and help her with her pain.
11am-12pm: When Mom gets back, we chat some more about happenings over the weekend and they leave around 11:30am to go pick up Madison from the bus stop for Kindergarten, and saying that she’ll take the girls tomorrow all day as a birthday present to me. Woot! Keith texted me, asking if I want to go out for supper tomorrow for my birthday or if he should cook. My response: “I love your cooking, but let’s go out.” I start on lunch of Macaroni and Hot Dog for me and the kids.
12-2pm: Eat lunch with the kids, who devoured an entire box. Dominique is getting cranky again, after finishing 2 bowls of lunch, so I take her for a diaper change and put her down to bed around 12:30pm. Violet follows suit shortly after and once everything is cleaned up, I find myself on the couch, finishing up A Game of Thrones. While the book was OK, there was too much jumping around between characters (every chapter was a different main character’s point of view) and I wasn’t too fond of the sexual/eluded rape scenes. I definitely will not be continuing this book series. Good thing I borrowed it from the library
2-3pm: Done my book, I sit down at my laptop in the kitchen to do some catch-up journaling and listen to Stuff You Missed in History Class pod cast while I journal. It’s nice to be able to sit down, with something that doesn’t require a lot of attention on in the background and just journal. So relaxing. Keith texted me again about tomorrow, saying that I could invite my girlfriends and their husbands to go out with us if they were able to find babysitters for their kids.
3-4pm: Violet is up shortly after 3, so she comes to me and has a snack of chips while I finish up a journal entry. I thought about getting Dominique up, but she was still sleeping soundly, so I let her be, although I had to stop Violet from going into her room to wake her. I set Violet up with some colouring and stickers and start prepping stuff for supper.
4-5pm: Start getting supper on the stove, which tonight is Campfire Hash. Keith arrives home, much to Violet’s delight and she runs to him when he walks in the door, which I miss on camera, but see in real life. We chat about the day a bit while I continue making supper.
5-6pm: Sit down to supper, which is consumed in no time. After I’m done, give Dominique second serving and start on washing the dishes. Keith relaxes for a bit on his computer while the girls finish eating and I clean up the kitchen.
6-7pm: Violet is finally done her supper and sits down to watch TMNT on Netflix with me and Dominique. Love that she’s getting into that. Dominique plays around for a bit, but then starts screaming for no reason. I put her down for a time-out in her crib and when I get her out a couple minutes later, she’s just standing there, quietly waiting for me to get her.
7-8pm: Give Dominique night snack of Ritz crackers and update journaling for today while Violet finishes up her movie. Once Dominique is done her snacks, do a quick diaper change and put her into bed around 7:30. Give Violet her snack as well and once she’s done, we go play with Pascal (her guinea pig) for a bit in her room. She absolutely adores him. Daddy comes in to do “Roar,” which is basically him “roaring” at Violet and her “running” away from him, while squealing and then a tickle fight in bed. Love that routine of bedtime. Prayers, hugs and kisses for her and say goodnight.
8-10pm: Once both girls are in bed, me and Keith relax for the rest of the evening. Him tinkering on his phone and computer, while I tinkered on my phone and did some knitting. Head to bed around 10pm.

Friday, May 22, 2015

I'm doing a Week in the Life next week....wanna join?

Seeing as I'm turning 30 next week (!!!), I've decided to do a Week in the Life to document that week. I'm not sure how interesting it will be, but I'm going ahead with it.

I have done the Week in the Life project before, and I think this will be the 3rd (or 4th) time. I've loved it every time. I love documenting the stuff we do as a family, by ourselves and what the girls are doing right now. And as I'm staying home with the girls, some days my days feel blah and that I didn't accomplish much. Doing this project though has helped me see how much I actually do during the day.

So, who wants to join me??!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Dominique's 1 Year Birthday Parties

This past weekend, we celebrated Dominique's 1st birthday with 2 separate parties .

On her actual birthday, I did a smash cake for her to cheer her up after getting her 1-year needles. A family member made it for her and I told her that I didn't care what it looked like, as long as it had rainbow colours. And it was! Dominique was overjoyed when she saw it and I let her have at it. As you can tell from the photos, she LOVED it!

 This was a mess to clean up. She was rubbing it into herself as a mosturizer and got it everywhere! Luckily it was buttercream frosting she used, so after a bath, it made her skin feel really soft! 

Later in the evening, my Mom and my grandparents came down for a small birthday celebration. Hot dogs, brownie cake and presents!

Saturday evening, we had another birthday celebration for her (split families suck). This one was more family and friends that showed up.

Keith's aunt made the birthday cake for Dominique and I usually let her have free rein of what to do with it, as long as I give her a "theme" to work with. This year was rainbows, and I specifically wanted a PiƱata cake (thank you Pinterest!).

The cake was awesome! And so...much....candy..... It was filled with M&M's, Jelly Beans, Jujubes and small chocolate candies.

And like usual with birthdays, lots of clothes! That was 90% of what she got. And all so cute!

Dominique and her bestie Kianna. These two have a blast making faces at each other.

All in all, it was awesome birthday parties!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dear Dominique | 1 Year

Dear Dominique:

Today is the day you turn 1 year old. And my how the time has flown. I’d like to say that you remained my little baby, but let’s be honest, you were never little to begin with. You’ve taken up so much space in my heart from day 1 and continue to take up more. It’s a good thing Mommy has lots of room in her heart for all the love out there.

These days, you are not stationary very long, preferring to be as mobile as you can, crawling over things, starting to grasp whatever you can to stand up, starting to take uncertain wobbly steps that will one day lead to you running around the house.
And the noise. Oh girl. You make enough noise to cover you and your big sister some days. But it’s awesome. And I love it. Especially around 6:30 in the morning when you wake up and Mommy and Daddy are just waking up. You sit there in your crib and just babble away to your blanket and teddy bear. And I lay in bed, listening to you talk, smiling.

By the way, I won’t even mention the food that you eat. Let’s just say that you eat as much as your big sister at most meals. End of story.
Surprisingly, you’ve adjusted quite well to Mommy being back at work 1-2 days a week and spending that time with Daddy and Violet. Daddy always makes sure to keep you up until I get home so that I can put you down for morning nap and smother you in kisses and tickles.

Oh, another thing. Adrenaline Baby. That’s all I have to say.
Thank you for the awesome year that you’ve given us and the great blessing that you’ve been.

Love you so much Baby Girl.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Story of a Rainbow Knitted Blanket

Ok, Ok. I know I said that I'd have this post up on Monday, but I was sick over the weekend, plus working on Saturday and had an impromptu family date on Sunday that took up most of the day. So, here we go.

I'm glad to announce that I finished up Dominique's knitted rainbow blanket! Took me almost 5 months of working on it (although I'm tempted to say 4 months because I really didn't touch it during December). But I'm glad I'm done. And just in time for Dominique's birthday on Thursday.

I am actually quite pleased with how it turned out, being my second knitted blanket and all. There are some holes here and there due to dropped stitches, but I made it work. I did only 6 colours instead of 7, but it still looks good.

Near the end, I basically knitted whenever I had the chance. Kids watching cartoons, me watching a movie, talking with Mom, during Girls' Nights, etc. You get the picture.

I didn't measure it yet, but it's a good size. And no, I didn't count the stitches either. I kind of went with the flow and did as many as I felt comfortable with. Although it is quite long, but still works to wrap Dominique up in it. So cozy.

I'm very proud of myself for actually completing this blanket. Now it's off to do another one!