Monday, September 7, 2015

June 2015 Project Life (Weeks 23-26)

Happy August Long Weekend for all Canadians!!

Phew! Finally got June's PL pages done! Really thankful for the PL App that makes it easy and super simple for me to do these pages really fast!

June marks the beginning of our Summer Bucket List, my Mom's hip surgery, among other things.

Week 23: This week I started our annual Summer Bucket List, my Mom had her Hip Replacement Surgery and just lots of family time. Kits used: Good Times Value Kit, Dazzle Mini Kit, Family Themed Cards, Everyday Adventure, and Aqua

Week 24: This week included a trip out to see my Mom after her hip surgery, riding the horses and playing with the babies, Violet getting her first bloody lip and getting a Costco Membership. Kits used: Just Add Colour, Peace, Love and Sunshine Value Kit, Love Story, Everyday Adventure, and Aqua

Week 25: This week involved skinned knees, picnic at the park, and spending an evening at the local fair where Violet rode quite a few of the kids rides! Kits used: Aqua, Family Themed, Everyday Adventure

Week 26: This week involved seeing 2 movies (Jurassic World and Inside Out), Date Night, gardening, puzzles and painting. And Dominique falling asleep in weird places. Kits used: Peace, Love and Sunshine Value Kit, Love Story, Plus One Mini Kit, Aqua.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Currently 36/52

Knitting the double-sided Lego square. It’s completely AWESOME!!
Watching more of Lord of the Rings with Sam. Almost done. And BBC Nature documentaries in the evening after the girls go to bed and me and Keith enjoy some down time.
Trying not to get too bummed about Keith being gone for a couple days out of town next week due to work. 3rd week in a row he’s had to go out for at least a night.
Cooking lots more Pinterest recipes this week. I'm trying to challenge myself with new recipes and try new stuff and it’s working!
Drinking Ice Caps from work like crazy.
Going to the in-laws this weekend to watch some fireworks. Violet may just be a tad excited.
Loving that we are expecting baby #3 in early May!
Hating some family issues that have arisen. Oh well….
Enjoying watching Dominique master her walking. It’s still hilarious and wonderful to watch her figure this all out.
Thinking about the search for a new vehicle. Probably going to be a while before we actually settle on one.
Feeling pretty good this week.
Listening to lots of pod casts.
Celebrating that Baby #3 is on his/her way!!
Starting to make plans for next year when out family grows.

Friday, September 4, 2015


Guess what people??!!

Yup. Baby Neufeld #3 is on his/her way! I'm approximately 5 weeks along and due early May.

I'm feeling pretty good, just a little bloated in my favourite jeans. But no morning sickness (yeah!!), only craving Ice Caps from work and still not feeling too tired.

Violet is excited and is already asking for a baby brother. Dominique is too young to understand, but I'm sure that she'll catch on as time progresses.

So excited!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

May 2015 Project Life (Weeks 19-22)

Weeks 19-22

Week 19: Again, lots of playing outside, good food and grocery shopping. And since this week covered Mother's Day, Keith had homemade bread and Spinach Dip ready for me when I got home from work that Sunday. Have I mentioned that he's the best?! Kits used: Project Life Everday Adventure, quote card from Elise Joy.

Week 20: Of course, you always have to have a week that just starts off wonky, right? Well, that was this week. Violet came down with a double ear infection and a sinus cold that had us in the hospital for 5 hours on a Monday night. We got there around 8:30pm and didn't leave until 1am. Very long night indeed. Otherwise, it was a routine week.

Week 21: Again, more of the same stuff this week. Violet went away to her Grandma's for the night, visiting the Splash Park, and finding worms for the garden.

Week 22: This is the week that I turned 30. Keith took me out for supper while my Mom took the girls for the day (!! Best Mom Ever!!), we visited the Splash Park with friends, rode Rocket and more family time.

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, August 31, 2015

April 2015 Project Life (Weeks 15-18)

I was in the mood to scrapbook last week and got quite a bit done when I could. It's especially handy now that I do all my Project Life on their app. More convenience and easier!

Here's my layouts for April.

Week 15: Not much going on this week. Visiting great-grandparents, shenanigans around the house, lots of playing with Lego and riding horses. Kits used: Love Story, Everyday Adventure.

Week 16: This week included lots of playing outside, family date to Mongo's for supper, knitting and more playing.

Week 17, 1st spread: This was a busy week.This first spread is the beginning of the week, and Dominique's Smash Cake that she had for her 1st birthday. She absolutely loved it.

Week 17, 2nd spread: The left side of this spread is Dominique's 2 birthday parties that she had for her 1st birthday (split families suck. That's all I'm saying). The right side is usual stuff that goes on, including getting both girls to ride horses.

Week 18: This week was back to normal. Lots more playing outside, watching out little garden grow, celebrating Keith's birthday and our 7th anniversary.