Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pregnancy #2 Update: 38 weeks

What’s Happening:
2 weeks left to go!
Yes, I’m a bit impatient. This little one has been taking it’s toll on me these last few weeks, so pardon the lack of posting. The Braxton’s have started up in full force, mostly in the evenings, and it’s just making it harder (pun intended) to do things. Never mind that Baby has taken up permanent residency in my pelvis and making me waddle like a penguin right now. Oh, and water retention has set in, although I’m doing my best to combat it by drinking lots of water and staying hydrated. And trying to get as much sleep as possible, but when the bathroom calls your name every 2-3 hours, or your pelvis is hurting like a SOB, you don’t get that much restful sleep. But I still try, hence why I go down for a nap when Violet has her afternoon nap. 
And after seeing my delivery doctor a couple times in the last few weeks, she says that we are still on track for a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean)!! Yes! The only reason that Violet was a C-Section was because she was breeched, and Baby #2 is in the head-down position, right where he/she needs to be, so everything is a go! Because this one is a trial VBAC, they still do have to have a surgeon on stand-by, just in case I have to have a C-Section again, so prayers are much needed/welcomed that it won’t go that route and that I can have this baby the way that God intended.

Still on the fruit craving bandwagon. And chocolate. But more fruit. Violet’s actually been sharing her fruit with me lately, saying “Mommy try,” even though she likes what I gave her. Which is nice that even she’s making sure that Mommy and Baby have enough to eat right now. Speaking of fruit, time to raid the fridge again…..

The nesting has calmed down a bit, finally! The hospital bags are all packed and ready to go, car seat is installed, freezer meals are all made (about 11 in total), and Baby room is almost ready. Still need to do a bit more cleaning/organization in there, which would take me about ½ hour today to do. But I’m still baking/cooking up a storm. In which Violet’s been trying to help with that more lately. I think she just likes the end result of there being fresh-baked good for her to eat.

Hopefully next time I post an update, there will be a Baby included!

38 weeks pregnant.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Minneapolis 2013 - Day 3

Final day of our first family vacation!

- Woke up this morning when I heard Violet around 8am. She was already wide-eyed and bushy tailed getting out of bed. So I took her to the bathroom to get changed and let her sit on the potty before we started our long drive back home. And to top it all off, I had a huge headache forming. 
- Once we were all dressed, packed and ready to go, with Violet holding Teddy Bear in her jacket, Keith went over the room once more and then we proceeded to head home. It’s been nice to get away from the house, but at the same time, it would have been much nicer to have more for Violet to do. We did manage to get everything in the car, and we were squished. Maybe next time, no stroller?
- Found our way out by following the directions backwards and then hit slow moving traffic on the City Interstate. Took us almost an hour to get out of Minneapolis and then we hit bad weather. Parts of the road were black ice (mainly the right lane) and we couldn’t do anything over 80km. We saw so many cars in the ditch and rolled over from the opposite lanes, it was a little bit unnerving. Luckily Keith drove us safely while I dealt with Violet. And luckily she fell asleep shortly after we got out of Minneapolis and slept for 3 hours. Guess there was nothing interesting for her to see. I fell asleep for a little bit here and there to try to get rid of this blasted headache.
- It ended up taking up almost 6 hours to reach Grand Forks, in what should’ve been a 4 hour drive. We didn’t stop for anything and luckily our fuel tank made it as we were on the last needle before empty. That’s how much Keith was pushing it. The weather cleared up after Fargo (which turned into a 5 hour drive), so we were able to do normal highway speeds until Grand Forks. 
- Got to Grand Forks around 1:30, so we stopped for fuel and were going to go to Texas Roadhouse for lunch, but they didn’t open up until 4:30. So we went to IHOP for food as we were all starving. Violet picked this time to be a bit of a shney as she just wanted to run around. She did eat her food and some of mine as she had only been eating the junk that we had bought for the car ride. Then we quickly stopped by Hobby Lobby so that I could take a look as to what they had. I was so tempted to buy some stuff, but I didn’t as I didn’t want to blow too much money. But it was so nice seeing so much scrapbooking stuff!
- We also stopped by the Columbia Mall so that Violet could walk around for a bit. But we were pushing our luck with her, as she was getting quite cranky. We bummed around for a bit and then headed back to the car. Violet was out like a light before we even left Grand Forks. Poor girl.
We made it to the Border Crossing in good time. The only bad thing was that we passed the Duty Free. We didn’t even realize that we had passed it until it was too late. I told Keith that we could turn around, but he just wanted to get home. Spending this long on the road was taking a toll on all of us. I was getting uncomfortable sitting for so long and so was Jr.
- Got home close to 7:00 pm and I got Violet in the house while Keith unpacked the car. I’m going to have a mess to clean up in there. Once everything was inside, I started unpacking all the bags while Violet played with her toys. Loads of laundry to do tomorrow.
- Lisa showed up around 8:30 pm (for Girl's Night) and we let Violet stay up until 9:00 pm. She did really good in the car and just needed to let her energy out before bedtime. And Violet took an opportune time in the living room to pee right through her panties onto the carpet. I couldn’t give her crap though, as she had just spent since Sunday in a diaper. Although she knew that she did bad. I gave her a hug and kiss and told her that we’ll work on this. Luckily baking soda is my best friend for getting pee out of my carpet. It just looked like a white explosion happened in the living room. 
- And yes, it was nice to sleep in our own bed again.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Around Here

So with me being off work now for the next year (and hopefully 5-6 years), I'm going to try to be a better blogger. Starting off with a new series, Around Here.

Every Friday, I'll have a list of what we've been doing around here at home and out. Something like the Currently list that a lot of people/bloggers do, something to add to my Project Life and something to blog about.

So for this weeks Around Here:

Watching Frozen on repeat (Violet loves it), with a sprinkling of My Little Pony and Supernatural (for me) and occasionally me and Keith will watch Dr. Who.

Listening anything on my iTunes playlist. Most often includes Good Morning by Mandisa and In the Belly of a Whale by Newsboys (complete with dancing with Violet)

Reading Mocking Jay for me, Little House in the Big Woods for Violet

Dreaming Of finally taking over our entire house in June/July (we currently rent out the basement), and of planting a garden this year.

Thinking of all the projects I want to get done before Baby #2 arrives

Wishing that Baby #2 would come soon. This Mama's getting impatient! Not to mention big.

Cooking/Baking everything I can. I currently have 2 Shepherd's Pies, 7 Meat Pies, Slow Cooker Tater Tot Casserole, Taco Pasta Bake and Loaded Baked Potato and Chicken Casserole in my freezers. Along with any cookies/muffins that are in there as well. Stocking up for when Baby gets here.

Crafting lots. Working on my recipe binder, Violet's PL album, and whatever crafts I can find for Violet to do.
I absolutely adore this picture of her showing her enthusiasm for meatballs and spaghetti. 

Project Life 2014 - Week 11

March 9-15, 2014

Ahh...we finally saw some warmer temperatures this week. And it made me and Violet both very happy. Daylight Saving though?....not so happy.

The title card is a freebie from Cathy Zielske, all journal cards are either from the Midnight Kit or the Cinnamon Kit.

I know I said I was just going to stick with one kit for this year, but I still had quite a bit left over from my Cinnamon Kit, that I couldn't let it go to waste. And it goes nicely with Midnight.

Craft time with Violet this week has included a lot of painting. And she loves it! And the sun even came out to play, so me and Violet got to go outside twice this week to play in the snow, take a walk to my pre-natal appointment and even make some little snowmen! And it sure pooped her out. 3 hours of playing in fresh air is a good way to make a 2-year-old very sleepy in the evening. I think Spring is on the way!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Project Life 2014 - Week 10

March 2 - 8, 2014

I love almost being caught up. Hello Week 10!

Not much really happened this week. A lot of snuggling, playing, crafting with paint (!!!), and just general routines happening this week.

The Title Card is from Project Life Cinnamon Kit, with Maya Road Stamps in Memento Ink Angel Pink and Flair that I bought from Two Peas.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Project Life 2014 - Week 9

February 23 - March 1, 2014

PL catch-up? Check!

I really do love this project as I can keep an photograph/journal of our growing family. But I hate falling "behind." Never mind that I'm trying to get Violet's Baby Album done before Baby #2 gets here in April, as well as hopefully starting our Wedding Album and finishing up my Travel Albums. Whew!

Anyway, onto week 9....

The Title Card is from Project Life Cinnamon Kit, with the date stamped on there with my new Pebbles Roller Stamp in Lilac Posies with the flair button from Two Peas. All the Journal Cards are from Project Life Midnight Kit

Excuse the crappy date stamping. I just got the date stamp and learning how to stamp nicely. And I was in a hurry. 

Keith even contributed to this week's PL layout. Apparently he likes it when I'm nesting and the house gets cleaned on a daily basis. The purple writing on the bottom is his contribution.

The Currently Card is from A Little Grace and Mercy. Trying to keep one a week going.

I have 2 bi-fold cards for extended journaling that went on that week. Just labelled them with the day and date with random alpha stickers I found around the house.

A certain husband wanted to make sure that I knew that I was loved, even with being 7 months pregnant at the time. He took over my whiteboards with his messages to me. So many reasons why I love that man :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Project Life 2014 - Week 8

February 16-22, 2014

Keep on going...keep on going....

A little bit behind here, but I'm still going forward with PL this year (so far).

This week my nesting kicked in full force. Seriously. I've done so much baking, it's ridiculous. And by the end of the week, I had nothing to show for it. Between the 3 of us and whoever else raids my house, my baked goods don't even last a week. Although I'm trying here! And lots of cleaning and de-cluttering and getting the baby room ready.

The Title Card is a photo of the front yard with a stamp by Ali Edwards Hello Winter; and the font Viva La Vida. All journal cards and Heart Filler Card are from PL Midnight Kit

Quite a bit of snuggles this week, and it was all worth it.

The Good Mom's filler card is from Paper Coterie: Lessons from Mom's.

You'll be seeing more PL posts this week as I got a nice big batch of photos printed, so you are forewarned!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Minneapolis 2013 - Day 2

Day 2 of our Family Minneapolis Trip! (Monday, December 16, 2013)

- Today's adventure is hitting up the Mall of America to do some Christmas shopping.
- Surprisingly, Violet was OK with going back in the car for a bit more driving to get to the Mall. Turns out that we were about 5 miles away from the Mall. Not too bad and the directions were pretty easy to follow.
- Lots of walking and looking at everything, with Violet sitting on Daddy’s shoulder’s for quite a bit of it. We looked at quite a few stores and then headed down 1 level to do some more bumming around.
- While we were walking around, we decided to check out Nickelodian Universe to see if there was any rides that Violet could do. Because it wasn’t “peak season” for them, they had all the rides scheduled as to when they were going to run. And there wasn’t much that we could see for Violet to ride on.
- But as we walked out of there, we walked right into LEGO Land. And I was in Heaven! They had quite a few displays set up, but the thing that stole my heart was the HUGE Pick-A-Brick Wall that was on the back wall. I think they said something about 200 different pieces you can choose from. Wow.
- When we were done shopping in there, we went walking around the mall some more and found a gelato place. I was feeling in the mood for it (even though it was 11am), but I wasn’t sure as to how they’d taste. The guy behind the counter gave me a taste of the Mint Oreo and I got a medium size. Of course, I had to share with Violet.
- Then we decided to find out where the SeaLife Aquarium was and see if it was worth it. Ended up walking around half the first floor to get to it (it was on the other side of the mall from where we were). It was going to be $20/person for me and Keith (Violet was free as she was under 2), so we decided to check it out. It was something to do and hopefully Violet would like it. Turns out that was probably the best thing we did all day. We started it off by finding the sting-ray tank and Violet was enthralled with them. She kept looking at them and exclaiming “Water!” And then I noticed that they had a observation deck that you could go up on and look at the pool from the top. So I took Violet up there and she was excited about it. Had to convince her that there was more fish to go look at to get her down. Then we got to touch/pet some starfish that they had in a shallow pool. And they felt cool. Violet wasn’t sure about them, but when Keith showed her that she could touch them, then she was more interested. After we were done with them, I quickly took her to the bathroom to wash her off and then we continued on.
We kept walking until we found the Jellyfish. And they were cool. They had them in cylindrical tubes with lights on the bottom and surrounded by mirrors. Violet was so excited in there. She kept running from tank to tank and was so happy. Even when we walked out of there, she was still going around the tanks and calling out for the Jellyfish. Silly girl. After the Jellyfish, we found the Octopuses and Sea Horses, even though some were in hiding and sleeping. We also found the tank where they had all the fish from Disney‘s “Finding Nemo” movie. He actually said that he found Dory first, and then I found the rest of the fish. Lol. Then we found the underwater tunnel that was about 200 yards long and it was so cool! Violet was sitting on Keith’s shoulders so that she could get a view of everything. They had quite the variety of animals in there, including Sea Turtles, Sharks and numerous fish. Violet was so enthralled with them and so excited to see them. At one time, a shark actually swam right over her head and she just looked up with her mouth wide open in awe. So glad I can give her experiences like this.
- When we were done in the aquarium, we walked around the mall a bit more, but Violet was getting tired and cranky, so we decided to go back to the car, quickly stop by Wal-Mart for some stuff and then back to the hotel so that Violet could sleep.
- By the time we were pulling out of the parking lot, Violet was out cold. We needed to stop by the Wal-Mart that we saw on our way earlier. Found our way to the Wal-Mart, got Violet out of the car seat (who was still out cold) and into the store. We walked around for a bit and then realized that it would be better to grab the stroller from the car to put Violet in so that she could sleep some more as she was getting heavy for Keith to hold. Unfortunately, when we put her in the stroller, she woke up. Oh well. I tried to convince her to go back to sleep, but she wasn’t having it. We were grocery shopping Mom! We found some groceries that we’d need in the hotel room (and they were so cheap compared to home!) and then bought some more Christmas gifts. Not sure how we’re going to fit everything in the car for the ride home as the stroller takes up a chunk of the trunk.
- As we were pulling up to the hotel, Violet kept asking for home. And I told her that we’d be there shortly. When we pulled into the hotel parking lot, Violet said, “Home! That's not home.” I was doubled over laughing. And so was Keith.
- We got settled back into our room, turned the TV onto cartoons for Violet and while Violet was pre-occupied with having food and watching cartoons, me and Keith discussed whether or not to stay the entire trip. We were both bummed about the hotel and that there wasn’t much for Violet to do. There was no way I was letting her run around the hotel to burn off energy and the entire thing just felt blah. So we decided to pack it up and head home. I packed up everything and stuffed as much as I could into the backpacks and kept Violet entertained with her toys and colouring books. Also helped that I had a ½ hour shower with her again in the Rainwater Shower. Sigh. I really wish that we had looked more to see if they had a pool for her to play in.

Photos in no particular order :)

Monday, March 10, 2014

Minneapolis 2013 - Day 1

Oops. A bit late in posting this.

We took our first family trip down to Minneapolis, MN for a couple days, just before Christmas 2013. It was nice to get away for a couple days and just spend time together as a family.

Day 1 (Sunday, December 15, 2013) was spent driving. Keith drove the entire trip while I kept an eye on Violet and gave Keith directions. We stopped in Grand Forks for food (Denny's) and then continued on our way.

Violet did amazing for sitting that long in the car and kept herself occupied pretty well, especially looking out the windows at everything and taking her naps as she needed them.

Took about 9 hours to get to our hotel in Minneapolis (with the 1-hour stop in Grand Forks). Although we kicked ourselves in the butt for the hotel that we got. We had booked our hotel on Hotwire, but it got changed into new ownership before we got there. And completely out of our league. And we were disappointed. We had booked it for several reasons (breakfast, fitness room, free internet and I think a swimming pool), and there was none of that there. Not even free continental breakfast. We were not impressed. And if we did order room service, it was WAY overpriced ($6 for a kids pb&j sandwich), $2 delivery fee (???) and 18% gratuity (???). Oh, and no tub in the over-sized bathroom. There was a rain-water shower, but no tub for Violet to play in. Not. Impressed. At. All. And according to the fire-sign on the back of the door, the rooms regularly went for $500/night! Glad through Hotwire, we only paid $80/night.

Spent the rest of the relaxing and watching cartoons. Tomorrow is shopping at Mall of America!