Friday, March 20, 2015

Currently 2015 12/52

Reading on my Kobo this week, although I still prefer a regular book to a screen, this will have to do until I get through all the books on there.
Playing LittleBig Planet on the PS3 with the girls watching me.
Watching not much this week. I kind of put a ban on TV this week, so it hasn’t been on very much.
Trying to come up with some kitchen re-organization plans before going through with everything.
Cooking more new meals this week. Feels good when I can serve my family new meals/food and they like it.
Eating whatever is in the fridge for lunch.
Drinking lots of tea. Again. Seriously.
Doing some major laundry today. Oops.
Going nowhere this weekend, and I’m OK with that.
Loving the family breakfast that we’ve been having every day.
Hating that I’m going to bed way too late, and therefore not getting enough sleep during the night.
Hoping (for) Spring to come very soon. It’s finally warming up and I’m excited!
Listening (to) Stuff You Missed in History Class on iTunes. Took a while to find something I like on the pod casts and I finally found one!
Thanking Keith for getting Violet her guinea pig, Pascal for her. She’s learning to be a responsible pet owner and how to take care of him on a daily basis.
Finishing Dominique’s rainbow blanket. Hoping to be completely done by the end of the month so that it will be ready for her birthday in April.

Monday, March 16, 2015

January 2015 Project Life

I've decided to share a monthly look at my Project Life pages for 2015. It's much easier for me to do this as I don't have to worry about keeping up every week. I just do a post at the end of the month and voilĂ , done.

All my layouts are created in the Project Life app (only available on iDevices right now), with some editing done on my computer and input into the app via Dropbox. I'm mainly using the Kiwi Kit (available on the app) for 2015, with some odd other kids thrown in when needed.

Here's the layouts for January 2015.

Week 1: Not much going on this week. I'm also including a quote card that I found on Elise Joy's site (I'll be doing that every week for 2015).

Week 2: Again, not much going on. Visiting family, making cheesecake cupcakes with Keith. The usual.

Week 3: A bit more going on here. Grocery shopping, new yarn purchases, and time with Daddy

Week 4: This week was busy. Family nap time, family date night, night out at Celebrations Dinner Theatre with my Mom and time with my girls.

Week 5: Lots of play time, knitting, laundry, food and crafts.

Friday, March 6, 2015

101 Goals in 1001 Days

Welcome to 101 in 1001.

This project entails that I come up with 101 things I'd like to do/get done in 1001 days (starting today March 6, 2015 and ending December 1, 2017). About a goal/item every 10 days. Completely do-able, especially for bigger projects. And I find it motivating as I have a deadline to meet and it keeps me moving forward.

I've done this sort of project before the girls were born and let it fizzle away. I'm determined this time to complete it as much as I can. And if you want to hold me accountable, I'm all for that as well.

These projects are a mixture of big goals (like reading 101 new books or painting the kitchen) and small goals (like trying 10 new recipes and printing off photos). And I like that. It means that I can choose what I want to work on right now and once some stuff lines up for the big projects (like finances and time for re-painting the kitchen), then we can do that.

Here it goes and wish me luck!

1) Blog 3x a week for a month
2) Blog about completed goals
3) Keep book list on blog

4) 2003 photo album
5) 2004 photo album
6) 2005 photo album
7) 2006 photo album
8) 2007 photo album
9) 2008 photo album
10) 2009 photo album
11) 2010 photo album
12) 2011 photo album
13) 2012 photo album
14) 2013 photo album
15) 2014 photo album
16) 2015 photo album
17) 2016 photo album
18) Dominique’s baby book
19) Dominique’s knitted rainbow blanket
20) Finish 2013 Project Life
21) Finish 2014 Project Life
22) Finish 2015 Project Life
23) Finish 2016 Project Life
24) Make a quilt
25) Make one costume for Halloween
26) Print 2012 Project Life
27) Print 2013 Project Life
28) Print 2014 Project Life
29) Print 2015 Project Life
30) Print 2016 Project Life
31) Violet’s baby book
32) Violet’s knitted rainbow blanket

33) Baby in 2016 (?)
34) Carve pumpkins with the girls for Halloween
35) Celebrate 5 strange holidays
36) Celebrate my 30th birthday
37) Complete 5 Pinterest craft projects with the girls
38) Create a memory box for Dominique
39) Create a memory box for Violet
40) Create a memory box for me and Keith
41) Date night x10
42) Do the Love Dare
43) Dominique go to the dentist
44) Donate to the food drive
45) Family Date x10
46) Family vacation
47) Go berry picking
48) Go on a picnic
49) Go to C4 Comic-Con
50) Go to dentist
51) Have 2 nights away, just me and Keith
52) Make 5 shoe boxes for Samaritan’s Purse
53) Make a will
54) Read Kids’ Bible at bedtime with the girls
55) Run through the garden sprinkler with the girls
56) Try a new restaurant
57) Violet go to dentist
58) Work with Violet on memorizing a verse or two

59) Get enough hours for Maternity (if applicable)
60) Save enough for Keith’s school in 2015
61) Save enough for Keith’s school in 2016
62) Save enough for Keith’s school in 2017

63) Buy a fire/water safe and store all important info in there
64) Donate 20 things we don’t need
65) Find a filing system for the girls’ art projects/crafts
66) Hang new family photos throughout the house
67) If new baby, make 1 month of freezer meals beforehand
68) Make 10 new deserts
69) Make 20 new recipes
70) Make 5 new salads
71) Make a homemade salad dressing
72) Organize all scrapbooking supplies
73) Prep nursery for Baby (?)
74) Put up new trim throughout the house
75) Re-organize all important paperwork
76) Re-organize coat closet
77) Re-organize Dominique’s closet
78) Re-organize food cupboard
79) Re-organize Violet’s closet
80) Re-paint kitchen
81) Re-work filing paper system
82) Replace side exterior door
83) Set up a proper baking cupboard
84) Set up a proper pantry
85) Try 3 meatless meals

86) Complete 2 video games fully
87) Complete the 30 Day Yoga Challenge
88) Get a facial
89) Get a manicure
90) If pregnant, get pregnancy massage
91) No caffeine for 1 week (tea, pop, etc.)
92) Paint my Ork Painboy
93) Pay for someone else’s food behind me at the drive-thru
94) Print out all journals, put them in binders and put in safe
95) Put away $10 for every goal completed
96) Read 101 book
97) Read the Bible completely
98) Stay off my phone (internet)/laptop for an entire day
99) Stop biting nails
100) Try a capsule wardrobe
101) Try yoga

Friday, February 27, 2015

Currently | 9/52

Reading lots of stories to Violet and Dominique this week. And they love it.

Playing more catch-up with journaling and scrapbooking.

Watching nothing much this week, unless you count Violet watching VeggieTales and My Little Pony on Netflix (yes, they are basically the only shows she watches).

Trying to help Dominique with her teething pain. She cut tooth 6 and possibly starting on tooth 7.

Cooking lots, like usual. 2 very hungry kids all the time and a hungry husband to feed.

Drinking lots of tea, as per usual. It’s cold and I need something warm to drink. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Doing lots of backing up of photos onto an external hard drive and off-site. And will take my favourites, print them out and put them into photo books.
Going grocery shopping and visiting parents this weekend. Excited for both.

Loving that Dominique is now officially sleeping through the night, from 7:30pm-6:30am. It’s awesome J

Hating the cold. That’s all I have to say about it.

Discovering that Dominique is trying to stand up on her own by using either people as her support or something she can get leverage on. Oh girl.

Enjoying relaxing mornings with Keith before he goes to work.

Thinking of photo printing plans and getting photos into photo books for the family.

Listening (to) Violet’s vocabulary expanding like crazy. Also, love her imagination play.

Considering going back to work in April. I’m still on the fence as my hours wouldn’t be a lot and I’d have to work around Keith’s hectic work schedule, but I’ll have to talk to my bosses before then.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Dear Dominique | 10 months

Dear Dominique:

You’re 10 months old today and here’s 10 things about you currently.
1) You have a HUGE appetite. Yes, it’s the first thing I thought of. You have no problem polishing off anything I give to you to eat and always ask for more. You eat anything that is in front of you and have no problem trying new foods. Current favourite foods are chicken, sweet potatoes, and any fruit that’s available.
2) I’m overjoyed to report that you are fully weaned from boob juice AND sleeping through the night! It makes everything go much smoother know that you’re not dependent on Mommy for nursing and we both get some good solid sleep as well. You normally go down around 8pm after a nice hot bath and I don’t hear a peep out of you until you wake up in the morning.
3) You are curious about everything. Is this food on the floor edible? What about this toy? Those cords? What happens if I play with the door? It’s fun to see you explore your world with your eyes wide open to everything around you and just taking it all in. And the bonus part is that you learn from all of this. You’re learning not to close the doors on your head, learning not to play with cords when Mommy says no, and learning how stuff works and what to avoid.

4) You are always mobile. It’s a bit liberating and scary for Mom at the same time. Liberating because now you can make your way across the house crawling army style and I don’t have to carry you everywhere. Scary because you’re FAST! It doesn’t take you long to go from one room to another without me noticing. Unless Violet is calling you and I hear you giggling while you follow her wherever she is going. You don’t like sitting still unless you’re in the highchair and eating. Sitting and snuggling with Mommy or Daddy seems like a chore for you, as you only last 1-2 minutes before wanting out of our arms and moving around on the floor again. Good thing I can close the doors to keep you out of where you aren’t supposed to be.
5) You make some of the most hilarious faces. Your favourite right now is scrunching up your face and snorting through your nose and then giving a stink eye to anyone who is close by. I swear you do it to make people laugh and then laugh along with them.

6) Right now you have 5 teeth: 2 on the bottom and 3 on top. Although your smile looks goofy right now because your top teeth are a bit spaced out to make room for other teeth coming in. And you love to chew on anything with those sharp teeth of yours.
7) You are my early morning bird right now. You love getting up with Mommy and Daddy around 6:30 during the weekdays so that you can have breakfast with Daddy before he goes to work. You are always happy to be up early and then promptly stuff your face with food.

8) You love music blaring through the house at all times, especially Weird Al Yankovic. I don’t know why, but you really love his music/parodies and sometimes the only way that you’ll sit in Daddy’s lap is if he had Weird Al Yankovic music videos playing on YouTube. But really, any music gets you going and you’re even starting to bob around and dace a bit!
9) You adore your big sister Violet. You’re always looking around for her, following her everywhere and laughing with her. You love the attention she gives you and just soak it all up. I love seeing you two play together.

10) You are a love bug. You love to be held and played with and have lots of interaction with. And you soak it all up.

Keep on growing little one.