Monday, November 24, 2014

30 Days of Thankful - Part 3

Still going strong on the 30 Days of Thankful project. I'll admit, some days it's hard to come up with something to be thankful about, especially when a certain 7 month old baby is keeping you up half the night and you're functioning on half a brain if lucky.

One more week to go after this.

Day 17: Thankful that I'm able to knit and make some stuff for my girls, even if it will take me a while to finish. In this case, I'm working on Dominique's rainbow blanket.

Day 18: Very thankful for an awesome friend that I have in Lisa. Violet adores her and she's a great friend to confide in about stuff and hang out with.

Day 19: Today (and always) I'm thankful for my Mom. She comes down a couple times a week to see me and the girls (she's not working right now as she's waiting for her hip replacement surgery in the new year) and the kids adore her. And steal all her food.

Day 20: Thankful for this little girl today. She's been keeping me up quite a bit at night (teething or growth spurt, not sure which one), but she makes me smile during the day.

Day 21: Today I'm thankful for my niece Madison. I don't get her down very often since she started school, but she's always a help when she comes down and very loveable. 

Day 22: Very thankful for my Pepe today. It was his 86th (or 87th, not quite sure) birthday today. He's my only grandfather that I've ever known, so just the fact that he's made it this far makes me very thankful for him. 

Day 23: Very thankful that my Dad took Violet for the night last night as it was a rough day with Dominique and I needed a bit of breathing room. The highlight of her night/day at Papa's? Building snowmen. That's all she could talk about when she got home.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Around Here | 47/52

Reading nothing this week, except the usual blogs. I just don’t have the concentration this week to read much else.
Playing Plants vs. Zombies on the phone with Violet.
Watching 3rd season of Once Upon A Time on Netflix. Almost done and then I have to find something else to watch while I knit.
Trying to get more sleep as Nique hasn’t been sleeping very well lately.
Cooking the usual recipes this week.
Eating way too much sugar.
Drinking way too much caffeine.
Doing lots of knitting on Dominique’s rainbow blanket. And now Violet wants one as well.
Loving how much Violet’s vocabulary has expanded.
Hating the sleepless nights that me and Dominique are having. I blame either teething or growth spurt.
Discovering how much solid food Dominique is eating, besides breastfeeding. It’s insane!
Enjoying the quiet time that me and Keith have been having in the evenings after the kids go to bed. It’s nice to be able to unwind together.
Thinking of how we’re going to manage/schedule the Christmas bustle with 2 kids this year and numerous gathering to go to.
Feeling tired, but energized at the same time. 
Hoping (for) some decent sleep soon.
Listening (to) lost of music on my iTunes for the girls. Seems to calm Nique down when there’s music playing.

Monday, November 17, 2014

30 Days of Thankful 2014 - Part 2

Part 2 of 30 Days of Thankful. So far, so good.

Day 10: Thankful for a nice hot bubble bath at the end of a long day of unpacking my Mom's new house.

Day 11: Thankful for my sister Sam who took us out to Winnipeg to get Violet's belated birthday present of AppleJack from Build-A-Bear Workshop. And shopping at IKEA!

Day 12: Thankful for my kitchen. Even though I can never keep it clean, it shows that it's well used and loved.

Day 13: Today I'm Thankful for this big girl. It's been a day of sorries,forgiveness and do-overs. And I love her so much.

Day 14: Thankful for this little girl today. Her love of chewing on everything (including my socks that I'm wearing!) is hilarious.

Day 15: Thankful today for Netflix and The Magic School Bus. It's educational and entertaining!

Day 16: Thankful for Dominique's growing independence. She's a determined little girl who tries to do everything that her big sister is doing, including eating with her spoon. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Around Here | 46/52

Reading Eat, Pray Love. I’ve read it before, and have loved it.
Playing the “what new food to give Dominique” game. So far….EVERYTHING!!
Watching Once Upon A Time on Netflix. Going into 3rd season and still liking it.
Trying to cut back on a lot of stuff.
Eating freshly made chocolate chip cookies.
Drinking lots of tea (still). Also trying to drink more water as well, but tea is more flavourful.
Doing lots of catch-up journaling.
Loving the amount of help that I’m getting from Violet with everything. Best part is that it’s all voluntary.
Discovering how much Dominique loves her Jolly Jumper. I think it’s my sanity saver again!
Enjoying my quiet time in the mornings.
Finishing Violet’s knitted striped blanket.
Starting Dominique’s knitted  rainbow blanket.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

First Striped Knit Blanket

Phew! Took me long enough. I started this blanket for Violet back in August (near the end I believe), and was determined to have it done by her birthday. Unfortunately, her birthday was in October and it still wasn't done. My aim was to do one stripe a day, and I fell behind.

But today I finished it up, cast it off (after googling how to) and gave it to Violet. She's seen me working on it all the time for the past little while, and she was thrilled with it. It measures 3ftx3ft and it's perfect for her right now. Especially as a snuggling blanket on the couch (and a superhero cape as well).

I haven't knitted in so long (since before high school?) that I was happy that I got to make this one for Violet. I got the idea from Elise for the stripes, although this one is black and purple. Love it.

And yes, I was a bit surprised that I remembered how to do all this. The casting on, knitting, and switching colours. Pleasantly surprised.

Next up? A Rainbow Knit Blanket for Dominique.